by Phaedra Behrent

(Researcher, Editor, Poet)

Professor Pilikian has developed such an elegant discourse, a first-class style of English writing, that it may occasionally distract the reader from the explosive content of his extraordinary fresh discoveries of dormant historical facts, brought into new life by the Professor. His verbal pyrotechnics are almost Shakespearean. I always read his essays half a dozen times in great delight …

I love his scholarly analysis and major discovery that all ancient peoples WITHOUT EXCEPTION are MIXED — a pure race would be genetically literally idiotic and diseased

And the British culture (according to Professor Pilikian) is simultaneously the most Evolutionary and Dialectical in world-history – a truly massive idea that can serve as an inspirational source for humongous studies, re-writing multi-ethnic world-cultural history;


This article raises many such shocking questions, including the absolute truth about the nature of our much trumpeted Democracy, our hard-won people’s Right to Vote, acquired through centuries of struggles, often civil wars — are we living in a true democracy?

We get to vote for the person or party of our choice … yes, but each different option having been pre-selected by the class-ridden ruling elite through smoke-filled rooms …

Thus, is the election victor truly the ‘people’s choice’ or are they in fact, the most popular of the … Civil Servants’ options — we happily laugh at the almost perfect TV-series of Yes Minister, oblivious to the fact that almost every word of its ‘foxy’ manipulations is outrageously true and tragic.

I often wonder if the erosion of the differences between the two main political parties in Britain was brought about by Baroness Thatcher, dealing with the ‘thorn in her flesh’, the Trade Unions, the defenders of the rights of the British working class.  She tried to eliminate them by privatizing most of our country’s major nationalized Industries; Steel, Water, Telecom, and many, many more. With those huge national companies now owned by the ‘anonymous’ members of the Private Sector, the new owners could distribute the labour-force around the globe, to wherever was more cost effective. There is no more a call for a true Labour Party if one has already dissolved the industrial Labour Force of our country.

In the eighties and the nineties, the entire world was invited to the mass-auction of our home grown businesses. Our country was changed, its very fabric and ethos altered, of course we cannot go back to what we had before.  Now the French and the German multi-nationals own our … utilities!

We invited the world in, we must embrace them. We are a multi-cultural society that has been made up historically by people from all over the globe, especially Europe, as the Professor details in this article, why are we now looking to close the door?

We must surge on, moving forwards always … as we break down business barriers through global free trade (a British idea), we cannot afford forgetting to promote multi-cultural social cohesion, if we do not wish to drown in the mire of horrible racism, the last resort of which is always a … Genocide –the wholesale murder of a whole group of unfortunate innocents!

We should not limit our nation’s horizons by adding crocodiles to the moat to keep out the people, we should be celebrating the variety that comes from being part of a much larger continent. We should be learning from one another and teaching our children tolerance.

I would not like to return to the Imperialist days when we “the British” learned about other civilisations and cultures by murdering and plundering our way across their lands, stealing their ancient artefacts that tell the stories of their own evolutionary development.

I remember when Graham (my husband) and I were looking at the exhibits in the British Museum recently, I commented to him that it was basically a museum of trophies, stolen from all of the people around the world that we, as a country, had conquered. I distinctly recall leaving the museum with a ‘nasty taste in my mouth’, certainly not a feeling of national pride!

National pride, what is that? I wonder what it feels like to belong to a nation that has done nothing but good and endeavoured to live their lives and raise their children that way. I wonder if there is a nation on Earth that can claim to be beyond reproach… I very much doubt it.

I am sure that there must be some countries that are moving forward in a sustainable way, actively seeking clean alternatives to raping the planet of its natural resources. Surely, people cannot be constantly seeking and promoting conflicts.

We should no longer think of ourselves as belonging to a specific colony of people — I think we all belong to the same colony of human beings who inhabit this little blue planet.

How naive I sound. Still, I think the common language around the world should be kindness — we do not have to tell each other how kind we are, but we should be showing it to one another in practical ways. If only we could …

“We must learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.” Spot on!

Martin Luther King Jr., speech at St. Louis, Missouri, March 22, 1964 }.

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