By  Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


On the face of it, all is well, and very much the same in Britain, “Business as Usual”, as Britain’s great City Banker-Robbers love to say.  But in truth, Britain post the Brexit Referendum is like the … planet Earth itself, outwardly all very beautiful and perfect, but its core is molten hot, boiling and bubbling, can erupt any moment through volcanic fault-lines anywhere in the globe!  In a less exotic imagery, Britain is like a beautiful middle-aged menopausal woman, very intelligent, experienced and sexy, and after a full-day at work at the peak of her high-powered job, returns home and … cuts herself, unable to cope with the pressures of her great office!


At the end of long-term social evolutionary processes, before sudden revolutionary jumps are made in the evolution of the social structure, madness and total stupidity rule the day – suddenly, out of 172 New-Labour MPs, only 40 support their democratically elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn – an act of such madness and sheer schizoid stupidity that it also reflects most appropriately the same trait through which the Brexit Referendum decision (at the time of the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron) was taken.  All was well in our pleasant and green land – what the devil entered Cameron’s intelligent head to … self-harm like a disturbed woman-executive?


The Brexit Referendum shall go down in History as the greatest unnecessary senseless act of gratuitous stupidity launching the 21st century, just as the unnecessary First World War started the 20th c. with the genocide of the Armenians in Ottoman Turkey.  Human beings, perhaps because (even speaking metaphorically) they were made in the image of God himself – are hubristic creatures, too proud of mankind’s miraculous socio-scientific achievements, and we seem incapable of acknowledging enough of mankind’s equally endless stupidities – I myself pioneered the trend by calling a spade of stupidity, stupid!    My super-intelligent late mother (of a uniquely unusual Armenian name called Tefarik Ter-Arsenian/Pilikian) had narrated to my sister Arsiné(h) Tarian a black-humoured parable she had concocted herself it turned out later in the days, to illustrate for her daughters the stupidity of man-kind (possibly an unfortunate dialectical/evolutionary first step necessary for the acquisition of eventual intelligence);


A man is successful, happy with his achievements of material wealth, and power, has no worries of any kind in his world … and one day, all of a sudden, he  gets totally bored, and incurably so… he cuts his penis off,  just to give himself a reason to worry constantly!


It is exactly what Brexit did to the multi-ethnic people inhabiting the British Isles.  Suddenly, Time and Space have become relative… Einsteinium!  Tomorrow is diluted in Yesterday, the future liquefied in the present, and Quanta of Economics simultaneously appearing and disappearing everywhere!  We are daily living in Britain in socio-political Quantum Physics times…


The country is dialectically torn apart, and new evolutionary political party-species are showing their heads, the greatest of which is of course the new Prime Minister, the former Home Secretary; Mrs Theresa May.


The Two Amazing Theresa’s

When Theresa May was elected a Conservative MP nineteen years ago, and came up with the immortal qualifying epithet of her political party (Conservative) being in the mind of the British nation as a whole “The Nasty Party” as a direct result of Mrs. Thatcher’s cruelties, I knew then (could read Mrs May’s mind like an open book) that she intended to be the PM herself one day.


Her true match and contemporary (and very beautiful at that) was Mrs Theresa Villiers, in the safe seat of Chipping Barnet, and the Northern Ireland Secretary for many years now.  Anyone that can bring peace and stability to Northern Ireland is capable of governing any other hot spot in the world – It would have been glorious if the two Theresa’s were offered as the two candidates of choice for the Conservative Party Leadership – instead, the British Establishment Fox sprang up a spring-chicken, one Mrs. Andrea Leadsom, an ‘Americanized’ Blonde Bimbo, with an inflated CV and the airhead of a Tyra Banks hunting for America’s Next Top Model… naturally, Mrs May would win the contest heads down, and hands up overnight!  I wish Mrs May would decide to have nothing to do with Mrs Leadsom ever again, instead of posting her as the face of the Climate change Lobby, perhaps subtly ensuring that nothing would be done to protect the world’s climate …


Meanwhile, the magnificent Mrs Villiers, conscious of her own priceless unique worth, alone in a Cabinet of Tom-Dick-and-Harry, heroically dared decline a lesser Ministerial post offered to her by a chess-playing Mrs May at grand-masterly level; it is a very great pity, that the new PM, the other Theresa (May) lacked the courage of engaging Mrs. Villiers fully – together, they could have transformed the United Kingdom and the World, especially that the Labour Party now is on its knees, in need of a … divine miracle to save it from evolutionary extinction!  Mrs. Thatcher’s dream of genociding it out of history may finally come true through sheer self-immolation.


Marxian Errors

Karl Marx did not grasp the concept of capitalist self-destruction – he had the simplistic childish fantasy that change happens only through revolutionary force in materialist action.  He thought he had stood Hegel’s Dialectics on its head – in fact, Hegel’s (what I call) ‘dialectical Trinity’ (intending a pun on its ‘religious’ aspect) could stand Marx on his own head!  Hegel could account theoretically for internal dialectical conflict which self-destructs – actually a very … Biblical idea defining evil – Evil in the Bible is defined very much as ‘being quite stupid – Satan, for example (and you can’t get higher than him in the hierarchy of Evil), in his famous temptation of Jesus, offers Jesus … absolute and total worldly power, as if Jesus lacked it, when he as the single begotten son of God shares his heavenly father’s universal power. Satan could not have been more of an idiot not to know that!  Satan offering Jesus absolute power is like offering a tiger a sac of hay for food, or a herbivorous horse a bag of pork-meat!


It is human stupidity (as in my wise mother’s ‘Hegelian’ narrative!) that always evolves into eventual self-destruction (which is also the fate awaiting Satan in the final days).            


What Went Wrong?

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that all was set and rigged by the British Establishment Fox for the advocates of the Remain (in the EU) to win the vote by ‘George Bush Junior-computers’ – otherwise, the Prime Minister Cameron, an alpha male fox himself, would not have dreamt up the Referendum.


It now seems that something happened absolutely the last minute as a total surprise – a computer glitch perhaps? It cannot be, nothing ‘out of the plan’ can trip-up the British Civil Service gay Fox.  The surprise-shock could only and only have come up from very high up, from a totally alpha-male, a jokey old wise-Fox, perhaps one of the ‘Gray suits’ at the Court princess Diana was so terrified of… and the greatest of them is of course the Duke of Edinburgh himself, a very handsome man, with a wicked sense of humour, whose politically incorrect jokes are famous in current post-modern British history – admiring the Chinese (for example) for their “slitty eyes” …

The Brits have an excellent argot (colloquial) expression; throwing a spanner in the works.  The highly civilized Duke, a known Freemason, loves throwing the occasional spanner in the nation’s works, to witness the evolutionary waves of long-term changes it produces throughout the United Kingdom, and he is said to enjoy every bit of the socio-political-psychological chaos he creates with his jokes!  Poor Mr Al-Fayed – the grieving father of Dodi (Princess Diana’s lover killed with her in the famous Parisian car-accident) ran a decade-long solo campaign against the Duke, even name-calling him a Nazi.  The Brit Establishment Fox let Mr Al-Fayed (the owner of the Harrods, the department store of the supremely wealthy classes of the global elites) was allowed his glory days in court, babbling all kinds of obscenities in complete democratic freedom, only to end up finally selling up his Harrods to the Qatari elite and leaving Britain for good in total shame and disgrace, his anti-Duke of Edinburgh rants hanging around his neck like a noose, as a laughing stock for the global media.  It is very likely that the Duke somehow threw a spanner in the Brexit works, and has been  laughing his head off since, witnessing how the Foxes in his den are (in American slang) busting their asses trying to cope with the aftermath of his super-subtle-clever political joke.

An Evolutionary/Revolutionary Political Change

The untouchable Foreign Office (and service) has been a bastion of British world-politics since the British Empire (now converted to the Commonwealth), costing the nation astronomical sums of money in wasteful looks and show-offs, like an old whore dressed up to the sixes and sevens, made up in layers of butter-thick Hollywood-creams, posing for past imperial glories, looking exceedingly defunct, grotesque and laughable in the post-modern world.


With a stroke of genius, our new PM Mrs May handed it over to Boris Johnson, who does not mind playing the Clown (an evolution of the medieval stage-Fool) – he seems in fact positively delighted to do so as an attention-seeking narcissist.  The only trouble is that other governments may not appreciate the British sense of humour – already an Ex-PM of Sweden (Carl Bildt) has (according to the BBC –TV-News on 14/07/2016) “suggested” that Mr Johnson’s designation as a Foreign Secretary “was a joke”, actually tweeting more ambiguously; “I wish it was a joke, but I fear it isn’t.  Exit upon exit”.  And former Belgian PM, Guy Verhefstadt‘s tweet is clearer about it being a joke; “Clearly, British humour has no bounds”.  I am afraid the BBC newsman had confused the latter with the former which clearly states that it was not a joke.


The current French Foreign Minister is non-diplomatically blatant about it, accusing Mr. Johnson of “peddling lies during the Referendum campaign, told a lot of lies about the European Union”.  Most of all, I love what Boris said about Mrs. Clinton hoping to be president – after warmly shaking her hand for the Media – he compared her to “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”… and how wise could the Medieval Fool frequently be in a mad world!


Handing over the unnecessarily luxurious foreign Office to a post-modern Clown, our new PM seems to be displaying a determination to slim it down, cut millions and millions of wasteful corrupt costs of preserving a Louis 14th like Foreign Office – thank god the cost-cutting shall not be from the Benefits already devastated by the ex welfare Minister Iain Duncan-Smith, the promoter of Mrs. Leadsom, the Tyra-Banks Bimbo!


Boris Johnson shall make sure that the ex Colonial imperialist Foreign Office shall be reduced to an American-style Mayoral Walt-Disney fun-service for the Commonwealth … and the Chinese billionaires!


The second most revolutionary decision of our new PM is the dumping of the ex-Chancellor Osborne, a mere hormonal teenager, compared with the wise old Philip Hammond, a highly civilized (Freemason?) alpha-male Fox, who took the bold step of garbage-binning one of the Cameron-glories, the filthy austerity-economics, meaning Satanic evil deficit cuts, placing the National Health Service (NHS) and the poor peoples’ Benefits on knife edge, producing directly incalculable social ills like incurable addictions, domestic violence, homelessness, and mass-prostitution.  Mr. Hammond’s heroic act proves that the austerity-budgets were not necessary at all (as in Greece!), but rather a means of national-rape by mafia-capitalism enriching the global elites from America to China.  There are no austerities in Angela Merkel’s Germany, in spite of absorbing a million refugees.


Post-modern Economics – not a science, but a casino-game

Post-modern Economics is a fool’s paradise, entirely based on speculation, predications, and hot-air predictions, imaginary numbers, false statistics, totally unscientific (wasteful of Nobel Prizes); this absolute truth is not even confessed by the Socialists of the world playing the pathological capitalist money-games.

John Maynard Keynes (1883—1946) who hated Karl Marx (because he plagiarized him) created the paradigm of rescuing the capitalist system through … Socialist means, investing the poor man’s taxes in infrastructure projects, like road-building … which keeps the capitalist machine oiled, generating employment and further tax-wealth for the capitalist State, subsidizing capitalism by printing Socialist free state-money. The homosexual Keynes inverted Marxist Socialism (intended for the protection of working class interests), by enforcing Socialism to serve Capitalist interests.  He robbed the poor man by filling the pockets of the Homo Capitalismus. The British Ex-PM Gordon Brown went one further – Without any  infra-structure projects in his Treasury-books to justify Keynesian State-investment – a Socialist act – Gordon Brown simply re-capitalized the Banks robbed empty by their own Bankers, by printing 250 Billion English Pounds … The fraudulent Labour leader shamelessly gave the new-money to the old imperialist Foxes to rejuvenate the moribund economy – the better way could have been if he had given every citizen a million pounds to spend … what precisely a Sultan in a Gulf-state had done!


A humongous economy like Britain’s (with ‘infinite’ human resources) can happily print money whenever it needs it – the idea of controlling the money-supply is no more than a Bankers’ casino-game to


(1) Keep Socialism down, and

(2) Preserve national resources for the exploitation of the ruling elites.

Herein lies the great lie which Euro-Socialist parties (and Britain’s Labour Party first of all) do not call the bluff of, just to feed the illusion that they too are ‘prudent’ economists, able to play the Capitalist money-games as good as their fascist counterparts.


When asked, how should a truly Socialist Chancellor ‘balance the books’, he should unflinchingly confirm that ‘the same way the capitalist bankers do’ = by printing money!  It is what History’s Emperors did, by minting coins.  The money-supply belongs to the State and the citizens that constitute it – no individual is entitled to steal and privatize it.


Humming-and-hawing about this fact turns the Socialists into capitalist stooges, as dishonest as the capitalist Banking lot – the Bankers as whackers! A Canadian Bank-director was imported by the British Fox for the national Bank (of England), who ‘genocided’ the base-line interest on Savings for the last at least 5 years (at 0.5%; and here is the difference between the Metropolitan Brit imperialist and the honest peasantly KGB who would set it at 0%, effectively what it is, robbing the British people of trillions of pounds …  in the name of masturbatory ‘prudent economics’).  On top of it, the departing George Osborne had re-assured the markets that measures are in place for a new nest-egg of 250 billion pounds to be ‘quantitatively eased’ (shit-injected) into the economy during the difficult times of Brexit, as if the latter was invented as yet another golden money-game occasion to rob the national Treasury!   There would be no National Health Service (NHS)-crisis if a British government printed 250 billion pounds specifically destined for the wholesome NHS, the best in the world, and not the Bankers’ dirty pockets.


It is because the Euro-Socialists do not call these capitalist money-game bluffs, that they get disgraced by their electorates, who see no difference between the corrupt and corruptive filthy Right, and the stupid narcissi Left easily corrupted (as in Greece, Spain and Italy).  And as a Finance Minister, if you wish to see an economy grow, give every citizen a million pounds to spend! It shall still be cheaper (with 60 million Brits – adds up not even to a billion, but a mere 60 million) than the galactic 250 billion given to the Bank-robbers!


The Keynesian Foxes that created the British welfare state had made sure that the Benefits paid were starvation-wages,

(1) Not to permit anyone to abuse the capitalist system of slave-work, and

(2) To ensure that the recipients spend it immediately and instantly in the economy to merely subsist.

In spite of Mrs. Thatcher’s brouhaha about Benefits, and the evil satanic decimation of it by Iain Duncan-Smith, the brutish imperialist Fox ensures that the Welfare State continues to survive, because

(1)  it is the sole guarantee of the money-circulation in the economy, and

(2)  it camouflages in the name of helping the poor the sustenance of Capitalism.  The rich man is permitted not to pay taxes via offshore accounts, while the poor man is raped into paying it through the nose. Consequently, the sole ‘natural money-supply’ is via the poor man’s slave-labour.


The most remarkable Foxlore of the British National Lottery represents a stunning paradigm of how to skin alive already the ultra-poor for the rich, through titillating fantasies of seeing Aladdin-caves; it has generated billions with pennies, for causes that should have been subsidised by a Socialist state; the absolute fact is that no rich man buys a ticket, but the poor buy by the dozen, dreaming of winning Aladdin’s millions … which of course is indeed won by a lucky unfortunate, who then is encouraged to spend it all on … kitsch/junk – no tax-avoidance off-shore schemes for him!


De Gaulle

During the Second World War, the British Fox trapped a French fox, declared him generously a … military General (de Gaulle), to fight the Nazis from … London, as the latter were occupying the whole of France.


De Gaulle learnt all the tricks of Winston Churchill, and he silently hated him, and the latter’s homo-erotic exhibitionist antics of dictating letters from his bathroom mixed with his drunken slurs and farting noises!  De Gaulle, categorically refused Britain’s membership of the European Common Market at its inception, with his famous ‘Non’!  He was a giant of a Frenchman, with a mountain of a nose, endowing his ‘Non’ with some power.  He was convinced that the Brits acted as America’s lapdog (long before Bush-Blair lap-dogging), hence they will join it, only to wreck it.


Britain had to wait to join the EU over de Gaulle’s dead body … proving de Gaulle right all along!  He must be turning in his grave screaming Non/Non/Jamais!  Poor de Gaulle … no rest even in his grave, until perhaps one day Boris Johnson can cheer him up pretending he knows French… Boris exposed his ignorance of French badly by shouting to a French cocktail party gathering “toujours toutes” in French – a meaningless babble he had to translate into English as no-one understood him … in equally meaningless English as “always close”…


The BBC is a very bad task-master in such cases, a recent trend seems to be encouraging half-experts to pretend on camera knowing languages they are simply ignorant of – they learn a few greeting words like … ‘hello’… and give themselves the illusion, the BBC the delusion, and the viewers the lie that they have mastered the native language!


An old new Conspiracy

There seems to be no doubt that the powers that are in Britain intend Brexit to produce a domino-effect, and give the European Union the death blow, the coup de grace … what General de Gaulle had correctly predicted three decades ago!  A BBC 4 documentary (shown on 14th February), titled as much After Brexit: The Battle for Europe documented the “Eurosceptic movements to ask whether the EU can survive”. The only pleasant point of it was the presenter, the charming Ms Katya Adler, who was for a change fluent in both French and Italian.


The other end of a string that can form a circle if joined with Stupidity is Madness, which seems to be part and parcel of God’s creation of Man. What can be traumatic for Christian believers who never forget that God created man in-his-own-image, is the possible case for divine madness which explains inexplicable phenomena, like the sudden death of innocent children in natural and/or man-made disasters – I accept most self-comforting religious explanations of the necessity of evil and death, but I cannot accept the death of children by natural disasters – there could have been a god-made mechanism that saved the totally innocent from sudden death.


Madness is a fundamental theme in classical Greek drama, and Shakespeare.  What makes it unique within the latter are its comical consequences – there is for example nothing, absolutely nothing like the Grave-digger scene in Hamlet (Act V, sc. I) – a most complex symphony of existentialist themes. A gravedigger speaks of Hamlet (the Danish prince) to Hamlet himself (disguised; already in a ‘mad’ dramatic condition) being sent to England, to heal; but if he would not, “it’s no great matter there, ‘Twill not be seen in him there” because in Shakespeare’s England “the men are as mad as he”.


VD that produces disfigurement and madness literally, like AIDS, was rampant in Elizabethan England – Shakespeare seems to have died of it himself.


Stupidity and Madness are thus the two sides of the coin of Evil, that is and shall remain the currency of the 21st century mafia-Capitalism.


There is a horrendous financial corruption (known as the gravy train) at the highest bureaucratic echelons of power in the EU, which needed urgent cleaning-up, instead, it has been left to fester and rot and stink up to heaven for decades now – the Common Agricultural Policy, the pointless pathetic and totally silly duplication of parliamentary sessions transported from Brussels to Strasbourg twice a year etc. costing the European poor billions of pounds put straight in the private pockets of the MEPs and their minions.


A Post-Brexit Future of Europe

Britain’s exit will undoubtedly sound the death-knell of the EU.  We can pronounce in its obituary even now as a historical fact that it succeeded at least in keeping the European (hence world) peace after the Second World War, for which it was created by Europe’s half-baked Socialist leaders, in replication of the Soviet Union, a fact I am certain imperialist historians shall deny with their bottom dollars!


Most empires – the Chinese, Roman, Muslim, Tsarist, British, and Nazi – were constituted by the genocidal brutal force of wars and murder.  By creating the Soviet Union, Lenin and his comrades for the very first time in human history decided to create a union of nations based on the Masonic brotherly love;


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin founded the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in November 1917, mired in a bitter civil war (until 1921) spearheaded by the British imperialists.  By 30th December 1922 and the settlement of that genocidal war, the Soviet Union included 15 Soviet Socialist Republics.  Add to that number the 7 States in Eastern Europe joining the Soviet camp; you get a remarkable ‘union’ of 22 multi-ethnic, hugely diverse cultures living in peace and harmony, able to even resist all destructive Churchillean/McCarthy aggression from the most powerful Anglo-American governments bent on the genocidal destruction of … non-existent Communism, which was really Soviet hot air … gone cold after Lenin’s death.


The truth of the British-American special Relationship

The Masonic brotherly love did survive all imperialist aggression.  For a very long time (and still) people puzzle over the special relationship between Britain and America – it was precisely this, Churchill’s secret agreement with Harry Truman to genocide the Communist Soviet Union, engineering an appropriate moment to nuke it.


Thank god the two idiots were stupid enough to fail inventing such a casus belli, while the clever Dick Stalin they hated, got the bomb just in time to teach them a lesson!  The two idiots then went into the arms-race and the creation of NATO, to rob the Americans of every dollar they could spare!  No wonder President Trump has got the itch to eliminate NATO – our Prime Minister shamelessly trumped him up by putting words in his mouth, Trump was too polite to deny – In a political porno-issue of the Daily Mail trumpeting Mrs. May’s visit to Mr. Trump – headlined Love-in at the White House, Mrs. May, like a bad actress fluffing her lines, reports to the world-media at a press-conference that “today we have reaffirmed our unshakable commitment to [Nato].  Mr. President, I think you confirmed that you are 100 per cent behind Nato.” (Daily Mail, p. 6, May Wins Nato Battle – the Churchillean Brits love tearing paper-tigers and winning battles on paper – When Stalin asked Churchill to open a second front in Western Europe to relive pressure from the Nazis on the Russian borders, Churchill gladly sent his troops to … Africa to fight the Nazis).  The very clever Mrs. May only thought that Mr. Trump was hundred percent behind her…


The fact remains that the German-French Founders of the European Union conceived of it as a second great experiment in Masonic brotherly love of the European nations in peaceful co-existence.  The British perverted this into a capitalist Free Market based on hot air Insurance and Banking – the two pathways to total corruption for money/money and more bloody money, under which Greece buckled from a civilized nation into Roman empire slavery under our own noses … soon to be followed by Italy, Spain, Portugal … France …


After Brexit, The beneficial effect of the EU in the context of brotherly love among nations free of the filthy blood-soaked free markets may not altogether disappear among the volcanic turmoil of the dissolution of European nations.  Unlike pre-second World War, enhanced by the Internet and modern day high-level consciousness and search of truth, Euro governments will no more plunge into the genocidal madness of massacring each other through world wars.  The alternative (according to a dear friend of mine) is the explosion into national, State civil wars, fascists versus socialists, LBGTS versus heterosexuals, paedophiles versus animal-perverts etc. – a context which is the dream-world of the British Establishment Civil Service imperialists – Churchill’s ideal to have the world constantly on its toes, with all options of warmongering at its feet, including the Trident nuclear war-heads, even if they would fly to… Florida by mistake, and not to Moscow, the  intended destination of the special relationship!


Mo-zi (470 - 391 BC

The Unique Black African Chinese Philosopher

As individuals, Americans brashly, and the British subtly are controle-freaks, reflected by their State-bureaucracy.   They get married to dominate the other, not to love her or him. That is why Jesus Christ’s simple message of universal love won’t enter their sick heads.  Incredibly, a ‘minor’ Chinese Philosopher named Mo-zi (470 – 391 BC; pronounced Mo-ts-(er), and he may have been a ‘black African’ as mo (in Chinese) = ink (as black as ink!) referring to his skin-colour, preached precisely the same Jesus-message 500 years earlier, that jiān ài = universal love is all, and the great social equalizer, and peace-maker.


Even more amazingly and miraculously, the Chinese African-Black philosopher was a … Carpenter, precisely like Jesus Christ.


I remember the great British Tony Benn MP, confirming that the EU was being handed over to the Bankers, the mafia-capitalist corrupters of the human soul.   To them, the sole answer to Christ’s universal love is universal prostitution.


Of course, nobody would listen to Tony Benn … Now let the Churchillean MacCarthyists harvest the winds of Madness and Stupidity, the 21st century’s greatest Sado-Masochist act of prostitution and self-immolation.



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  1. A colossal essay by the inimitable genius, prof. Pilikian.

    It commands a thousand comments. What a stroke of genius. I am struck with awe every time I read any write-up by the prof. He is NOT an easy read by any measure. But he is worth every second spent on understanding the multitude of astounding bits of knowledge he fires up with each line.

    I found the following lines to be of particular significance:

    “The truth of the British-American special Relationship

    The Masonic brotherly love did survive all imperialist aggression. For a very long time (and still) people puzzle over the special relationship between Britain and America – it was precisely this, Churchill’s secret agreement with Harry Truman to genocide the Communist Soviet Union, engineering an appropriate moment to nuke it.”

    The section on post-modern capitalism, however, is a veritable trove of insights into the workings of casino capitalism into which current bourgeois economies have sunk.

    The author’s comments on the Keynesian gimmick to save capitalism from self destruction by calling on Socialism for help is a masterpiece of condensed economics education.

    The section demands more than a single reading. As stated above, Pilikian requires full concentration, but rewards the reader with his amazing formulations.

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