by Phaedra Behrent, Poet, Researcher


In the following two pieces, Professor Pilikian briefly journeys onto two different tangents.  But what glorious journeys of deep meditation — his definitions are gems of memorable wisdom, composed in a most stylish English discourse.

His diagnosis of illness generally as directly caused by socio-economic structures is a path-breaking radical innovation in Epidemiology. Although there has always been the occasional recognition that there is a link between stress and illness, I do believe that our governments deliberately play down the Stress-factor in the capitalist pursuit of the nation’s health as a whole.

We hear time and time again how many billions of pounds are spent on the National Health Service (NHS), but nobody points out how much tax we, the nation’s poor pay to the government, while the rich avoid taxes and the big companies pay pennies. With the criminal abolition of Free Education and the cutting back of the Welfare Benefits year in year out, and now every year, our NHS should be swimming in money… rather than choking in dried up lakes of plenty.

We have millions of people living below the poverty line. In 2014, a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies said that “23.2% of Britons were now in relative poverty, the highest since 2001”‘ (Wikipedia, Poverty in the United Kingdom, 30/01/16).  That is almost a quarter of our population suffering from financial stress leading to their health being at risk, not only due to the fact that they are unable to feed themselves properly, and heat their homes adequately, but at risk of catching dangerous microbial and harmful viral diseases because of reduced immunity as a direct result of poor diets.

Professor Pilikian has quite correctly identified the root of the problem faced by our country – instead of mumbling and nagging over the cost of the Welfare System, and scapegoating the NHS, it must be the job of our politicians to relieve the socio-economic pressures (hence the Stresses) on the people who vote for them, which will in turn improve the overall health of our nation, in turn reducing the demands on the NHS.

Medical Doctors must know in their hearts that the Professor is totally right about the causality of illness in general.

The Professor adds (in a personal communication);


“even external infective mechanical forces, like microbes and viruses can only grab hold of the body in their mortal grip, if the Body’s immune system is reduced by Stress.

“I would argue that Stress is indeed the sole direct cause of all illness, including complex ones like Alzheimer … the reason the medical profession would reject this concept, and trains Doctors exclusively in the Newtonian mechanistic model of the Body — Patients are treated as machines, with replaceable soulless bits and pieces — is a disturbing commodity-concept of illness and disease.

“Because if Medicine would accept the truth about the dignity of the human being, and Socio-economic Stress being the only cause of Disease, then Medicine, andmedical practitioners (Doctors and Nurses) cannot but be at the forefront of the fight for Socialism, rather than Knighthoods and Lordships, and never permit medical practice to transmute into a saleable commodity as whores of Mafia-Bankers’ Capitalism.

Phaedra Behrent.



Britain’s Free National Health Service:

Britain’s Passport to Civil Society of sheer Human Decency and Compassion

A mad British Conservative Member of the European Parliament recently attacked the universal Free medical care system in Britain known as the NHS = the National Health Service, advocating its abolition.   He was then mis-used by the powerful money-men of America in their attempt to subvert President Obama’s plans of inserting a similar system into America for the compassionate benefit of the American people.

The British system of free universal medical care is not perfect; its faults usually derive from the attempts of those in the British officialdom that tamper with it to destroy it insidiously from within.

I too have suffered seriously on the fault-lines of the service.  However, I know I speak for millions of Britons who want to improve the NHS, not destroy it.  The majority of the doctors and nurses are angels saving lives daily from the ravages of serious illness caused directly by the stresses and evil of an inhuman socio-economic system controlled by ruthless market forces, servile to the whorish profit motive at all costs.

Free universal medical care (and free universal Education at all levels) was the great contribution of Lenin’s 1917 October Revolution in Russia.  The British imperialist elite was so panicked that the same may happen in Britain,  they cleverly absorbed its greatest humanitarian contribution and created the welfare-state as a bulwark against potential communism.  Today, they deny all copycat action, but the un-acknowledged historical facts are unalterable and inevitable.

It was a terrible crime to eliminate Free University Education in England.  Fortunately, Scotland did not follow suit.  But Free Health care must be saved to Doomsday.

There can be no civil society imbibed within a culture of humanitarian care and compassion for fellow human beings without a free universal health care service. Britain owes its humanity to it.  Abolish it, and we shall reverse to the Jungle Law already rampant in most countries of the world today.


The Abolition of the Death Penalty

Britain’s greatest historical Contribution yet to humanitarian society

Mankind’s historical record of inhumanity and barbaric torture still going on in this beautiful world soiled by tyrannical systems is unforgivable and shameful, evil beyond belief, and evidence of satanic low-life.

Renaissance humanism could not eradicate the centuries old practices of hanging, quartering, and all manner of state-crimes which finally evolved into the horrendous genocides of our own centuries.

Yet, official Britain, in 1969, had the spiritual fortitude and wisdom to abolish Capital Punishment/The Death Penalty perpetrated by the State, setting a godly example for the rest of the world to follow, even though there are still diabolical forces even in Britain struggling to reverse it and restore capital punishment – state-crime by another name!

As my beautiful psychologist wife, Clarice has observed, the horrendous practices that accompany state-murder, say for example, the preparation of an American Electrical Chair, the peeping-tom witnesses to the execution etc. are in themselves corruptive of the human soul.

The Death Penalty means the State compounds the crime by a perverted individual by even worse deliberately executed murder.  No such a State can pretend to be civilized.

The world shall be a better place if the governments of the United States, Russia and China  follow Britain’s lead, albeit thirty years too late, by abolishing the Death Penalty in their own countries, to start the process of civilizing the rest of the world everywhere.



“A world rid of Death-Penalty is truly a first step to civilized Civil Society, something, like the Regime in Saudi Arabia — America’s great milk-cow and petrodollar cash-machine — needs desperately, sooner, rather than later”, writes Professor Pilikian.

” It is in fact the first rung on the ladder of civilized culture, miles away from the barbaric Medieval Euro-times the Saudi ruling class seem to want to perpetuate“.

Shame on the American ruling elite that feels no shame of such friends who chop heads and limbs, and stone to death loving women as fornicators.

“Shame on the American Lesbian Feminists that do not campaign for the freedom and empowerment of the Saudi women.

“Regimes like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are a cancerous cell infecting the whole of the Middle-East Region regress into Barbarism.

“It proves that large American gold-plated cars in Riad, the capital city, do not maketh the humane.”

“I had just written those lines, when I read in the London Daily Mail (30 January, 2016, p. 40), that a blonde Baboon with the gift of the gab, named Donald Trump, in all likelihood the next President of the USA, who wants to build an Israeli Chinese Wall across the Mexican border, owns actually “a gold-plated toilet” – no wonder he innovated modern political campaigns by introducing the anus into the races; “Many wear badges with their favourite Trump slogans: “Bomb the shit out of ISIS”, or “Up yours, Hillary!”, a reference to Mrs. Clinton, the likely Democratic opponent”.

“The Muslims the US Baboon wants to chase out of the USA are really small fry for him – as President of the USA, he may not only decide to nuke North Korea, but also China, and everyone else who dislikes the American Dream, that means the whole world, including his compatriots who live in the nightmare of his gold-plated toilet.

What reasonable and rational person could disagree with that!

The practices mentioned by Professor Pilikian that take place in the Middle East are simply unforgivable. How can any nation, especially one who would have the rest of the world believe that their religion is the cornerstone of their people’s entire structure of society, squander the miracle of human life so readily and frequently?

To take the life of another is the ultimate sin, whatever the circumstances.  Here is one of the Professor’s aphoristic statements, rich in extraordinary puns;

Life is divine, God’s greatest gift to mankind – taking it is Satan’s greatest crime”.


Phaedra Behrent


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