We would like to bring to your attention that your homeland is in a deep turmoil.

In the wake of recent events, Armenian nation has risen to defend its basic rights and values, fighting against a corrupt regime that treats its citizens as a dangerous enemy.
People of Armenia are tired of living under the rule of a mafia that has managed to weaken the nation from inside like an untreatable cancer.

This is a direct urge to the Armenian diaspora all over the world to put aside all other Armenian issues and causes for a while and FOUCUS ON THE CURENT SITUATION.
We urge Armenians all over the world to show their support by protesting outside Armenian Embassies urging the Armenian government to stop its barbaric approach to its citizens. For those of you who have connections in the media sectors, please inform them of the current situation and urge them to cover the Armenian story in the international media.

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