by Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian

The Fox, the Lion, and the Donkey

There seems to be a primitive urge in advanced cultures not to break links with their tribal Totems.  One of the greatest poets of Eastern Armenian literature, Hovhanness Toumanian (1869-1923) once wrote disparagingly of the Armenian Republic’s national seal as representing a … Zoo!  Totemism in cultural history is a significant sign (as yet unobserved) of pre-Darwinian consciousness of human/animal evolutionary linkage.


The old Churchillean British imperialist Bull-dogs, fancy themselves as Lions – in truth, Richard I of England (1157-99) was called “The Lion-heart” due to his bravery during the 3rd Crusade.  Before the modern British UKIP (political Party led by Nigel Farage) racists can celebrate, I must point out that Richard the First was…  French, son of a remarkable feminist Queen (Eleanor of Aquitaine c.1122-1204), who from her teenage years did not hesitate to use her sexuality to outlive two Kings and a son-King, the said Lion-heart, who spent only … six months in England during his ten years of … British reign, as he ‘migrated’ to the Middle East outside the … EU!


Clark, many times a Minister in Thatcherite governments, published a World War I study called The Donkeys – he was denouncing the incompetent British Generals, lunching and boozing endlessly in their own small world, out of touch with reality, and stupidly sending the innocent soldiers to slaughter … Alan Clark was not joking – it was a serious study of Commanders not knowing what to do, confronted with the reality of a world-war; Sir John French, Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force headquartered in France, in spite of his … surname, did not know French, and had hilarious misunderstandings – grotesque on hindsight, but very serious indeed to run military action smoothly … finally replaced by General Haig, who had a  Cavalry “obsession”, entirely out of context, almost obsolete in an industrial warfare … The joke (which was no joke at all…) was that he used his cavalry units, abusing them frequently as dismounted infantry … Even Donkeys are cleverer than that!


Although Clark does not pick on the fact, the most hilarious World War I tool used by the troop leaders in the trenches was the… classroom whistle, yes, the whistle… to order the troops to climb the half-mud walls into battle under the unrelenting fire of the German machine guns … they thought a battle was no more than a Football game!


After even the worse disaster of the Second World War, the British donkeys finally wised up and turned into … Foxes!  I live in Barnet and the Red (Communist…LOL) foxes are as agile as athletic cats, now you see them, now you don’t, invisible in a bush you would think they could not penetrate.  The British Civil Servants, with permanent job-security, are those Red Foxes that can only be replaced through (what the British Fox euphemistically calls) “natural wastage” meaning Death.  They constitute an un-elected permanent government within the government, the members of which come and go through electioneering they, the Red Foxes stage-manage, keeping and preserving the fanciful fantasy (or, the permanent delusional illusion) of Democracy, that the electorate has voiced their political choices, fed them by the political parties…

One of the most democratic ways of subverting democracy itself is the one inspired by the British Fox, intensely practiced these very days in great America – limiting the choice of candidates to horrendous abominations; the whole world by now knows well Donald Duck Trump and his comical but nasty world-views, whose alternative is Mrs. Clinton, a woman of Biblical serpentine evil … Watch this video to find out;


A more subtle and refined British Fox-version is the gradual, continuous and evolutionary erosion of the fundamental differences between the two main political parties in Bitain, The Capitalist Conservatives Vs. The non-Marxist Socialism of the Labour, by now so diluted as to be the Right-wing of the Conservatives… The Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chancellor Osborne are lambasted by the Daily Mail for ring-fencing financially the still free NHS – the National Health Service, the Crown Jewels of the British people.   As for the vastly caricatured pink-red zealotry of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Tony Blair’s totally pink New Labour, it is a distasteful bad joke, as bad as President Obama being a … Socialist!

The single most important concept in what I call “British Foxlore of Statecraft” is to advocate “The Rule of Law”, that no one is above the Law, even the Royal family, sitting at the top of the socio-political power-pyramid.  The Law(s) of the United Kingdom are formulated by its Parliament (the House of Commons), supervised by its House of Lords.


However, in this context, one must never forget that the Nazis were most legalistic … They committed all their crimes against humanity verbatim by the letter of the Laws they wrote… Thus therefore the changeable Laws provide no iron-clad guarantee for human compassion and consequent action.

Hitherto neglected aspects of British Culture

British culture is the most evolutionary in the world – the Darwinian Theory of Evolution was bound to arise in Britain.  Generally speaking, the British people are masters of evolutionary constructs; precisely as in Nature, animals and plants evolve gradually over a long time of speciation, what was not there, suddenly finally appears in its full glory … likewise, the British evolutionary development of revitalized dilapidated constructions.  For example, the renewal of the magnificent museums in London – take the most illustrious one, the British Museum – a bit of a misnomer, unless you consider its name to be a case of racist/nationalism; there is nothing British in its content, filled to the brim with the looted objects from all over the world, robbed in full daylight by the British imperialists, from China to Africa via especially the Middle East


In fact three of the most important social scientific disciplines of Archaeology, Anthropology and Linguistics were born out of the British imperialist obsession with world domination.


Archaeology evolved from the hunt for … gold, transmuting into the loot of ancient antiquities … still the fact remains that the Iraqi National Museum of Antiquities was the first victim of the Bush-Blair war – it was instantly plundered and robbed, and hitherto there is absolutely no formal government investigation as to what, where the loot is, and who were the criminals … And precisely as in its first days of archaeological digs a hundred years ago, the global antiquities market based entirely on pure monetary trading is very much vibrant and a shameless black-market too, when in fact it should have been eliminated long ago by United Nations / UNESCO rulings.


The discipline of Anthropology was born out of the need of the British imperialists to understand especially African cultures, and most vitally, how those ‘primitive’ Africans could rule themselves perfectly in social cohesion, which as a by-product resulted in the need for language learning, gradually evolving into the invention of the discipline of Linguistics.


The way the British gradually transmute and transform something into something else is a miracle to behold – They never closed down the British Museum in toto, but over decades, little by little, and bit by bit, they re-built everything, in such a glorious way, that of course only the name is the same … everything else inside is unrecognizable, old stones, reliefs and murals re-contextualized into appearing as newly unearthed objects of wonder…


Let me immediately define a new evolutionary concept of culture deliberately obfuscated by racist nationalists, and increasingly activated abhorrently against immigrants and refugees.


The Greek philosopher Aristotle (in his treatise Politics) was the first to note 2,300 years ago, that “Man is by nature a Social animal”.

Culture (I say) is time- and environment-specific, not contingent on ethnicity or nationality – it is created as a social product by everyone and anyone living in a specific community at a specific time and in a specific environment.  Its continuity is guaranteed by habits and social customs in an unrelenting ‘Darwinian’ evolution.  Multi-ethnic European amalgams create the cultures (mistakenly labelled by the country-names, the geo-political environments they are born into).


Racist institutions deliberately obfuscate and promote a-historical notions – the illiterate British who babble of “Being British” do not seem to know that at all times they have been the product of Armenians (so stated in the Preface of Anglo-Saxon Chronicles), Anglo-Saxons, French Normans, Scandinavian Vikings part Rus { = Russian, originally referred to all the peoples in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Ukraine, Poland and of course Russia … President Putin could annexe them all in historical comfort!)

I bet if Winston Churchill knew this ‘new’ research, he would tumble in his grave daily … Nigel Farage (the jolly UKIP clown with mindless laughter and continuous beer-stinking) protesting against immigrants invading London, seems ignorant of the fact that the French Protestant Huguenots invaded London (among other countries) as a direct result of persecution by the French Catholics – the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre by today’s United Nations definitions would be definitely categorized as a Genocide, whereby 25,000 protestants were massacred in a day in Paris alone … Just as in today’s racist America, where the police murders Black young men, and the corrupt American judiciary declares the Police-shooters innocent, in 1573 a French government amnesty pardoned the perpetratorsplus ça change, plus ça ne change pasc’est la même chose


The greatest Jewish Contribution to world history via the British Culture


The British socio-political cultural obsession with accepting the supremacy of the Law (albeit unreliable and abused by the Nazis) now very much a foundation stone of democratic nation-building was actually inspired by the Hebraic Book of Judges, that records life in Israel under Judges (not Kings), for over three centuries (from 1244 to 879 BC), when Israel, just like the pre-colonial African tribes, were guided rather than ruled by tribal leaders.  The great Judaic innovation was the literariness of the Jews exemplified by the Torah (= the Old Testament), a kind of Law-book, which if adopted and followed induces a certain ‘democratic’ accountability to the social group.

At the least since Prime Minister Disraeli, in high Victorian times, the British Judiciary both in theory and practice, has been guided by Jewish intellect – most judges, and lawyers are Jewish – I confirm this not out of anti-Semitic racist envy, but rather with egregious pride and great meritorious delight.


The second great Jewish contribution which has rubbed on the British culture as a direct yield of the first is as yet the following unobserved historical fact – the Jewish culture-creators (the multi-ethnic amalgam that produced the Jewish people – forget about the ‘pure Jew’ a-historical idiocy; all very ancient people  uncontroversially, as a matter of historical factare mixed race – something the sooner historians understand the better for historical truth as a Chinese wall against all kinds of Genocides!) – Jews thus, are the most dialectical people in world culture – Karl Marx owes his Dialectical Materialism to his Jewish ancestry; immediately that the Rabbis define a Law, they instantly begin pulling it apart, arguing against it, subverting its essential content, creating its dialectical opposite … when my wife once opined that I and her never agree on anything, while having reared three wonderful children, I tried to comfort her by the observation that we are indeed a classical case of Hegel-Marxian dialectical couple – we should be proud of it, rather than regret it.  Anyway, I am myself delighted by it … for me, marrying your ‘cultural double’ (which is the case in most societies), would be incestuous … albeit resulting in easier and smoother socio-political-sexual relations, but ‘incestuous’ nevertheless.


There is the Rub

Like all good things in life, things can and do go horribly wrong, corrupted and perverted by inverted power-obsessed people, who delete compassionate love out of their life-formula – then, even the great good can turn into great evil.  One should never forget that the grand Satan was an Archangel once, most beloved by God – yet out of sheer power-envy, he turned into a continuously power-playing … evil chess Grandmaster!


The British rulers have over centuries successfully mastered the Satanic art and craft of perverting the truth through lies, and lies and more lies – Mark Twain, the great American Satirist (in Chapters from My Autobiography, published in the North American Review in 1906) quoted a “remark attributed to Disraeli”,  Queen Victoria’s beloved Prime Minister, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” abundantly proven nowadays during this month of British Government Brexit Referendum campaigns.   So much so that one of the most presumably impeccable British government set-ups, the Parliamentary Treasury Select Committee could not take it anymore, and publicly reprimanded the campaigners of both camps, confirming that the “core claim that leaving the EU would give the country a £350 million a week windfall was simply untrue, and by far the most serious offence in the EU battle … To persist with this claim would be to misrepresent the Treasury’s own work” (Daily Mail, May 28th, 2016, p. 8).

In people’s simple English, “simply untrue” means (nothing else but) “simply a lie” … and why not say so?


Furthermore, even more frightening is the shocking fact, that in spite of this lie being exposed by no less than the very Parliamentary Select Committee of the Treasury, it is still endlessly repeated, like a magic mantra to bewitch the masses into hating the supposedly ‘Socialist’ European Union.


Statistics used to be a highly regarded science, as it dealt with numbers that could be mathematically crunched – Mathematics is always regarded as the highest scientific discipline in achieving truths!   But no more with the British Statistics – the British Foxes destroyed the reliability of Statistics by endlessly blatantly and shamelessly lying about the number of immigrants and refugees having come to this country – Tony Blair’s fraudulent New Labour imported ‘Foreigners’ like … cattle, as cheap slave-labour to oil the machine of a bankrupt Capitalism tottering and doddering into a collapse, be-crutched by State-Money printing, obscenely camouflaged by a laughable term of Economic ‘science’ – ‘Quantitative Easing’, creating the false impression that Economics is a precise science, when in fact it is always based on speculative fantasy figures easily manipulated to ruin peoples’ lives, to make the rich richer by skinning the masses alive through corrupt practices of sheer deception.


Classical Economics vs. Modern daylight Robbery

In olden times, Economics was defined as a means of human social interaction, trading on the principle of Supply and Demand.  A product was assessed in terms of the cost of its production, with a humble reasonable honourable added increment (Karl Marx’s ‘Added Value’) on the cost of production as the capitalist’s decent profit.  Today, all decency is thrown out of the window like Elizabethan garbage … there are no more barriers to what price the capitalist can charge – what he can really get away with, a hundred fold the cost of its production … the plastic (the cheapest chemically produced material in the world) gone into making a computer is probably altogether a £, which is then sold for a thousand (the Apple Computers), made by the Chinese ‘communist’ slaves of an American  multi-national company, which moreover does not pay full taxes …


All workers in Britain never ever see their full pay, the exorbitant tax is automatically stolen by the State, before the crumbs left reaches the pathetic slave labourer … while the Nigerian, Russian, and Indian billionaires buy golden watches for their dogs in London … yes, you are not reading wrongly, the Dog of the son of one of the richest ‘communist’ businessmen of China was shown on British TV with not one, but two Apple watches (one on each paw) … And the porno daughter of another billionaire ‘communist’ was shown lounging on a bed semi naked, burning wads of paper-money with a cigarette lighter!

A Little International History of Voting Fraud


In their desire to appear democratic and free, the Soviets used to foolishly try and deceive the West by crude (actually pathetic and ridiculous) methods of fraudulent voting – they would openly send their KGB agents by the scruff of their necks to stuff voting papers in the electoral boxes … unfortunately, lacking any urban sophistication, their peasantly illiteracy would show up in their honest stupidity, of winning Stalinist elections by 95% … it occurred to none of the KGB oafs to occasionally pretend neck-and-neck statistics …

The British Red Fox meanwhile invented some of the most subtle and sophisticated means of vote rigging, by re-designing regional boundaries every year (for no necessary reason).  They would have precisely calculated (‘predicted’) seats pre-ordained for the Party Leaders, overtly advertised as “Safe Seats” in the gift of the permanent Civil Servants that controle the map of the Constituency boundaries.


Computer voting was heaven-sent US Silicon-valley technology to manipulate and rig votes without seeming to have done so … The crude ‘Russian’ peasant that President George Bush (Junior) was, he was caught red-handed in letting his brother Jebb (of Florida) to do the dirty … KGB trick of vote-rigging for him!


Computer voting was manna from heaven for the British Civil Servant Foxes.  They evolutionized it further by calling it Postal Voting – a superlative way of manipulating votes which matter no more.  Just like the votes of Britain Got Talent (for which the foolish masses are driven to even pay for their own votes … enriching the TV companies with hundreds of millions of pounds) … Now that is what I call a grand-masterly Satanic deception of the entirely stupid voters agreeing to such self-deception.


Similarly now in Politics – the British Ruling class Red Fox has reached the divinity level of vote-rigging, as a direct result of which they can permit the practice of total … democracy – two wrongs can finally make a right for the first time in British history – as the final result is comfortably pre-determined, without a whimper from the voting masses …

It makes me laugh when the multi-ethnic people of Britain are gloriously stirred up and manipulatively excited into democratic self-deception and delusions of lion-hearted grandeur…

Britain shall stay in the EU

I predicted correctly the results of the PR (Proportional Representation in parliament), and the Scottish Independence referenda… I shall now predict the Brexit In-Out Nonsense game – the most ludicrous hitherto.  Such a vote would make logical sense only pre-joining the EU … already in it, a member government theoretically and logically has no legal right to campaign for an exit, as that government enjoys all the benefits of the Union with already the priceless Veto on all vital communal decisions. The British government is wasting everybody’s time and expensive monetary tax-resources to organize an absurd flash-mob event … hardly worthy for half an hour display in a train Station!


The gain of the British government before the eyes of its citizens and the whole world will be the glorification of its calm and peaceful Democracy – by simultaneously distracting the citizens from the horrendous social ills and evil corruption of the country – the rich getting unreachably richer, creating housing shortages; threatening the NHS collapse; the unacceptable privatization of University Education whereby sweet potential young students are raped into becoming  Banking fodder, forcefully enslaved into Money Borrowing to keep the money-circulation in the City going; public transport charges skinning people alive daily; prostitution, alcohol and drugs addiction on the increase throughout the land; Benefits ruthlessly decimated; wages reducing; taxes increasing; government introducing indirect taxes by eliminating Free parking at Hospitals, obligatory BBC Licence fee increases; Flooding and not-facing Climate change; increase of Antisemitism and rise of racism in general etc. etc.


Five years ago, I could survive for a day in Central London for a fiver … Now, twenty pounds is not enough to pay for some hot air (polluted to breathe) and drinks – latte fifty percent froth!  Those are the real explosive issues the government wishes to avoid, by encouraging people to let steam off, battling excitedly for… harmless hot air…

Britain shall remain in the EU, and the votes shall be… neck-and neck, satisfying both the Ins-and-Outs (deliberately sexualized by the Red Fox for a bit of wonky fun … in the Chocolate factory!)


And everybody will feel happy in a perfect Democracy, where the votes are already … in, months before the people actually vote, including myself … why not, voting is great fun, to quote a feminist term, it makes you feel empowered … never mind that feminist empowerment is itself a sheer hot air fantasy, proven by the fact that in the birthplace of post-modern Feminism (the USA), women are still paid unequally, still regarded by Hollywood as no more than sex-objects, easily accessible for rape … the same country of the USA, where Black people are still (after several centuries of slave-liberation) abused as prison-fodder, and shooting targets for the white police … The Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln was signed on January 1, 1863, but if you are Black in America today, you shall be poor, easily shot at, and dispatched to prison.



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