General Introduction to Professor Pilikian’s series of Articles on President Obama’s Website

by Phaedra Behrent, Poet, Researcher


Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian has published a series of articles in his trademark discourse of “outside-the-box thinking” (in the immortal words of the late Richard Skellington, a Founding Father of the Open University, Britain’s and perhaps the world’s largest university with over 250,000 mature students).

I detect subtle and refined, semantic structural dimensions to the Professor’s inimitable style of discourse – a second invisible semantic layer, advocating (for example) a new kind of social structure, where the sole form of social welfare would be the conscious centrality of

*   the health and safety of old people, and

*   mother-and-child care,

converging into a new evolutionary form of complex interaction resulting in universal peace, where the genuine Love and Respect of children at every step of growing-up into safe adulthood shall be paramount, and not serve as targets of disgusting paedophile rape and murder, that constitutes the ultimate basis of military campaigns and actual wars – you only have to look once at the heartbreaking pictures of the million refugees engineered by Middle Eastern wars to grasp how correct is Professor Pilikian’s diagnosis of the events destroying our own world bye and bye, and perhaps very soon now by Climate Change, reaching a tipping point when even the Almighty-in-heaven would have run out of patience with the foolish-in-power, meaning the pathetic little Satans of this planet, abusing it 24/7, as their mother Nature.

Corrupt men-in-power have the same abusive relationship with Mother Earth as they have with their own mothers and children!


The Spartans of ancient Greece brought up their children as ‘married’ homosexual warriors (having already killed their defective children – throwing them from a mountain-top into a volcanic ridge).


In our own times, the perverted African military (trained in post-colonial Western military academies of shame) went one further – following the obscenity of creating female soldiers, they innovated the field this time with child-soldiers, unbound by genocidal consciousness.

Hence, the huge significance of Professor Pilikian’s outside-the-box paradigm, running like a red thread through the series, sustaining conceptually the idea that another type of society is indeed possible and desirable if we do want to build a social future-in-global-peace.

While the non-racist world rejoiced in President Obama’s (at least part) Blackness, Professor Pilikian alone historicized it as a Second American Revolution, which seems to have alerted the US military to consequently subvert viciously the President’s grand scheme of bringing peace to this much disturbed world, by closing down the Guantanamo prison of shame, the horrifying symbol of horrifying tortures outlawed by the Human Rights strictures of the United Nations.

Equally sad and tragic was the US military’s unforgivable sabotage of President Obama’s project (as part of his presidential plan to construct peace-in-this-world) to acknowledge once and for all as genocide the Young Turks’ 1915 proto-Nazi racist murder of the Armenians, the inheritors of the Byzantine Empire  in ‘Turkey’.


No historian has grasped yet Professor Pilikian’s evidence-led proposition that

“the Turkish genocide of the Armenians was the root cause of literally all the socio-economic problems that are still in destructive motion in the Middle East – in Syria, in the Deir-El Zor, the killing fields of the Turkish genocidal atrocities, there existed a mass grave 3 times the size of a Football-pitch, burying the actual bones of the Armenian victims as the unalterable concrete physical evidence of the historical fact endlessly documented in book-studies.  The present Turkish state finally succeeded in destroying that physical evidence once and for all by starting the civil-war in Syria.

Even the state of Israel was created because of the Armenian Question.  Herzl, the founder of Zionism, negotiated with the bloody Sultan Hamit, promising him in return to scupper the
Armenian Question out of the international media (he was a highly skilful journalist …)


It explains the puzzle that to this day, the official state of Israel denies the genocide of the Armenians, against the intellectual and creative elite of the Israelis themselves …


The civil war in Syria simultaneously killed off the claim of the Syrian Golan Heights out of the international political agendas.   Hitler said, whoever remembers the Armenians – we can say now, whoever remembers the Syrian Golan Heights!

Today, the unresolved Armenian Question is a superb toy for international Monopoly-play – the Vatican uses it to keep Muslim Turkey out of white Christian Europe.  They have just published (late by a century!) a multi-volume set of the archival evidence hitherto hidden in the famous Vatican Library.  It shall now be out of the question that Turkey can ever enter the European Union it badly needs for economic reasons.

Mentally retarded imperialists never understand that injustice done is suicidal terminal cancer… until justice is somehow restored”.

(Personal Communication)




Editorial Notes by Mrs Phaedra Behrent, poet, senior Editor, and independent Researcher:

Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian’s Blueprint to change the world for global Peace begins with this vital document-letter, addressed to the Senators Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Barak Obama, the Democrat candidates for the President and Vice-Presidency. Note the early date of the letter – 10th August 2008.

The letter documents the remarkable, radical, innovative and very practical mindset of Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian himself.

A gay friend told me once the story he had heard on the theatrical grapevine, twenty odd years ago when the professor was a legendary theatre-director of classical Greek Drama, doing the rounds of the theatre-land then;

“Pilikian – using no titles in the theatre – had a gay set-designer he had helped to come out, be himself, freed totally from social lies, living happily with a partner and mother in their house in South London.  They all loved the Professor for his courage, generosity and kindness.  The set-designer would frequently bring flowers to Pilikian’s American wife.  One day, out of the blue, he tells him,

Hovhanness, I have tried everything, all the different scenarios in my head, trying to prove you’re at least a Closet Queen … I failed, I finally throw in the towel and declare that you are the only totally heterosexual man on this planet, and I am proud to know you”.

Pilikian with his inimitable humour says, “thank you my darling, you have just honoured me with a Lordship in the House of Commons!”

Two decades later, the BBC, still the voice of the BIE (the British imperialist Establishment) declares to the world

That many humans are homosexual is well known

This is of course pure pseudo-scientific hogwash, promoted by a deliberately misinforming BBC – I do not know what scientific data they are using for such an irresponsible confirmation, but the 6 billion people of our planet born of heterosexual sex-act is 6 billion times the evidence that BBC is faking it for homosexual globalization”, said Professor Pilikian.

However, I must confess, that “The totally Heterosexual” Professor, I think is being too kind to women generally, by idealizing them –countless are the women who are worse than men in many aspects.
There is no need to quote endless cases of women child-killers, a single notorious one equivalent to Nazi war-crimes, shall for ever stay as the Biblical shame of the female of the species, can never be forgotten or deleted out of history – Madeleine Albright, the first woman US Secretary of State, Satan incarnate, cool as a dude, without batting an eyelid, shamelessly declares on 60 minutes TV (on May 12, 1996), 500.000 dead Iraqi children was a price well worth paying for American criminal warmongering against Iraq.

See it on YouTube, I still cannot believe it – I bat my eyelids a hundred times, and have to rub them as many times … Albright the Satan tarnished our Sex for eternity!

Of course one has to evaluate the totally heterosexual Professor’s women-oriented sociological theory as a symbolical paradigm.

Symbolically speaking, all of the Professor’s political points are so true.

I have been thinking it over, whether President Obama and his Vice were not willing overtly to put the Professor’s feasible plan in action because it is a long-term solution, not something for a few days, but for eternity! I hope it is not the case because that would be a heinous reason.

Complete child-welfare would definitely solve many of our global problems. The Professor’s faith in the positive aspect of American foreign policy – its internal Democracy (not yet deleted by their evil military-industrial forces), to lead the initiative would render it more likely to spread around the globe, is spot on. With social networking and the Internet, the world has shrank, made a lot smaller – trends and ideas can spread in minutes, we have all seen YouTube clips that have gone ‘viral’ in no time at all.

What country would be willing to say that child- welfare should not be on the top of their political agenda?

Total well-being for the future of our children, as the Professor emphasizes, implicitly would have to include cleaning up the air pollution and putting a stop to wars. Our babies are the ones who die in these conflicts, surely everybody can understand that!

It is a shame that President Obama did not have the forethought to put some sort of a plan into action – what a powerful legacy he would have left to mark his terms in office.

When are the leaders of the world going to realise that if they do not act now there will be no world left to sustain the human race.

I realise that nurturing our children may not seem like any kind of way to snatch at power, but power will be of no use to anyone at the death of our planet. The richest and most powerful person on Earth still needs clean air to breathe.

Unfortunately, the warmongers of the world in cahoots everywhere, would not give it a chance, stretching the destruction of the world, to the end, when there shall be no world left to end… incredible, but absolutely true; as the true power-holders of the world are the greatest fools and idiots inhabiting this most beautiful, heavenly planet”.

(Personal communication from the Professor).


PROFESSOR HOVHANNESS I. PILIKIAN, B.A. in Eng. Lit. (American Uni of Beirut) B.Sc. Hons. in Psych. (Open Uni), M.A. in Soc. Anth. (Sch of Oriental & African Studies), Gulbenkian Foundation Scholar in Econ (LSE) (London Uni),

D.A.A.D-Fellow (Uni of Munich), D.G.G.B,

Dip. Th. Pr. (R A D A), Cert. Hum (Open),


Adamian Award (Ministry of Culture – Armenian S.S.R.),  F.R.A.I.,

Contributor to Encyclopaedia Britannica


10th August 2008

Exclusive to the Addressees

Entirely Private and Totally Confidential

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)

713 Hart Senate Office Building

District of Columbia 20510-1305, Washington DC


Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

780 Third Avenue

Suite 2601 New York, NY 10017



Dear Senators Clinton and Obama,

You may like to know that my personal letter (dated 1st July, copy below) to your good selves is now an Open Letter published on the Web.,21

My letter contains


(1) A new Theory of History – that History advances by Mindset-shifts,


(2) A radical historical interpretation of Warmongering – that it manifests Masculinist obsessions contingent on the rape of women and the murder of ‘their’ children, and finally


(3) A proposition for a new socio-economic paradigm – universal CHILD-WELFARE, for all, to achieve global peace…

Yours truly


Professor Hovhanness Israel Pilikian.



1st July 2008

Exclusive to the Addressees          Entirely Private and Totally Confidential


Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)

713 Hart Senate Office Building District of Columbia 20510-1305, Washington DC


Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

780 Third Avenue, Suite 2601 New York, NY 10017


Dear Senators Clinton and Obama,


If only the two of you shall join hands, there can be no reasonable doubt that you two shall win the forthcoming presidential election, from that moment onwards … and assuming that you shall resist all electoral fraud from the Republicans – for the very good reason that, with baited breath, the whole world expects America to change – the horrendous neo-Cons succeeded not only destroying Iraq, with Depleted Uranium bomb-winds blowing towards the much-tortured Israeli nation they pretended to defend … the inhuman neo-Cons destroyed as much America’s good name, dragging it into the sewage of History.   The American people deserve desperately your healing powers to pull them out of History’s genocidal sludge and murderous mire.



Senator Obama is absolutely right that America is ready for change – and Senator Clinton has the right idea for that change – hence this letter to provide the clinching ideological grounding of your cause to make it irresistible for the whole world to adopt.


I think Human civilization evolves by paradigmatic ‘shifts in Mindset’ – by which I mean that a nation’s mind – meaning ‘the communitarian-brain’–is re-wired through the processes of the communications-media into certain ‘ways of communal thinking’.


Mankind’s History hitherto, alas, has manifested the barbarian’s barbaric mindset of crude brutal power for its own sake.  The French Revolution reflected and universalized by then the re-wired mindset of the parochial Italian Renaissance humanism, passing the torch onto the American Revolution which for the first time in history exemplified the concept of Power-To-do-Good, and not for its own cruel sake.


Unfortunately the neo-Con Bushites wished to revert to the Malthusean-Hobbsean Jungle Law, demeaning the principals of the American Revolution.


Thus, overall, human history hitherto (even at its best with the American Revolution, never mind in the genocidal dumps today with the Bushists) has manifested the human mindset of the masculinist Darwinist brain-wiring, set on the oppression and rape of women and children, and the elimination of ‘useless people’


I shall propose to you a new paradigm to wire-up a new mindset to evolve in our post-modern human brain, if only the United States of America, as the dominant world-power, would pioneer its global re-wiring … Like a panacea, it shall solve all socio-economic problems, including all dangers from Climate change, which must be turned into the single most important issue of international policies.


And it is this, and where Mrs Clinton already possesses the inkling by virtue of her maternal instinct – CHILD-WELFARE – It must be made the single slogan of ALL politics.


History hitherto has been the ruthless product of bi-gender competitiveness, the male always oppressing, dominating and ultimately raping the female – well proven by antique myths (females, be they divine or mortal, are always ravished against their will!), and endless modern warfare – even today women are being raped in … Zimbabwe, and everywhere else where genocidal wars are active, stretching back in time to Herodotus – the first Historian who lived in the 5th c. BC, and whose very first pages record the gang-bang by Phoenician sailors of the free and feminist women of Argos – thus, according to the Herodotusean historical record, the very first of the countless series of world wars have begun with a … gang-bang, literally,a group rape by men of a group of innocent women!


The only way this awful bi-polar human stupidity can be eliminated once and for all from the disturbed human psyche and sexualized mindset is by creating a focus on a deeper perspectival Third-dimension – the child-and-its-welfare.  Both genders must focus all life-force on tending a healthy child, literally and metaphorically – it can be the measuring stick and guideline for all ethical human behaviour and action, individually, on the micro-, and politically on the macro-levels.


Thou shalt not do anything that harms a child – which ensures that paedophilia for example never takes hold of society – there are serious high-powered post-modern attempts in Anglo-America to render it acceptable …


Thou shalt not kill a child, or its mother, can serve as grounds for all wars all over the world to be stopped – a good reason to dismantle globally the military-industrial complexes against the inhuman dangers of which President Eisenhower first of all so wisely warned the American nation back in the 1950’s.

According to the Bible, Peacemakers are the children of God – I can never understand how and why an American Christian can ever be a warmonger.



Child-welfare must force the realization of Mrs Clinton’s humanitarian policies of universal health-insurance for the people of America – the first and only one of its kind overdue in American History. We all are the children of God!


And now to the ultimate problem of all global problems – Climate Change, which is a deceptive turn of phrase to camouflage the horrendous evil truth of destroying the very Oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere we need to breathe second-by-second … never mind polar ice-caps melting, oceans rising, we are (like the foolish individuals who smoke cigarettes on the micro-level) as nations destroying on the macro-level by-the-minute the very Oxygen we need to survive and live by!  Such destruction is evidence of sheer human stupidity – dumping each year 7 billion tonnes of pollutants in the air of this sweet little child-planet.


Even the Nobel-prize winning Mr. Al Gore won’t dare speak the truth – the global car and aviation industries are satanic evils that need be controlled, transformed and absolutely not expanded.   There is no glee in the lunatic economic predictions that China shall be helped to have … 900 million cars in the next decade.


If one conceives of this planet – a grain of dust in the vastness of the universe – as yet another little child of the great Creator – then the politicians must do EVERYTHING to save it from the violent stupidities of bi-gender politics.


All for child-welfare – and Child-welfare for all should be the hub of the new neural network out of which the new mindset of the future mankind can and must be wired.


Only thus, dear … President Obama, and Vice-President Clinton, can you change America, and the rest of the world, into a new order and Pax Americana, not by genocidal warmongering all over the world that is reducing day-by-day the very Oxygen we need to breathe merely to live as God’s little children!

Yours truly


Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian




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