<< Miss Armine Abrahamyan is an extremly talented musicain and a brilliant instrumentalist. She has full singing tone, perfect phrasing and a fine command of the Viola>>. Kim Kashkashian – Violist, Prof. of New England Conservatory, Boston, USA.

<< Miss Armine Abrahamyan is a very talented and professionally skilled musician,I consider Armine as an extremely gifted violist with a rare combination of being musical as well as technically secure>>. Dr. Jerzy Kosmala – Violist, Prof. of Viola at the Royal Academy of Music in London and Louisiana State University Visiting Professor.

<< Armine Abrahamyan is a very talented Viola player with a good educational backround.
Her playing demonstrates perfect musical skills and the beautiful sound>>.
Constantine Orbelyan – Music Director And Conductor Of The Moscow Chamber Orchestra.

Armine Abrahamyan’s huge classical repertoire includes pieces by Bach, Hindemith and Bartók, Paganini and Berlioz, Schubert and Schumann, Mozart and Haydn, and well, all the greats from early music till modernism. But what makes her repertoire listen like precious jewels are her deep and magical sound of viola, musicality and powerful musical intuition, philosophical and absolutely individual interpretation of music, brilliant technik and professionalism. And the reason Armine is so beautiful is because the music inside her is too dazzling to be contained. Hear for yourself. …Young, talented, beautiful, and filled with creative magic!

Born in Yerevan (Armenia), now lives in Germany, got a perfect education at the best Professors of Armenia like Prof. Edward Markaryan, Prof. Sergey Khachatryan, Prof. Ruben Altunyan, with the best traditions of Armenian, Russian and European classical musical school. Graduated from the Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory and also Post-Graduate, both with honours. Since childhood at the same time with instrumental performance Armine Abrahamyan began to compose and she regulary performs her own works. Armine tells: << The music comes out from my heart through all my nerves and veins, it is just a part of me, and I am very grateful to God, that he mercifully gives me this gift to compose music >>.

As a Violist and as well a Composer Armine Abrahamyan attended a large number of Master Classes at the outstanding Violists and Professors like Yuri Bashmet/ Russia, Hariolf Schlichtig, Maria Egelhof Vladimir Bukac and others.Also she is a participant and also prizewinner in numerous famous festivals and competitions “Union Des Femmes Artistes Musiciennes UFAM International Viola Competition” in Paris,” Obestdorfer Music Summer Festival” in Germany , “Mondial l Image Sous – Marine” in France, ”Armenian Young Composers Festival” in Yerevan,” Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition” in UK and othersdone1

Armine tells: << For me to play viola or to compose music is as natural as to breath, to live and to love…>>. At the moment Armine Abrahamyan appears in numerous concerts as a soloist and chamber musician, performs great works of Bach, Hinemith, Reger, Khachaturyan, Paganini, Shostakovich, Brahms, Mozart, Britten, as well own works and many others. She performs also as a soloist with Simphony and Chamber Orchestras in Europe, in her viola repertoire there are such great Concertos like Hindemith ”Der Schwanendreher”, Concertos of Bratok , Pendereski , Walton, Bach, Mozart ”Sinfonia Concertante” and many others. And in 2011 Armine composed a Concerto for Viola & Orchestra. In her own words: << It was the music which I often listened in my head, it was just wonderful music and I always dreamed about to play it on my viola, so now finally I can do it >>. In 2013 Armine composed a Concerto for Doble Bass and Orchestra, and in 2014 made a special edition of that Concerto for Viola & Orchestra, with a big Cadenza.

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