Creative Minds of the World, Unite Against Genocide

– Fight Genocide by Being Creative –


by Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian

  • Editorial Warning:  Professor Pilikian is engaged in writing a series for Nor Khosq, a most radical socio-political analysis of the attempted Genocide on the Armenians in 1915.  You will not find here the tired old stereotypes of “the Turks killed us” kind… but ideas that may shock you out of your wits and force you to re-think and grasp the complexities of the modern world anew.  As such, it may yet become the most original intellectual contribution to the centenary.

It was a monumental miracle, and a massive slap in the face of the Turkish genociders; my own parents, Israel Pilikian & Tefarik Der-Arsenian (with the rarest of Armenian names), as children survived the horrendous insufferable evil of all time. All the survivors were indeed Saints – because they were totally innocent of any crime.  Thank God someone of the Armenian Orthodox Church had the brilliant idea of sanctifying them (as they do it in the Catholic Church), declaring them Saints ceremoniously and ritually.

The genocide of us, Armenians, symbolically was literally Christ’s Crucifixion all over again, Christ the most innocent person on Earth was sacrificed, being One, but being all, as a whole innocent nation-people.

Genocide is not only a single huge act perpetrated against a nation – that it is; but there are also ‘little’ genocidal acts, no less evil, against minorities and insignificant numbers of people going on all the time in ordinary societies everywhereThere can be no hierarchy of Evil, by definition. The socio-economic system of Capitalism itself is destroying lives through global mass-poverty, the whole planet through pollution, deforestation (for multi-national logging-companies), but also individually, in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, through Banking crises; I myself had a high-status cheque-book account in one of the biggest banks in Britain, with £1,000 pounds Overdraft facility (I could borrow that amount of money instantly for any reason), and I just discovered that today the bank has charged me that amount of money even though my account is in credit, meaning I have paid all my past debts to the Bank – but they are still charging me backwards illegally.

Should I go to Court to claim back their genocidal robbery?

How can I, when the whole British Judicial system is corrupt like rotten eggs – they drove the Russian oligarch Berezovsky to suicide, and they chased Mr. Fayed, owner of the Harrods, father of Dodi, the late Princess Diana’s lover, and one of the greatest benefactors of the British economy … out of Britain, never to return!

I appeal to all the creative minds of the globe – On this centenary year of the genocide of the Armenians in 1915 by the Young Turk regime of the Ottoman Empire, CREATIVE ARTISTS & SCIENTISTS, UNITE.  I shall offer a humble Song (at the end).

There is no hope of genocidally corrupt politicians, interested only in stuffing their bank accounts with dollars and Euros, skinning alive their constituents, with rip-off prices – last year a pizza in London cost £9 pounds (already nine hundred % more than it should cost at £1), and you could buy one, and get one free.

Today, at the mercy of capitalist globalization (caution; the word is a specific technical economic term meaning ‘the spread of the capitalist economic system throughout the world’, not as most ‘experts’ misunderstand it as an adjective for the global spread of something, anything!) the same pizza-make (without any improvements on content) costs £32 pounds (and not even one free).

There are vast numbers of the poor in Britain – those who are forced by the ruthless British government to degrade themselves, by proving their poverty bureaucratically with shameful starvation documents, are given no more than … tinned foods – mostly baked beans, from food-banks.  The poor are thus moreover abused by the British government coinage of the “Bank” in the “Food-bank”, as a free marketing trick, to delude the recipients with the fond idea that their food comes from a … Bank, which are endlessly proven to be run by New York and City of London bank-robbers!

British students that long for University Education are forced into the genocidal slavery of Bank-debt – ready fodder for the mafia-capitalist economy that thrives on robbing people of their savings.  In the last five years of the banking crisis, when the British State Bank reduced interest rates for a disgraceful joke to a laughable 0.01% on Savings, it permitted the banks to steal by raking in £200 (not million, but) billion pounds of people’s money!

The rich pay no penny tax, while the part-time lumpen-proletariat, immigrant cheap-labour slaves are drained of their taxes at source, before even seeing a penny of their genocidal minimal wage at £6.50 an hour, less than a bloody pizza.

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the Leader of the Liberal Party, was guilty of impoverishing millions of students and their parents, by introducing University student fees, when he had promised on his electoral leaflets that he would never contemplate such a genocidal act, and immediately after an official gay marriage fantasy with David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative party on the lawns of 10 Downing street back gardens, perpetrated the tuition-fee horror, creating a whole new generation of part-time student-prostitution.  Mr. Clegg’s own wife “earns a huge salary with a law firm that helps the rich avoid tax.  His dad is chairman of a bank with ties to a tax haven.  No wonder Clegg has gone quiet on tax dodging” (these are still only the large type-face headlines of a two page article in the Daily Mail, February 28, 2015, pp. 26-7).

The left-overs of the proletariat Mrs Thatcher, an English white woman Prime Minister who, it turns out (only nowadays, after several decades of official cover-ups) had surrounded herself with government-approved paedophiles, a bosom friend with a notorious clown with the looks of a blonde BBC devil called Jimmy Saville (Google the ugly rapist), Saville we know now, too late – the devil is dead, thank god – although his BBC bosses and everybody else in the entertainment world knew it all along that he had abused more than 400 children…

The task of investigating the child-rapists from the time of Mrs Thatcher (who was given a State-funeral last year) and of course can no more be blamed for the massive “scale of the task facing detectives, consuming a huge amount of resources” trying to investigate the evil genocidal perverts (an article in the Daily Mail March 9, 2015, p.21) headlined, “1,000 quizzed already in sex abuse inquires, Detectives raid homes of Leon Brittan (Mrs. Thatcher minister, Britain’s Representative at the council of Europe for over two decades – Prof HIP) and ex-head of the Army … the overarching Met[ropolitan Police] inquiry … was triggered in 2012 when MP Tom Watson called for police to look again at allegations of a ‘powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No. 10”.

Commonly known as Mrs. T, who genocided the British Trade-Union movement, following an agenda of wiping it out of British history – what the Young Turk genociders had attempted to do to the Armenian people, wipe them out of history – was given the details of Liberal MP Cyril Smith’s child-rapist’s genocidal “crimes in 1988, in a secret briefing.  Last night, Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, who exposed Smith last year said: ‘Margaret Thatcher turned a blind eye to known paedophiles’” (Daily Mail, as above).

Children are the future mankind; paedophile rape and murder of them is genocidal without the whiff of a doubt.

House and shop Rents in Britain have sky rocketed. Everything in Britain, the creator of the Industrial Revolution (aka Capitalism), and now Mafia-capitalism, costs 300 times more than its true worth.   Public transport is a rip-off – underground and over-ground trains and privatized bus companies are sucking the life-blood of the working poor; The young generation (my children!) cannot leave parental home because they cannot make ends meet – We, parents ourselves cannot make ends meet, further impoverished trying to help the children.   Because of the sudden introduction of University fees, the accommodation rents, and food prices in University towns have shot up a hundred foldit is no more possible for students from poorer background to survive in say Cambridge, which has turned into a millionaire’s garbage dump for their drug-infused children, who can’t even speak proper English, and yet get into the University … While many highly qualified British students are rejected, don’t even get a look in.

And this was engineered not by a sick Conservative government – Mrs Thatcher’s “the nasty party” in the immortal words of Mrs Theresa May, now a Conservative Home Secretary – but by the pseudo-Socialist New Labour invented by Prime Minister Tony Blair who sold his soul to President George Bush, the most genocidal of US presidents; There is a new book just out – Blair Inc: The Man Behind the Mask, by Francis Beckett, David Hencke and Nick Kochan, published by John Blake Publishing, London, 2015 – it unravels all the foul deeds of the Butcher of Iraq (and thank God for our democracy that such books can still be published). While throwing the British people to the mafia-capitalist dogs, Blair was and is engaged just for millions of dollars – kissing the most despicable tyrants on this planet, Libya’s forgotten Colonel Gaddafi (now hopefully burning in Hell’s eternal fires).

The Book was serialized in the Daily Mail, and here is a long headline in huge type-face of one of them; “The despot who bought Blair for £16 million (and Cherie – his wife – for £320k).  It’s a deal that shames Britain.  How our ex-PM sold himself to a ‘virtual gangster’ linked to torture, money laundering, bribery and murder” – named President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan.

Blair’s mate, Gordon Brown, who followed him as PM, frequently bragged about being the son of a Scottish Socialist-Christian preacher, but as Blair’s decade-long Finance Minister converted Britain’s homes into a free market commodity, to be gobbled up by the Russian and Indian oligarchs.

Mr Brown re-capitalized the British bankrupt banks to the tune of 250 billion pounds from the blood-stained taxes of the poor – instead of giving the poor of Britain a million pounds per family, what a noble Arab Sheik in the Gulf had given a few years ago to his country’s population!  It would still have been cheaper for Britain, costing hardly £25 billion, instead of the 250 billion robberies to save the Capitalist system.  And he did – the Scottish Socialist preacher’s son did save the most genocidal socio-economic system in History.

To this day, no British bank-robber is court-martialled while Big Business is officially permitted to avoid taxes.  And here is a most genocidal statistics from the European Commission (from a BBC 4 Storyville Documentary titled The Great European Disaster Movie) – “Estimated Tax Evasion (by the wealthy, the multi-national companies, corrupt tax-exiles banking off-shore – Prof HIP) amounts to 1 trillion Euros per year”.

If an immigrant is caught moonlighting, because underpaid, working for cash in hand, the British tax-man gets him imprisoned … with wife and children if need be, and then deport them after release from prison!

All the above are all genocides perpetrated daily on totally innocent masses, raped daily in a thousand and one ways.  Our lives in the civilized West is everyday genocided by the stinking rot at the heart of a money-mad economic system converting poor people into alcoholics, drug-addicts, and prostitutes (who are frankly the only professionals left in Mafia-capitalism doing honest business).

I hereby offer the Musicians of the world – composers and music makers – Rockers and Pop stars; FREE of ALL copyright, and for no money, the following lyrics from my pen, to anyone who would be inspired to create a deeply felt song of a genocide, the massacre of my people, the Armenians, that opened the gates of Hell in the 20th c., the most genocidal yet in human history, with not one but two humungous wars fought all over the world, followed by the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then the Korean war, and Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and even now this very minute in Syria, innocent people being killed for absolutely no reason except to steal the petrol of Iraq by Halliburton, not to return the Golan Heights that belong to Syria … to protect the new cocaine routes opened recently through Ukraine … and all for Moneygreed, the poisoned blood circulating in the hardened veins of the genocidal capitalist system.

Anglo-American mafia-capitalism is destroying the world every day, every hour of every day, and every minute and second of every hour … by car industry pollution, unnecessary expansion of airports and aviation industry, man-made generation of Carbon Dioxide – six billion tonnes every year off-loaded onto our stratosphere.

The capitalist world is sleep-walking into self-destruction – if it will not happen tomorrow, it is no consolation, if you care about your grandchildren surviving into the next century…

Here then is a protest song against genocide, with simple lyrics (Song-lyrics must not seek great complex poems distracting the music which must be of paramount importance) – every word here is true and tearful, to be composed as a sweet sad song about what my parents – the Armenians – suffered a hundred years ago, still being genocided by denials and endless lies, never mind by the Turkish state, but the 3 great denialist governments – of America, Britain, and Israel – the latter even more wounding to Armenians, and unbearably hurtful, by a people that suffered the Nazi inhumanity aplenty. Shame and eternal damnation on those three most powerful states of the planet!


Israel’s Story

A True Story


Israel is my Armenian name

My baby-brother, a genius,

Three years old, would ask

Ancient questions; “Who is me?”

“Why People kill each other?”

“Where is god?  Can I see him?”


(Refrain) Then I was ten

In Nineteen fifteen


On our death-march

In the deserts of Syria
My baby brother starved

And died of thirst


(Refrain) Then I was ten

In Nineteen fifteen


With my father Ohanes

Whipped by Turkish gendarmes

We’re not allowed to dig a grave


(Refrain) Then I was ten

In Nineteen fifteen}


I, Israel then found a rock to cover

My baby brother’s breathless body


To shoo away the wild dogs

And the dark gray wolves

Said my father Ohanes


(Refrain) Then I was ten

In Nineteen fifteen



Post Scriptum

The Zionists brag that the Holocaust of the Jews was a unique event, and nothing like it has or could ever happen – a totally crazy idea.  The horror of the shoah (= catastrophe, in Hebrew) lies in the fact that there is nothing unique about it (and we Armenians, have used precisely the same epithet (agheht) in our protest-literature from the days of the Sultan Hamit massacres of the Armenians in 1890’s.  Armenian racist nationalists, copying the Jewish Zionists (while hating them – there is unfortunately a strong current of anti-Semitism among some ignorant and crazy Armenians), claim the same for the Young Turk genocide of the Armenians, that it is unique and all that Zionist nonsense!

The horror of genocides, call it what you like, whether agheht, holocaust, shoah, nakba (in Arabic), the satanic horror of it is that it has happened all the time, to many nations, always starting civil-wars, and ending with total wars, maiming and genociding millions … Unfortunately, because of the Zionist racist foolishness, different nationalities, especially the Armenians (and other victim    peoples) get distracted by the childish game of genocide-competition similar to the playground argument that ‘my crayon is bigger and better than yours, my mummy bought it at Harrods, yours is from the Tower Hamlets (Region of  South London where poor immigrants live …)

The insufferable Sci-Fi vampire horror of the genocides lies in the absolute fact that it happens daily in our lives, it is seared by now on the human socio-political psyche, as we survive the blood-sucking horrors of the Capitalist system – it is its motor mechanism, its fuel of the internal combustion, the “free markets” (my foot! Every bit of them is manipulated by evil bankers and insurance fraudsters), based on warmongering and the military-industrial complex of the world’s three most powerful arms-producing countries (mentioned above), which are also the denialists, of the Genocide of the Armenians.   Armament producers do not make milk-chocolate bars … they kill, and are made to kill, genociding the innocent masses, to fatten up the bank accounts of the mafia-swine, among them the mafia-rulers of the Armenian republic.



The Mansion on the Hill

Խասկալի բլուրի կողքին կառուցուած փայտաշէն ընտանեկան ապարանքի մը «ոդիսականն» է’… Զարմանալի, բայց իրաւ, Փիլիկեան տոհմն ալ Անի ական արմատներ ունեցած են: Ուրեմն բաժնեկից այդ Անի-Ակն-Իզմիտ/Խասկալ մինչեւ Եղեռն «ոդիսական» ին… – պրոֆ. Խաչատուր Փիլիկեան






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  1. I like the angle the author has opened to broaden the scope of genocide to modern occurrences. MSM and some writers are fond of using the modern mantra of “terrorism” to describe mass slaughters as economic terrorism, IMF terrorism (Greece), EU terrorism, immigration terrorism, political terrorism (against Iran) sanctions terrorism (against Russia). Military terrorism as in all over the third world by the unrepentant butchers of generations of poor working people.Wrap it all up in imperialist and capitalist terrorism and you get the gist of the brilliant idea prof. Pilikian has struck to elaborate the infinite facets of modern terrorism/genocide.

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