By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


A Seismic Event in the Making – and its Royal secrets, old and new, unravelled

There is an unusual and a very strange mysterious mist overhanging Britain, like a Chernobyl-cloud full of ‘nuclear’ danger the authorities are attempting to dissipate safely, as fast as they could … while simultaneously trying not to alarm the population;

The British Television is used most effectively for such an end – the Brits are masters of blood-letting through TV – suddenly we are drowned in Noah’s flood, of programs about our Royal Family, literally, or by implication, while continuing showing the endless seeming Canal + French production of Versailles (BBC2) of the French Sun-King Louis the 14th, whose court was as treacherous as the English Henry the VIII’s, conspiratorial poisonings were abundant and routine, unsurprisingly therefore, the French production has an English-speaking cast copying (and succeeding eminently) the well-done British period productions in every detail.

More than the sun-King himself, it is his homosexual brother, Philipe I Duc d’Orléans with his incredibly lunatic promiscuous antics who has been a glorious promotion of gay rights, the actor himself (and his lover) being more beautiful than any of the King’s mistresses at the French court, rotten to the core with old hags and aristocratic farts.


My Con-Cock Theory of History

The “conspiracy theory of history” is quite well and firmly established world-wide, and heavily opposed by British historians who have their own “Cock-up theory” of history – as good Darwinists, they believe that history happens by chance, and never by plots and plans.  The irony is that British history is the greatest example of … conspiracies, from its origins in the Anglo-Saxon forests of … Arden, the trees taking a walk in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth!


Nevertheless, in Britain, people still stubbornly refuse to believe in conspiracy-theories, when as great historical conspirators themselves, they have almost created the craft of what I call Fox-lore; serious modern British imperialist historians prefer what they call obscenely the cock-up theory of history, even though a superb documentary-feature about the first Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth I: Battle for the Throne – Channel 5) would whack those historians across their Face-books, based on the incredible conspiracies and plots of the age to eliminate/assassinate her, “with enemies lurking around every corner.  She never knew who to trust and who to fear – her life was a constant battle for survival, during which she would never know a moment’s peace.” (the Daily Mail TV Listings Magazine, Weekend, 9 May, 2017, p. 47).


Elizabeth’s own father, Henry the VIII, head-chopper of his Wives, and a great political manipulator (= conspirator) declared young Elizabeth, his own flesh-and-blood, a Bastard – Shakespeare, profoundly and courageously explored the theme in King Lear, hitherto un-understood in Shakespeare criticism; Cordelia is that young maiden Queen Elizabeth, rendering King Lear, one of the greatest plays of world-drama, into a metaphor of the old head-chopper of his own wives, Henry the VIII.


Then, in the same week (BBC 2; 10th May) showed this glorious television production of King Charles III entirely based on the premise of Princess Diana wishing cheekily to ‘dethrone’ Prince Charles herself before even her husband would receive the crown – superbly acted by the late Tim Pigott Smith as Prince Charles, in a first-class documentary feature where every word uttered was … untrue, fantasized, a lie, and rather a classic Fake News, distastefully and disgracefully pronouncing our Queen Elizabeth II to be … dead – the film opens on her funeral in the Westminster Abbey, the funeral sound track occasionally even hinting at Illuminati-distorted Satanic worship-sounds!


My own theory of history, I have labelled as The Con-Cock Theory of History; I believe that both parties (materialist vs. idealist) have some truth on their side – the absolute truth lies in the amalgam of both; History does progress with active intervention by individual minds (Karl Marx etc.), where the human agency can mess-up processes (the meaning of the cock-up), however, simultaneously, I also appreciate the Hegelian (‘Christian’) view of a “mysterious” force operating for the good of the individual and the community he belongs to, usually marching towards greater human Freedom – something Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels discounted erroneously.


There is a third dimension to this sudden massive media Royal paraphernalia, indirectly linked, this time guided by jollity and mass-television fun like The Queen Mary: Our Royals at Sea (Channel 5, 26 May, 2017, the Daily Mail Magazine, Weekend, p.67; “a ship that was the largest and fastest vessel ever built came to epitomise 1930s glamour and the golden age of transatlantic ocean travel”); the Royal Windsor Horse show Special (ITV – 12th May), the same day as the first of a series of a documentary on the Sovereign’s House of CommonsInside the Houses of Parliament (Ch 5), all of which suggest to me that this Chernobyl-cloud with explosively ‘nuclear’ potential has to do with our Royal Familysomething very serious has or is about to happen that has to do with Britain’s Royal Family, and no one seems yet to know how to dissipate the potential nuclear clouds safely.


Fast and faster daily-life rhythm

Pre-Brexit life itself in Britain seems to have speeded up – everyone who’s anyone seems to be in a rush – and our Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May in the first place.  Jan Moir, a very distinguished investigative journalist, tailing her electoral campaign, states categorically that “the Prime Minister … kept to a gruelling pace without flagging.” (Theresa, behind the mask, Daily Mail, May 13, 2017, pp. 8/9).


Perhaps a clue to this forthcoming seismic event is given by the cover page of the London Evening Standard, 4 May 2017, thanking the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s Consort for 70 long years, Thank You, Philip across the wonderful photograph of the Duke with the unique life-force and great humour – unfortunately, it reads like an Obituary, the point being definitely implied that the nation will never see him in public again, having resigned all his official duties.  I myself humbly think, free of any sycophancy, that the United Kingdom can never thank Prince Philip enough – he has been the rock (and the huge anchor!) of the Royal family, the most important one in Europe.


Still the un-understood Shakespearean Meanings

The greatest cultural legacy of Shakespeare is not his great works, but the two building blocks of his creative genius – the endless use of puns (semantic word-plays); and multi-layered metaphors, as little packages of dramatic energy, equivalent to the Chinese Ki (= life-force itself!) The British people, because of Shakespeare, love puns – they are perhaps (even unwittingly) the world’s greatest cultural punsters, and appreciators of Metaphor, the language of symbols which finds its highest level of concentration in the British-invented Freemasonry!


The 2-pages Editorial of the Daily Mail, May 6, 2017 uses these Shakespearean skills consummately (and rather disturbingly, though mixed with some comedy) – the 2 pages article is a sycophantic paean to the fiercely heterosexual Philip Duke of Edinburgh (unlike his gay French namesake of the Duke of Orleans), juxtaposed with the first title of the editorial column opposite as “Rest in peace” (RIP), the most common expression (in English) of announcing the death of a person; here, the literal reference goes to a political party, the UKIP, nevertheless the first sentence of the piece is the following clever Shakespearean ambiguity; “Today the Mail is sad to report the death  […] of one of the most effective forces ever to shake up British politics.”


The sentence could be uttered as a tribute to the Queen’s consort – it even contains a pun (‘shake up’) on Shakespeare’s name (the first reference to Shakespeare was in 1592 by a Robert Greene, who accused Shakespeare of being so conceited as to think of himself to be “the only Shake-scene in a country” (the rest of Greene’s puns are too obscene to elaborate here further).


A new Kingdom in the making

Irrespective of Prince Philip’s demise (whether real or unreal), at  last, and at the least, the great puzzle and mystery of the Brexit stupidity can now be cleared-up snow-white – Brexit-Divorce is the first crucial step, for our Queen to finally give way and have Britain groomed like a child-bride for Prince Charles to be crowned as her old-man King – it will be a historical event of massive international significance, as Britain had had no male King for over half a century now. Nothing preceding or succeeding it can have the same revolutionary effect, transforming  Britain’s everything – culture and Economy – proving yet again the errors of Karl Marx’s un-scientific theories; an economic-cultural Revolution needs no Proletariat as its dynamic motor mechanism (as Marx & Engels insisted).  Slow (Darwinian) evolutionary changes can (and indeed do) augment to create totally new species and economic forms, without the need of blood on the carpet, or guillotine-terror most revolutions conclude with.


In fact, the greatest historical example of a humungous bloodless revolution (without any Proletarian input) occurred in our own lifetimes – the collapse of the Soviet Union, as the inheritor of the Tsarist Russia ‘owning’ Eurasia – half the world, larger than Britain’s Quarter the Brits like to brag about…


In imperialist terms, it would be inconceivable for a military super-power like the Soviet Union, to have voluntarily given up vast territories like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, let alone Ukraine and the Baltic States, with vast mineral wealth, proving yet again that the Soviet Union was not into imperialism, and preserved the global peace against continuous aggression from Western imperialism!


Britain’s new Kingdom-in-the-making could not have arisen with the glory that is Britain as a mere member of a half-dead (European) Union, riddled with corruption – a ‘gravy train’ stuffing the pockets of the MEP’s with Euros – and one of the great conductors of this steamed-up train-engine for many decades is said to have been Lord Neil Kinnock, once a Labour Party leader, who with wife and son, all aboard on the train as MEPs were driving up to the financial paradise destined for the elites.


Peace Beyond Borders, by Vijay Mehta (Catapult, an imprint of the New Internationalist Publications ltd, 2016) is a well-researched sweet book, full of light, logic and wisdom, with a powerful sense of the positive and the constructive, about the European Union’s achievement of global peace.  But alas, alack, nobody will hear a wise man like Mr Mehta’s voice from the political wilderness, when in fact he has created a paradigmatic schema for achieving global peace anywhere in the world!


The wholesome and uplifting spirit of the book transcends systemic corruption, which unfortunately ultimately is the problem that grounds most positive enterprises in the third world to dust. In his sunny optimism, Mehta ignores (to his intellectual peril), any deep analysis of the EU’s stinking gravy-train … in other words, the evil people of this world would consider Mr. Mehta has wasted his gift of god’s breath on the irredeemable devils of Capitalism – here is the evidential irony – already Mr. Mehta’s ideal, the European Union is on its way to total destruction by the British imperialist Fox, and his … book is too late to do anything about it!   


Britain has its own strong paradigmatic federal Union with Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland.  Prince Charles’ Kingdom of a brand new Britain shall kow-tow to no power on this planet.


Just like Lord Macartney’s hilarious historical incident, Britain’s first official envoy to China – in 1793, the said Lord refused to kowtow to the Chinese Emperor Qianlong, causing the terrorist Opium Wars (1839-56) – and went down solely on one knee like a pink Flamingo, and only once instead of the diplomatic 3 times, holding the image of his own King George III in his breast, while Qianlong kept name-calling all Europeans “Barbarians”!


The London Saturday Daily Mail of April the 1st (Fool’s day) was strangely full of foxy clues about the method in Britain’s Shakespearean Brexit madness (Polonius’ words about Hamlet’s disconcerting mad behaviour …)  After months of re-assurance that the new Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May was not interested in seeking an electoral mandate, suddenly declared a snap election, evidence that the first assumption was a well-promoted lie, and the whole of Brexit was a well-laid … Elizabethan-type conspiracy to destroy the European Union, something General de Gaulle of France had predicted 3 decades ago, and for which reason had vetoed twice (1963 & 1967) Britain’s entry into the Common Market.


During the 2nd World War, the General had lived in London in close proximity to Winston Churchill’s imperialist madness, lying, bluffing, spluttering, blustering, bluffing, masquerading and drinking his way to a Euro-Peace won by Stalin and the Red Army against the Nazis by Russians and Armenians alone; no Azeris, Chechnyans, Kazakhs, Tajiks or any other nationality comprising the Soviet Union were there, let alone East Europeans, like the Romanians, Bulgarians, Poles, already crushed under Hitler’s heels;


Churchill and his imperialist cronies were desperate to steal the Russian-Armenian victory of the 2nd World  War, then, under the influence of the mentally retarded American lunatic, Senator McCarthy, who saw … Red under carpets, and wanted to eliminate the Soviet Union by a nuclear bomb!  Stalin’s acquisition of the Bomb in the nick of time, brought some sanity (albeit temporary) to the British imperialist Fox Churchill, who was nowhere to be seen with his Desert Rats when the Nazis had already occupied the Channel Islands, Britain’s front-and-back-yard – today sitting on Britain’s new Five Pound note right behind the Queen, Churchill could not even defend Britain’s own shores from Hitler’s genocidal rats; see the Special Investigation Hitler’s British Death Island (Daily Mail, May 6, 2017, pp. 32-4), “by one of  Britain’s top soldiers after months of forensic research.  How the Nazis murdered as many as 40,000 in [Britain’s] Channel Island concentration camps – and planned to blitz the South Coast with chemical weapons”, while Churchill smoked his stinking cigars and drank Stalin’s Armenian Cognac, shamelessly reading and plagiarizing the Nazi lame duck Goebbels’ Iron Curtain speech …


Churchill’s Sandhurst warmongering strategy for a victory?

Steal one, if you can’t win it! And preferably from … Stalin, Uncle Joe!

The forthcoming Kingdom of Prince Charles

The huge headline news of the first page of the above mentioned issue of the Daily Mail (Day Prince Charles tried to halt a War – Book quotes US envoy on how Prince rang to ask for Afghan invasion delay) kills several birds with a single stone – very clever British Civil Service Fox-lore thus;


(1)  It does a hatchet job of promoting a new image of Prince Charles, as an ordinary human being just like everyone else (which of course he is not), equally vulnerable and suffering, if not financially, at least psychologically, emotionally, having been married to a mentally unstable Princess Diana, which had ensured that Prince Charles received counselling for decades, something many of his own potential subjects (when he shall be King), need but cannot get due to National Health Service (NHS) Conservative government cuts.  But at least Prince Charles is leading the way by taking the social stigma out of mental illness, not that he had it himself (it was his ex-wife who had suffered from it).  Talk of mental illness is now very big in Britain … it is a growth area – claiming having mental illness is evolving as a new money-breeding industry!


(2)  Prince Charles wished to rule a multi-ethnic country, and considered himself a Defender of Faiths (in plural), not only the Christian one.  His refined emotion to try and persuade the American military idiots to cease bombing Afghanistan during Ramadan, the sacred month of the Muslims, would have been greatly appreciated by the considerable numbers of the British-born Muslims.


The multi-ethnic social structure is the future of mankind, as it has also been its past.  The British-Nazi fantasy of Eugenic pure-bred races has never been a reality in history.  The racist illiterate British nationalist fools may not even know that Britain’s Royal Family has German roots, for which reason they are the great wise promoters of multi-ethnicism.


(3)  Lest you think that Prince Charles is a hippy peacenik, or a Peacemonger, that’ll never do – the British also fantasize themselves always as a warrior race, inheritors of their multi-ethnic, Viking, Norman and Roman genocidal barbarism, even though the Brits really have never won a… war – I find it rather endearing the British Army’s braggadocio about historic victories, which always on closer examination deliver… sheer hot air; from the Elizabethan era, the Defeat of Spanish Armada, was entirely fortuitous, helped by Nature and its winds blowing in the wrong direction for the Spanish Fleet!


The disasters of Gallipoli (in WW1) and Monte Casino (in WW2)

were the direct result of Winston Churchill’s idiocies – he had this Sandhurst fixation that to win a war, the Commander must spring a surprise on the enemy, used by the great Carthaginian African general of genius Hannibal Barca, who in 225 BC marched through the French Pyrenees with more than 100,000 troops and nearly 40 … elephants scaring the sh** out of the Roman army.  Fat Churchill drunkard’s trademark version (lacking any good sense let alone genius) was to force his troops to climb a hill in full exposure (both in Gallipoli and thirty years later in Italy) for the enemy to simply bombard them to smithereens from the hill-tops!


Dunkirk (2nd WW) is another mystery of the British army heroics, referred to as a ‘miracle’ … no wonder, instead of staying put and fighting the advancing German army, the British army decided to withdraw in great fear, trepidation and panic, leaving enormous quantities of military hardware the German enemy re-cycled – in May and June 1940, Hundreds of thousands of British troops were rescued from the vicious clutches of Hitler’s SS-Robocops – the British army even lacked the warships to evacuate the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) stationed in the French seaport of Dunkirk, and rather sweetly and humanely shambolic and trembling in their pants and sandals, the British fearfully grabbed hold of any sea-faring vessel (mostly fishermen’s boats) to reach their motherland …

But why delude the British nation about it as a heroic act when it was an act of honeysweet pathetic humane cowardice?

Then mad Churchill shamelessly attempted to steal as his own the glory of the Soviet Red Army’s crushing victory over the Nazi hyenas… Such a historical theft by a hopeless alcoholic is very unkind to one of the great nations in History – the Russian people, and it should really stop, not further glorified by placing Churchill on the five-pound note behind our Queen.


  • Furthermore, in both the two World Wars, the British governments (hypocritically belying their own racist white supremacist creed in Eugenics) had no hesitation in abusing their empire-populations as cannon-fodder – millions of Indians, Australian and New Zealand Anzacs, Nepali mountain Gurkhas, Caribbean contingents … their sacrificial victories all deliberately and viciously wiped out of history-books by the British governments after the wars, reluctantly re-instated by the BBC History only recently – I would still not trust the precision of their numbers, of those masters of false statistics ;
  • 1,440,500 hailed from India, while 136,000 came from South Africa
  • Of those who fought,  629,000 were Canadians
  • 413,000 came from Australia and 128,500 from New Zealand
  • More than 134,000 travelled from other colonies, including some 10,000 from the Caribbean
  • Most soldiers of the First World War died – over 700,000 of them.


Prince Charles thus would never stop any wars, especially not an American one conjoined with the Brits, although he is refined and civilized enough to be sensitive to other peoples’ plight in war, showing respect only to their holy rituals.  This concept is reinforced (in the same D. Mail issue, pp. 8-9) by the most ridiculous headline about our new PM ready to go to war over a … huge Rock – the Gibraltar; Theresa goes to war on Gibraltar, echoing Mrs. Thatcher’s long haul onto the Falkland Islands, which was never seriously invaded by a powerful enemy anyway, and the British army’s adventure was no more than a Thatcherite touristic romp!


(4)  All of the above indicate that Prince Charles’ Coronation as King is well-nigh, perhaps even this year, when our Queen gives way to her first- born.  The Evening Standard mentioned above had already taken the Duke of Edinburgh, our Queen’s husband and Consort out of the equation, announcing with gratitude the abdication from all his official royal duties.


(5)  The great unspoken problem is the British nation’s view of Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, mis-understood and shunned for decades now (immediately after Princess Diana’s tragic death).


There is a strong vein of post-marital monogamy – being an exemplary Christian! – running in the present Royal family, exemplified by King Edward VIII, who revolutionized millennia-old Old Testament Polygamous customs in 1936 by abdicating the imperialist British throne, the ultimate symbol of ‘divine’ power, to marry the love of his life, the multiply married American divorcee Wallis Simpson, who does not seem to have merited or reciprocated such a powerful dedication.   New archival evidence has proved that she had been fornicating with four other men simultaneously – Did Mrs Simpson ever truly love the King who gave up his throne for her? by Michael Thornton, Daily Mail, April 8, 2017, pp.56-8.


Prince Charles seems to have inherited his uncle’s monogamous streak, and must be admired for exactly the same admirable quality of Christian persistence in true love, as his mother, our Queen feels for her Duke (of Edinburgh).  Traditionally, the men may stray, but the women? Never!  The novelty and feminist radicalization of Princess Diana was in this – she was the first female in a royal household in history who allowed herself to fornicate outside her marriage – the greatest historical taboo she destroyed.  There can be no doubt that Prince Charles would want Camilla as his lawful Queen, not a Consort as imposed upon his father – hopefully the British people would have learnt lessons from the past of the King who abdicated rather than see his wife insulted.


(6)  All of the above finally resolves the puzzle of Brexit madness – Britain would never ever sacrifice its Royal sovereignty to any Euro-Tom-Dick-and-Harry.  Exit from the EU means one and one thing alone; the approaching evolutionary take-over of the reins of Kingly power by Prince Charles and his Queen Camilla, which will affect yet another revolutionary evolution after decades of the Duke of Edinburgh’s consort-ing.

(7)  A landslide electoral victory by the Conservatives will ensure that all dreams of a 2nd referendum for Independence by the Scots will be well-buried for another … century!  Equally, anyway, there never was any similar threat from the Welsh (seeking independence).


(8)  Thus, Prince Charles of Windsor shall be King of his mother’s Elizabethan United Kingdom for the foreseeable future (continued by Prince William’s succession).


(9)  Last but not least, and in fact first and foremost, and simultaneous to all this, is the final destruction and banishment of all Socialism from Britain, attempted long ago by Mrs Thatcher thinking of herself as a second rabid Winston Churchill …  Mrs T failed, but Mrs May (following Mrs T’s paradigm) may yet succeed with extremely clever manipulation and almost a Comedian’s sense of perfect theatrical/political timing!


The un-necessary final Destruction of Britain’s Labour Party for its micro-mini-Socialism

The sudden snap decision of the government to hold national elections reeks of a mysterious event that needs covering-up in a great rush … while the Duke of Edinburgh is suddenly freed of all his Royal duties, leaving our aged Queen (as always) holding it all together.  She had her annus horribilis with pun and all, back in 1992 – a comic magazine bore the name ‘Horrible Anus’.


A most remarkable piece of manufactured news was on pp. 6-7 of the above mentioned April fool’s day edition of the Daily Mail – titled, Harry’s Secret Wedding in Las Vegas.  What is profoundly significant is not so much the nonsense of the fake news, but a photograph of Harry (Prince William’s younger brother) leading his south African bride to the altar, with the palm of his right hand on her buttocks, very much a gesture of our times, by young and old alike, signifying that homosexual anal-sex is all right, and is the future of human sexuality, operating on several dimensions;

(a) It creates LBGT-tolerant societies, feminizing the violent alpha butch-male,

(b) It is fashionable, the choice of New-York bankers

(c) Although hated by heterosexual women if courageous enough to face their true biology, works as a contraceptive method towards population controle,

(d) Present-day AIDS medication has advanced enough to normalize the life-expectancy of homosexual patients to the average of non-infected heterosexual citizenry – a medical fact heavily promoted nowadays in Britain by the news media, with the magisterial BBC 1 seal of approval shown on 25 May (2017) – encouraging the general public at last to happily indulge in dangerous, unhealthy and unsafe homosexual sexual practices of anal ingestion, like rimming (tonguing the anal rim of the partner).


The New LBGT-Britain can thus never be permitted to be anything but the global leader of High Capitalism, even if it is by now totally corrupted, Mafia-infested, and saved only like the old constipated folks by “Quantitative Easing”s – a foolish term in modern Economics signifying state-printed free Socialist money, printed by a New Labour government, employing a national Bank of England with a … Canadian Director who really wants to be the Prime Minister of … Canada, and is camping about in Britain, wasting everybody’s time,  displaying absolutely no conscience in reducing the interest rates on poor men-and-women’s Savings to practically 0 %, robbing the poor masses to generate further billions for tax-avoiding Bank-robbers.


None Dares Call the Bluff of Modern Economics

Modern Economics is based on hot-air industries (Banking, Insurance, Cooking, and … restaurant-eating), offering the ad hoc rules of Casino-games!

People in Britain are fed up to the back teeth with governments of Liars, by the Liars, for the Liars – what Democracy has come to after 2,500 years of classical Greek invention, and the famous ‘government for the people’ Gettysburg speech on November 19, 1863 by the American President Abraham Lincoln.


If the Labour Party shall lose the Elections, it is not because of its leader, Mr Corbyn lacking Hollywood charisma-junk … but because the whole of the news media including the pseudo-lefties like The Guardian and the New Statesman are stooges of the Establishment, prettifying the British virgin bride with capitalist  LBGT cock-teasing banking skills.


Mr Corbyn’s stubborn persistence is admirable.   He is not at all the Red Corbyn the Daily Mail capitalists paint him to be, with Churchillean water-colour broken brushes. They used the same tired old McCarthy Red-bug to disgrace Red Ken (Livingstone), Red Ed (Miliband) etc. Whoever they dislike, they call him Red even if he were a blond clown like Boris Johnson.


I have witnessed Mr Corbyn many times in political solidarity meetings in the past – he is mild-mannered, gentle, very English, very cautious, middle of the road public speaker, when other panellists have surpassed him with their hot statements. One thing even the filthiest of the British right-wing Murdoch-media cannot deny is that Mr Corbyn is an entirely honest man, without any duplicityThe neo-Nazi manner with which his team-mates back-stabbed him a thousand times, led by his deputy arch-back-stabber Tom Watson, front-bencher MP, shall remain unforgivable in the annals of Britain’s modern political history. Shame, eternal shame on them!


The reason the Labour party shall lose the elections displays a complex causality; when push comes to shove, the Labour party is the worst of the masochists, it shoots at its own crotch, goes girly-anorexic, pulls its own pink pants down, primed to let any capitalist mount it …


Britain’s Labour party is a vehicle of facile manipulation invented by the British Civil Service/Establishment for its own sordid secretive conspiracies to subvert Socialism whenever necessary, and wherever!


The Labour Party lacks the balls (in spite of an Ed Balls once!) to speak the factual truth all politicians are frightened of, that modern Economics is speculative nonsense, invented to deceive nations and their status in the world – look what happened to America’s obscene economic Boycott of the tiny island of Cuba for four decades, and/or the great NATO economic boycott of Russia.


It was Gordon Brown, the New-Labour pseudo-Socialist who frequently boasted of being the son of a compassionate Socialist priest, saved evil Capitalism from total collapse (one hugely important prediction correctly grasped by Karl Marx and Engels), by giving free Socialist money to the Banks robbed by their own bankers – Brown re-capitalized them in several obscene Quantitative Easings to the tune of 250 billion poundsNew Labour Mr Brown never hunted for the stolen people’s money; he never took the gambling thieving mafia-Bankers to court.


If the Labour party shall lose, it shall not be because of the compassionate and truly honest Mr. Corbyn, NO, but because, in the name of prudent-running of the country’s economy,


(1) it won’t call the bluff of the great and grand lies of Capitalism, using the banks and the insurance companies as mafia-controlled casino-games


(2)  it will not apologize for its own horrendous genocidal policy-mistakes perpetrated for the glory of the capitalist system, the latest worse evil of which was the scientifically erroneous promotion of the Diesel engine by New Labour, merely to generate ‘new business’ and products in the car-industry, while polluting the air we breathe worse than ever, “drivers who switched to lethally noxious diesel, assured by Labour that it was cleaner, were monstrously misled and betrayed…  while the health risks will endure for years” (Daily Mail, May 6, 2017, p.18, Editorial Comment).


Precisely for the same reason of creating new exploitative over-priced filthy business products, the New Labour legalized 24-hours alcohol consumption, and worse, unrestrained gambling, one of the most inhuman addictions that destroys individual lives and whole families.


Until these dirty capitalist games by New Labour, there was a wholesome air of public advertising clean of gambling and alcoholism … New Labour polluted it hopelessly, for which she must, again, apologize to the British people, and promise that in power, she would put these Gordon Brown capitalist-perversions and hypocrisies right.


I do not expect it from the great backstabber, Tom Watson, but the true socialists, Leader Jeremy Corbyn and his deputy John McDonnell should have apologized to the electorate unreservedly for the Diesel filth, gambling porno, and unrestrained alcoholism … it shall be a primary reason of their landslide defeat.


The Grand Deception at the Core of British Mafia-Capitalism

There is a horrifying ugly great lie full of infectious puss festering at the heart of British Capitalism (Nay, let’s say at the ‘core’, as capitalism is heartless) – its Socialist Welfare system, invented by the alpha male foxes of British imperialism as the steam engine that keeps Capitalism moving for good!  It is deliberately disgraced and denigrated as a foxy way of controlling it by Thatcherite disciples (the likes of IDS= George Iain Duncan Smith, sometime Conservative Party leader) who abuse and rape it at will by showcasing scum-of-the-earth television casts, drunk, drugged, illiterate, inarticulate, violent folks uttering inanities like “got free-money”, biting the hands that feed them …


And what is the truth of the matter that the Labour Party must absolutely call the bluff of?


The Welfare State, already from its inception was constituted on the basis of sustaining unemployed workers with starvation-wages, to undercut the remotest possibility of recipients getting warmly comfortable and giving up their hard life and degradation of begging capitalists for slave-work … payments could never be mis-used for drunkenness and whoring.  The dregs of society showcased on Television nowadays are deliberately selected to create the opposite impression.


How have the State-benefits become the necessary motor-mechanism, the steam engine of modern Capitalism, keeping the capitalist economy ticking and moving constantly, making the rich richer and the poor poorer?


Any Business needs cash-flow.  As the rich do not pay taxes and stash their money in tax-havens, the only cash-flow source for businesses to run remains the poor people’s total expenditure of their starvation wages merely to survive, in addition to the Black economy of drug-taking and prostitution, where the Mafia receives its intense significance as embedded within the blood-gorging stinking core of capitalism (First Page headlines – “…farcical EU rules add prostitution and drug-dealing to official economic figures”, Daily Mail, April 6, 2017).  Capitalism needs money-circulation to survive.  And that is provided by the poor man’s wages, including the welfare payments for the starving.


The Labour party must call this bluff – because she will never, it shall lose the elections for ever.


More Marxist Errors

The money-supply of a country belongs to the State of that country, (hence to all its citizenry in a true Democracy) of whatever hue.  It was the case of the first coins minted by the Kings of Lydia and neighbouring Phrygia (in ancient Anatolia, which according to Herodotus were an Armenian tribe and spoke an Armenian dialect – Herodotus went so far as to coin a verb, ‘to phryg-ianize’ meaning ‘to speak Armenian’).


The invention by the ‘gang of Armenian Kings’ (which included the famous golden-coined Croesus) created the very concept of Trade and travelling-for-trade, which accumulated ‘Kapital’ and created the capitalist class, something Karl Marx (and Engels) never understood.  The modern capitalist class are not the old refined Bourgeois (as Marx thought), but the often illiterate scum of the earth; the old bourgeoisie read books, and collected private libraries, modern Russian and Chinese oligarchs do not read books, and buy laughable art-works (dead cows in tanks, and unmade unwashed dirty beds of women!) only for investment.  Social class is not rigidly fixed as in Marxism, which could not perceive social mobility although Charles Dickens as a fiction-writer could!


Marx and Engels were too sold on their limited obsessive notion of heavy industrial Proletariat (of the Mines, the Railways, and the factories) to grasp the historical fact that Capitalism began with coins-and-trade – exactly the case of Russia’s mafia-capitalism after the collapse of the Soviet Union, started by the Gazprom KGB chinovniks.


It is now time for British Socialism to save itself – the Labour Party can announce officially formally, that if it wins the forthcoming elections, it will provide the State with 250 billion pounds of quantitative easing (precisely as Gordon Brown did for the banks in 2012), to secure the NHS completely, re-instate Free University Education, re-nationalize public transport, and have plenty more left for decades to come, to macro-manage prudently (Gordon’s favourite terms, wearing capitalist pants and necktie).


The Labour government thus will not need to borrow any more money on the dirty financial markets, without any phoney need to balance books – a term so loved by the tax-avoiding book-keepers of capitalism!


Britain can become heaven on earth, for all its people, and not only the elite!!

Which of course will never happen – the Establishment imperialist Churchillean old farts will never permit it – the Labour party will never apologize for its mistakes, nor print money for the people.


Heaven is too boring for the masses. Generally speaking, for a mysterious reason, they prefer capitalist Hell to Socialist Heaven.  Populations are so abused, misused, bled and enslaved by capitalism that they end up demanding it… which is the source of power acquired by the perverts of the capitalist system.


The destruction of the Labour party was a long held passion (and conspiracy) by Mrs Thatcher and her gang.   Blair-and-Mandelson invented what they called New-Labour, had a very clever-dicky way of defeating the menopausal Mrs T, by absorbing her policies, they never tired of expressing their admiration for her obnoxious union-bashing inhumanity, the paradigm of today’s Zero-contract obscenities.


Mrs May, who had the admirable conscience of daring to call Mrs T’s party by her true name – the “nasty party” – is using the same Blair/Mandelson stratagem, by now absorbing the best of Labour features, by appealing to the workers, and pretending that the Conservatives are no different really from the long forgotten superstar Vanessa Redgrave’s the Socialist Workers’ Party … Mrs May wants a Britain for everybody, offering it post-elections on a silver plate as her gift to Prince Charles’ new Kingdom, with an LBGT ‘annus mirabilis’!

The End



Ein Gedanke zu „Brexit for Britain on the Cusp of an Evolutionary Revolution“
  1. Prof. Pilikian has done it again. This article is a superb panorama of modern advanced capitalist states. Concentrating on Britain and taking his cues mostly from the British sources Pilikian mercilessly and exhaustively analyses the British society, economy, and politics in a way only he could. Pilikian opens the eyes of the Armenians and the world at large to the policies of the British Empire during WWI as being instrumental in the massive deportations and the slaughter of Armenians in Central and Eastern Turkey, thus playing a central role in the first genocide of the 20th Century for imperial interests. I particularly enjoyed the brutal dethroning of the British political icon Churchill for the drunkard scoundrel and mass murderer that he was. Pilikian also has a recipe for a possible Labor Party resurgence: Stop playing to the tune of filthy capitalists and go back to your roots of being the Party of Laborers for the laborers under the leadership of Corbyn. Or face the possible extinction of socialist ideas in Britain. Unfortunately it is impossible to render justice to this seismic analysis within the confines of a comment. I mentioned only some of the piercing insights that abound in this amazing output of a highly talented intellect. A Must read for any curious mind. Relish it.

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