By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


Dear President Trump,

An Armenian friend of mine, who has a Swiss watchmaker’s precision of understanding politics, was puzzled as to why I fully endorsed you.  I promised him to explain it by directly writing to … you – in a sense; I have thus written this for him!

Your election as the next President of the United States of America is a Miracle, in view of the fact that all the evil Clintonian forces were wound up against you.


And against all the odds, you won!!

Impossible and incredible, but true, hence a miracle, proving for an Agnostic like me, God’s existence.  Though a firm believer in God, like most Americans (confessed in your biographical books), I am so glad you are not a religious fanatic, like the Bible-Belt lunatics in your country, interested only in making billions by abusing God’s name – it is remarkable that self-respecting people allow themselves to be poked in the chest, and prodded in the ribs, and swoon into the arms of a gang of strip-joint doorkeepers, screaming hallelujah and Amen!  They seriously believe in a bearded rosy-cheeked white man sitting on clouds…


On the other extreme, not believing in a mysterious immaterial super-power is the greatest scientific stupidity – atheists are miserable wretched fools of Father (call it Transgender) Time … Name this infinite force “Zeus, or what you like”, as the first great playwright, the classical Greek Aeschylus wrote with great wisdom in a Chorus 2,500 years ago.  But let no man be atheist=stupid enough to think that a Quantum Physics God exists not – a great German philosopher Nietzsche was indeed stupid enough to even… kill God, at the beginning of the 20th century, stabbing at air I would say, several times in his works, especially in The Gay Science (Sections 108, 125 and 343), very appropriately titled for our modern times…


There is still this idea that great or famous people of history cannot be stupid – not only they can, they are frequently, and it is time we dare say so.  Nietzsche was stupid (and incestuous with his blood-sister) enough to communicate to the great opera-composer, Richard Wagner’s doctor, that he (Nietzsche) thought Wagner’s migraine headaches were the direct result of him … masturbating too much!

How would Nietzsche know this of Wagner?

Had they done it together, to have born witness?  Nietzsche was the first trumpeter of Wagner’s music.  And Wagner himself was a grotesque Jew-hater, who would have been imprisoned by today’s standards as a blatant proto-Nazi – any wonder why Hitler worshipped him?


Wagner wrote literally as a grand conclusion to his study of Jewish composers (Das Judenthum in Der Musik – 1850) and their leading influence upon his times (“Judaism is the evil conscience of our modern Civilisation”), that the only way to stop the Jewish influence would be for the Jewish race to self-annihilate in blood-soaked struggles” (“selbstvernichtenden, blutigen Kämpfe” – my own translation from the German original)!!


Wagner’s over-rated, (speaking technically) musically endlessly over-stretched Key-signatures never achieving pleasant harmony by returning to home-keys, Wagner’s repetitive masturbatory incestuous plot-lines in the librettos he himself wrote, adored by the ignorant male chauvinist Neo-Nazi pigs excited by Body-building masculine-viragos, the corpse-collecting female Valkyrie (in the Prelude of Act 3 of the 2nd of the 4 operas constituting The Ring) makes me … laugh! I diagnose both Wagner and Nietzsche to have been worryingly mentally ill.


Whatever you do, dear President, do not waste time attending a performance of The Ring at Bayreuth – still home of all the Nazis, old and new – they usually present spectacular sets and costumes as dust in the eyes to cover up the vacuous  bombast of Wagner’s music.


Improbable and Impossible – the nature of Miracles

People are mis-directed to think that miracles should be humungous (like Jesus feeding five thousand people with five fishes…) to deserve the epithet. The greatest miracle of all (in the whole universe) is yet unobserved anywhere in  Churches – the miracle of what I call God’s Breath, god’s greatest gift to not only humans, but every living creature on this planet …  Life hangs on a thin thread, which is the act of Breathing … unable to breathe, you die instantly, no need for elaborate CIA plots to explode Fidel Castro’s cigar! Just hold his breath – a CIA whore could, as Fidel was totally heterosexual, just like yourself, no Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Animal-sex, Paedophile (abbreviated as LBGTQAP) mud could stick to him.  Mrs Clinton’s LBGTQAP- gang tried very hard to frighten you off with the cudgel of political correctness nonsense – thank God you broke the cudgel on their own perverted heads, by your natural heterosexuality, meaning your unwavering love of women!


We Need God Every Second – the greatest scientific fact

Part-time Christians, who think they can get away with remembering God every now and then, do not grasp that one needs God’s grace every second, literallyto breathe! Asthmatics must be the most grateful Christians … one can only breathe continuously normally by God’s grace – call him ‘what you like’!


This great scientific fact with vast consequences is wonderfully expressed in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, right at the very beginning (Gen 2) symbolically suggesting the beginning of Life itself, thus (in my transliteration and translation); “and the Earth (wa-ha-aretz) became/was (ha-yatah) formless (tohoo) … And the breath (wa-ruach) of god (Elohim) moved (marakhepet) on (aal) the face (peniy) of the waters (ha-may-yim); (Gen 3) And said (wa-yomer) god (elohim) become (ye-hiy) light (orr) and it became (wa-yehiy) the light (ha-orr)”.


Let’s unpack this hugely important scientific information never understood properly hitherto; The Hebrew word for “breath”/ “wind” is a simple common word ruach (frequently translated high-mindedly as ‘spirit’, ‘soul’, ‘Holy Spirit’ etc.) When god created the Earth, it came out (‘became’, past tense of ‘to be’) formless, as a single object.  God’s breath shaped and activated the dead matter, brought it to life and light – light is life!

Evolutionary science could explain the derivation of species after millennia of incremental changes through natural selection.  But Science has disastrously failed to explain the rise of the breath of life, and its contingent causality – why should and does all life depend on breathing? This scientific knowledge is so precious and priceless that it can only be qualified as divine!


If dumb-ass scientists post-Darwin had noticed (let alone understood) this great scientific fact revealed in Genesis 2, we would not have polluted the ‘sacred’ life-giving ‘divine’ gift through the production of the abominable, satanic Carbon Dioxide dumped onto the atmosphere via constantly expanding car, and aeroplane industries (for example)…


And mankind is committing the greatest stupidity and self-harm (like a sexually abused teen-ager) by destroying the Oxygenated ozone layer with the devil’s Carbon Dioxide.   Putting an end to such stupidities, dear President Trump, must be your new America’s prime objective, America being the world’s greatest unforgivable Climate-changing polluter.


Avoid the Koch brothers like the plague (and Wagner!) – They are the Diesel oil Dwarfs (called ‘Giants’ erroneously), fouling up the planet for nothing else but to accumulate their foul-stinking dollar-mountains.  Give a chance to Tom Steyer, battling for clean energy; and a god-fearing billionaire Vin Ryan, who is the only American I have ever seen who cares about the future of his baby- grandson – he held him up movingly to the camera as a concluding frame towards the end of Alexandra Pelosi’s excellent documentary, titled “Meet the Donors; Does Money Talk?”  As you well know, the price-tag of your election battle this year had climbed up to an obscene level of 6 billion dollars … and for what?  So that the LBGTQAP Clintons accuse you of pussy-grabbing!


One needs not be holier than thou to receive God’s grace – God forgives all sinners – one reason you may want to forgive the Clinton criminals – leave them to (what the British beautifully call) evolutionary ‘natural wastage’; according to YouTube clips, they both seem to be on their way out in horrendous physical rot.  But their ill-gained Foundation moneys need to be distributed to the poor of America with rotten teeth – as they cannot afford Dentists’ fees!


Your victory by God’s amazing grace puts you under duty to do good works, undeflected by the evil forces lined up against you.  Do not be like your stupid predecessors, promising one thing during electioneering, and doing the opposite after winning it.


Bring Peace to this weary world ruled by Idiots

And the single great God’s good work, Brother, is to bring peace to this much war-mongered world by the military idiots of George Bush and Dick Cheney ilk, the Halliburton jerks and their New York bankers.  Your “mad dogs” need new wise handlers – Let your Cabinet members never forget President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell speech to the nation televised on Jan.17, 1961, warning the American people of their government’s overarching military-industrial complex.  He was really re-iterating with an admirable consistency the prophetic message of his presentation to the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 16, 1953, not to be enslaved by their military-industrial complex, destroying God’s beautiful world, built up by ancient civilizations, like Iraq and Syria now no more than dust and rubble … all because of stealing Iraq’s oil over a decade now – where are the trillions stolen by selling Iraq’s daily production of 2/3 million barrels per day?

Why, O Why, no one, but no one of international media ever reports about this true cause of Middle East tragedy?

For half a century now, America taught the most disgusting inhuman Arab-Nazi regime of Saudi Arabia its bully-boy tactics – now Saudi Arabia has indeed become the much hated America of the region, genociding (with American blessings of course) the right-left-and centre of Yemen, murdering their own brothers and sisters in Islam, an act which itself is considered by Islam as an act of crime when committed by kaffir-s = the non-believers!


The United Nations last month declared Yemen a humanitarian disaster area, not because of Russian bombing, but because of exclusively Saudi Arabian bombers, bought by the Saudi government from Britain and America.  You need not wait for your inauguration, Bro, You can act now immediately to stop the genocide of the Yemeni-nation, by pulling the ears of your Saudi foot-lickers! Please do so, not to carry it on your conscience during the rest of your White House tenure.


You are absolutely right to wish to starve the disgusting NATO to dissolution – NATO, which should have been dissolved years ago when its opposite number, the Warsaw Pact collapsed like a pack of cards, had almost turned the Balkans into a Syrian desert … as a rehearsal for Syria!


A London friend of mine, after becoming the Venezuelan Ambassador in Slovenia, could already predict that what NATO had committed in the Balkans (splitting up Yugoslavia with a genocide thrown in) re-drawing maps, was to serve as a paradigm for the rest of the world to re-invent a new American world-order fraud for Halliburtonian full spectrum world-dominance (the title of a pornographic paper – the blue-print of 9/11, and the war on Iraq).


America’s NATO-prostitutes are now itching to aggress Russia via Ukraine… their pimps failed in Georgia; they are still trying in Caucasian Armenia, and in Azerbaijan, whose president Aliyev with an offensive nose – the ugliest man on this planet – determined to burn his fingers (or is it his nose?) in the Armenian enclave (98% of the population) of Karabagh.


I hope you can eliminate the NATO mafia-gang before such genocidal acts.   Never forget the Satanic Agent-Orange (created by the Monsanto-bastards determined to poison our foods with genetic engineering), for the Nazi-American bombing of North Vietnam (1954–75), entirely unnecessary, and still causing birth defects in Vietnamese women.



Brother, never forget your Armenians!

I personally have no doubt that the American Armenian vote was the clincher to your miraculous victory.  They even made you speak amazingly … in fluent Caucasian Armenian!  I still watch the clip with enormous pleasure;

The Gates of world-peace is in the Middle East – not in the seas of China.  And the keys to those gates are in the pockets of the Kurds and the Armenians, not the Turks.  My Kurdish friends in London persuaded me that the Prime Minister Erdogan’s true name is K-Erdogan.   Ker in Western ‘Turkish’ Armenian = fat.  There is some common vocabulary between Kurdish/Armenian and Turkish, until I discovered to my horror that ker in Kurdish meant not fat, as I had assumed, but … donkey!  Which I thought was most appropriate to the Turkish President arresting and incarcerating (and bragging on top of it) ten thousand people, while negotiating for entry into the European Union … Frankly, not even a donkey could be so stupid, knowing full well that the democratic freedom of speech is a non-negotiable human right in the European Union although recently eroded by LBGTQAP-fascism!


The United States military has been wasting trillions of dollars for the favours of abusing the Incirlik military airport, to genocide anything it fancies – I didn’t say it, YOU said it, Brother, in your excellent YouTube clip


You did not let your dumb-ass interviewer deflect your political wisdom of learning lessons from history, especially the collapse of the Soviet Union, because of the Russians falling into the CIA rat-traps in Afghanistan.  Don’t go down the dishonest paths of your Bushite predecessors knowingly lying and cheating their way into international politics.  Expose others’ lies and stick to the truths you know – that is how you shall become God’s chosen Man – a new type of world leader.


Watch out for Turkey’s madness, K-Erdogan wire-walking into blood, murdering Russian ambassadors, downing Russian airplanes, all forgiven by the world’s greatest political chess-player, Putin … Now a headless chicken, Erdogan is so disgraced in the eyes of his own citizens, that frankly, you shall be doing yourself a great disservice by endorsing his false friendship.  Abandon Turkey to its Kerdogans!


Make no mistake, fact is, that a century since the genocide of the Armenians, the unresolved Armenian Question is still active, more alive than ever, has created the sister-question of the Kurds … they shall never go away until justice is done to both.


There is a wonderful neural pathway to resolve them – hand in hand with Russia, revive the international Treaty of Sèvres almost written by your President Woodrow Wilson, the great American peacemaker – he acknowledged perfectly the historical territorial rights of the Armenians and the Kurds, the natives of ancient Anatolia, and went out of his  way to nobly and compassionately carve out some territory from both to donate to the Turks, in the form of a Peace Treaty sealed and signed, by the end of the First World War (10 August 1920), between the four principal victorious Allied Powers and the defeated Ottoman Empire.


The Turks do not belong to Anatolia, neither Anatolia ever legally and legitimately could belong to them – The Fall of Constantinople (Wednesday, 29 May 1453) by an invading army of Ottoman cut-throats had marked the capture of the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire (also known as Byzantium), and the total collapse of its Armeno-Hellenic empire.


In Western Armenian language, we have a popular expression; we say, ts-ourr nss-dink, paits shidak khossinkwe may sit crooked, but let’s speak straight;


the Turks have absolutely no right whatsoever to any territorial occupancy in present-day Turkey, which historically was Hellenic Anatolia = ArmeniaIt was so, since the Agricultural (Farming) revolution 7 thousand years ago, transmuting eventually to the Byzantine Empire, before the Ottoman Turks invaded it and conquered and confiscated it, trampling on all the human rights of the native Armeno-Greeks.


Genghis Khan and his hordes had pillaged through Europe in history several times. Modern Mongolia is claiming descent from Genghis Khan, and rightly so, but thank god displays wisdom by not claiming any occupancy in Europe.

A Brand New USA

President Putin is not a Communist – he is as ruthless a multi-billionaire as any one of you. I think you can (and propose that you do) create, based on the revivification of the unjustly and unfairly treated Treaty of Sèvres, sabotaged by the old farts of the British and French Empires, a brand new Turkey, a new country of true … Erdogans and not Kerdogans; a federative union of three territorial enclaves – Kurdistan, Armenia, and Turkey, on the model of the United Kingdom – Wales, Scotland, and England.


Unlike nationalist racist (literally Nazi) Armenian idiots like Nzhdeh (he edited a Nazi rag in Berlin), who could be a darling old whore of McCarthy/Churchill and the CIA, as he used to capture Armenian Communists in the Siunik region of Caucasian Armenia and throw them literally live in the gorge below, it is possible, and desirable, and totally historical, kind, noble and compassionate for Socialist Armenians like me, to receive the Ottoman Turks in the bosom of their older Anatolian folks; the Armenians and the Kurds.  Racist Armenians (like the Nzhdehists) would hate me and want all the Turks genocided one by one, because I would welcome sharing my ancestral lands with Kurds and Turks alike, who all look alike anyway in their national costumes and jewels.

My father, Israel Pilikian, used to cover my mother Tefarik Ter-Arsenian in golden bracelets, necklaces, and rings, like the wife of a … Kurdish tribal Chief, who in the mountains of Nineveh (Iraq) received him as their Armenian brother.   And when my father, answering the call of Joseph Stalin during the Second World War, assembled ten thousand Armenians in a tent-city, waiting for ships arranged to transport them to Soviet Armenia, the Armenians were all dressed in colourful … Kurdish attire, and probably even included  a thousand of them!


Thus, the new USA shall abbreviate as the United States of Anatolia – a concept I owe it to a great Armenian friend of mine, who does not wish his name known.  I think it is a solution for global peace with a touch of Armenian genius!


You see, dear President Trump, Armenians are the great deal-makers you admire so much.  They probably created the art in Anatolian times.  Honesty and keeping one’s faith and good word is basic and essential to classical deal-making – its dialectical opposite of lying and dishonesty, breaking one’s word is a despicable evolutionary development. The old Persians of classical times were masters of CIA-style deception, and so disturbed by the sagacity and honesty of the Armenian deal-makers, that they would invite their leadership every now and then into Persepolis, the capital city of the Persian empire for an Alexander-Great-style orgy, ploughing the honest  Armenian leadership with drinks, nubile flute-playing girls, hallucogenic essences, pretty Ganymede-boys … and plunge them into a night-time blood-bath, massacring them after the orgy when the Armenians would be sound asleep … our history books are full of such Persian treachery decimating our national leadership, leaving Armenia defenceless against their future enemies, among them, needless to say, the … Persians.


Armenians were the first capitalist/traders on the Silk Road to China.  The East India Company, was founded by Armenian traders, and stolen by the ‘deceitful Albion’ – the British imperialists on their first step of the ladder to creating their own British empire, the Indian Raj.  The Armenian Kardashians on the other hand today, do their business in Hollywood with their Silicon Valley tits, and Brazilian Black-lady botoxed bums!

Who Truly Killed the Armenians?

Katia Peltekian is a first- class researcher/author of the genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks (and happily a distant relative of mine by marriage).  She provided me with the following golden nugget from Lloyd George, an unequalled confession of British State-responsibility and guilt for the genocide of the Armenians, from one of the most corrupt Prime Ministers of the British Empire – he was shamelessly honest though, well-known for openly selling Lordships for cash – a money-grabbing habit shamefully still continuing today in our own times, in spite of the British news media frequently exposing the sycophancy and nepotism of the British so-said Honours System that shames the Majesty of our majestic Queen.

A Welshman himself, with a subcutaneous dislike of the British, David Lloyd George, in his book The Truth About the Peace Treaties, makes no bones about the guilt of the official British State-involvement in the… Turkish genocide of the Armenians:

Had it not been for our sinister intervention, the great majority of the Armenians would have been placed, by the Treaty of San Stefano in 1878, under the protection of the Russian flag… The action of the British Government led inevitably to the terrible massacres of the 1890s, 1909 and worst of all the holocausts of 1915.

And yet, Britain is still one of the three world-powers (with America and Israel) acting as the Armenian holocaust-deniers.


In spite of their deal-making craftiness, the Armenian political leadership never learnt the Machiavellian craft of proto-Nazi inhumanity.  Call them naive or ultra-Christian – we did become the first Christian nation in the world history which converted officially and formally with King and Country to Christianity (in 301 AD, half a century before the Roman Empire did the same).  We even had a King, called Apgar, who invited the ‘real’ Jesus Christ himself to escape persecution and find haven in Anatolian Armenia, offering him his royal protection, hoping that Jesus would cure him of an incurable disease he was suffering.   Jesus made a very post-modern polite excuse, saying that he is unfortunately too busy, cannot accept the Armenian King’s kind invitation, but is happy to send him his … instagram-picture/image on a piece of cloth … some scholars think that is the Turin Shroud!

You may know that the Ottoman Young Turks, the bloodthirsty monsters that genocided almost 2 million Armenians in 1915, by the guiding hand of Winston Churchill, the Butcher of Gallipoli – what the British Parliamentarians called Churchill after the Gallipoli-disaster when 250 thousand Anzacs (Australian and New Zealand British empire soldiers recruited as cannon-fodder) died by the first foray at the Front … Churchill was a big fat-arsed Baby, dumped at a Boys Boarding School by uncaring fornicating parents (his father, a parliamentary lord, died of VD, his mother … the less said the better), child-abused buggered by a cane-wielding headmaster, all young Winston Churchill wanted was a… World War (inspired by H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds).


Churchill invented the First World War – the very concept of a world-war – by   abusing the Armenian Question; He was a Freemason grandee, inducted Enver (later the grand Young Turk genocider of the Armenians) into ‘The Brotherhood’ in London, and planned the idiotic Gallipoli Campaign landing in Turkey – idiotic, because you should never attack overtly a hill from bottom up where the enemy’s cannons are placed!

Churchill had ‘timed his watch’ with Enver to start the genocide of the Armenians on the 24th April 1915 (in Istanbul, by arresting and immediately murdering overnight 250 intellectual leaders – most of whom Freemasons – of the Armenian community), while he Churchill fired first from a gun-boat the next day, on the 25th of April … so that if one failed, the other would continue … And so it happened, Gallipoli failed, but the genocide of the Armenians (including that of Israel and Tefarik, my own parents as children) continued…

The British Establishment ruling-class today seems desperate to create out of Winston Churchill a national hero – his recent appearance on the Five Pound note must be an example of national shame, an erroneous pride if one remembers the whack the British people gave him in the 1945 general election at the peak of his reputation as a failed British Empire fantasist… the creator of the concept of world wars, spilling the blood of millions of innocent people totally unnecessarily.

The First Armenian Weishaupt-Illuminator

On the 1st of May 1776, a German Professor of Law, Johann Adam Weishaupt, immensely educated, founded a secret society he named the Illuminati (in the Electorate of Bavaria), himself adopting the name of “Brother Spartacus“.  Much reviled and misunderstood on the Internet, by the likes of David Icke who has convinced himself firmly that Britain’s Prince Charles can (what he calls) shape-shift – turn into a crocodile (or is it a lizard?) at will … How more ridiculous can anyone be!


The surname Weishaupt means literally wise-head. His chosen code-name as Spartacus obviously refers to the first great revolutionary hero of the ancient world, organizing the ‘armed’ liberation of the multi-ethnic Slaves from the genocidal Roman State erroneously still glorified by idiotic Historians as a “civilization” – Nothing of the sort;  the Roman rulers were a bunch of mentally ill genocidal lunatics murdering millions all over the ancient world.  They were artistically infertile gay, pinching and plundering the art-creations of the classical Greeks as their own.


Imaging himself as a second Spartacus, Weishaupt was indicating to his disciples his intention of liberating mankind from all forms of slavery, especially from serfdom to the hopelessly corrupted Catholic Church, into total freedoms for human rights.


As a prominent professor of Law, he knew religious history well, and the fact that the Armenians were the first Christian nation in History spearheaded by St. Krikor Loussavoritch, a sobriquet meaning Illuminator!  Subsequent to this knowledge, Weishaupt selected the Armenian Saint’s name as the title of his own secret Society, called by him Ordo Illuminati = the Order of the Illuminati, flooding the Internet of the 20th c. with crimes that would dishonour Weishaupt’s noble intentions of improving mankind and its lot universally, misunderstood and abused as an attempt at world-domination.  His Armenian paradigm, St. Krikor, the first Illuminator was a cultural icon for Weishaupt, endowing the Armenian people with an individual civilized culture, Orthodox Christianity as a saving grace from being swallowed up by the voracious pagan genocidal empires drowning them…

I am thus not of the Armenian scholars who hate Churchill’s abuse of the Masonic bond in the genocide of the Armenians, as I know full well that modern English Masons who know about it have displayed profound shame, regret and disapproval, to the degree that they do not wish to ever even mention the fact.

Freemasonry (like the official Catholic Church that hates them) simply lacks any mechanism in the system of their brotherly love and forgiveness to apologize for the crimes of their brothers.  Perhaps time is ripe for such an invention – and Armenian Freemasons can become pioneers by initiating such a necessary reasonable mechanism.








The 19th c. Freemasons could be regarded as the first Socialists.  It is likely that Karl Marx especially (and Stalin most probably) were Masons, as they copied the Napoleonic (Stalinist) public posture stance of displaying the right-angle by inserting the Right-arm horizontally into one’s left vest.

The euro-educated young Armenian intellectuals of Istanbul were pioneers in becoming the first euro-Marxist and Masonic revolutionaries (the leaders of the Revolutionary Federation Tashnagtsoutioun political party were genuine Marxists, and Freemasons), and made a deal you would love with the Young Turks, to topple no less than the vast Ottoman Empire, one of the most regressive and oppressive in history … amazingly, the Armenian Tashnag deal with the Young Turks succeeded, miraculously just like your Election as President …

Unfortunately the Tashnags had not reckoned with the treachery of their Young Turk brethren – they were too sincere and honest and trusting of their Socialist-bond of Masonic brotherhood.  Overnight, the Ottoman empire rotten to the core and stinking like fish from the dead head, toppled, like a pack of cards (similarly to the Soviet Union), and the proto-Nazi Young Turks (Hitler admired them!) went further and genocided their own Armenian brother Masons … something no Mason brother can do … precisely as the great Chilean murderer General Pinochet, Mrs Thatcher’s mate who saved Pinochet’s skin in London, murdered in cold-blood Salvador Allende, the democratically elected Socialist leader, his Masonic brother … Masons by definition and centuries of tradition are supposed to help each other, not murder their brethren!

Armenians, like the Kurds, are stubborn people, they are not quitters. They won’t go away – it may take them another hundred years, but like the Jews, they will return and demand justice, in a good way – persistent in creativity, not in crime like the Hollywood child-abused Tarantino-Americans, who suffer from murder-lust.  Look at how the Armenians made you speak in the sweetest best possible Armenian, with Kebab-music

The most Hilarious Trump Video With the warmest of emotions And the Deepest Compassion

Look at how the Turks failed to genocide the Kurds for decades now – their genocide was not a new attempt, as most people may erroneously believe. It was in fact part of the grand Young Turk plan, pre-practising the later Churchillean design to have Nazis destroy the Soviets and vice versa.  Churchill had arranged for the Turkish Masons to genocide the Kurds too, once the latter had been abused to help them genocide the Armenians.  The Kurdish people were (like the Armenian Tashnag revolutionist Marxists) too naive and gullible.  Their uneducated illiterate tribal chiefs submitted themselves as genocidal tools to the Ottoman Turks with the pathetic hope of winning a self-governing Kurdistan, now partly realized in Iraq, but totally subverted in (and by) Turkey. Look at how the ‘modern’ Turks tried even to absorb them by calling them with the laughable name of mountain-Turks.

Look at how totally stupid Turks can be – the genocide of the Armenians, the most intelligent part of their Ottoman ‘national’ brain running their civil society – the Ottoman civil service, the arts, and the economy overall – plunged them into economic and cultural darkness for a century now {Ethnic Armenian Civil Servants in the Ottoman Empire in 1909, ed. & tr. by Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian, 2015, London}.

The Turks shall never ever recover as a nation if they do not acknowledge their genocidal murder of their Armenian citizens and cleanse their psychological guilt once and for all.   Anyone who can persuade them to do so, will be their true Atatürk (= Father of the Turks).  Actually, the real Ataturk, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938), another Freemason wise-guy, tried to do precisely that by court martialling the genociders of the Armenians captured by the British and incarcerated in Malta.  Unfortunately, the treacherous British imperialists released them secretly dishonouring their own Masonic bond, to the degree that today’s Masons do not wish to hear Young Turks mentioned, and those in the know hang their heads in shame for their proto-Nazi genocidal crime against the Armenian nation.  Modern Turks must confront their crime of the Armenians as a first step to stopping their genocidal crimes against the Kurds – they should do so for their own country’s sake, for Kerdogan to change into an Erdogan…

And you, dear President Trump, can help that process with compassion, even against Turkish stupidities, for the sake of their own national interest, by creating the brand new USA, as the federal State of Anatolia, comprising Armenia, Kurdistan and Turkey.

Otherwise, Turkey is doomed to burn in hell for-ever, as neither the Kurds, nor the Armenians will ever tolerate genocidal injustice for eternity! Let’s ‘sit crooked, but do straight talking’!

You can, and must, with support from President Putin, impose such a solution (otherwise cut all American annual financial Aid of a billion pounds to Turkey) as the greatest step forward towards achieving peace in the world.

Follow that by resolving the second greatest conflict of the Middle East – the Palestinian Arab-Israel warmongering – the Cain/Abel genocidal stupidity of two Biblical brothers, Ishmael and Its-khak being the children of the same father Abraham.  Please have a look at my own proposal on Britain’s largest university website – the Open University based again on the concept of a Federal United States;;  followed by an analysis on


Thou Shalt Be Hercules, say I

You have set yourself a Herculean task to clean-up America – because like the Greek mythical King Augeas, the filthy rich in America have become so filthy, that their stables are choking in dung, drugs and LBGTQAP effing and shiting their way throughout Hollywood, like the cattle in the stables of the Greek King, which were never cleaned – obviously King Augeas was an old LBGTQAP feminist…

Herakles (the original version of the name in Greek, Latinized by the plagiarist Romans) began by re-routing the beds of two great rivers, Alpheus and Peneus to wash away the New York Hollywood Bankers’ mafia-filth accumulated since its inception.  Frankly, you need the Mississippi (coupled with the Missouri) to pour over America to wash away its human dung!

Start by exposing the river-beds of US government lies about the murder of John Kennedy.  Tell the world once and for all who truly killed Kennedy?  Who killed his brother?  Marilyn Monroe?  Martin Luther King Jr.? Malcolm X? Who did the 9/11?

Indict President George Bush Jr. and mate Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair as war criminals lying shamelessly at the United Nations!

The world is crying out for the truth of these matters, Brother, tell them for History’s sake and establish your credentials with God’s Holy Spirit (and once and for all, ban the filthiest, most disgusting American Hollywood and New York jerking Bankers’ expression – “Holy Shit”).

Was the Apollo moon-landing real, or the greatest most disgusting scientific hoax of the 20th c., a special-effects film by Stanley Kubrick?

The LBGTQAP brigade accused you of being misogynist.  You, a misogynist?

You are the healthiest normal woman-loving heterosexual of the United States of America – I am sure in your youth, as a handsome rich man, a thousand women offered more than their pussy-cats, and dogs, and Chihuahuas … to you with the sad fantasy of snatching your rich man’s Cock-a-doodle-do!

While you decently and grandly apologized for being normal, they never apologized for their perverted lies.   Never mind.  You won – they lost.

In the 19th c. London, in the absence of an underground sewage system, the whole city stunk 24/7 – prisoners in Farringdon (East End London) fainted and dropped dead from the Stink of the open River called Fleet – today’s long stretch of Fleet Street still covers over the river, where the Londoners dropped everything, from emptying their chamber-pots to butchers’ inedible blood-soaked offal, and the occasional murdered-body… The Fleet River is still running in its bed under Farringdon, and Fleet Street in my own lifetime used to be the location of London’s newspaper printing houses, now all developed into billionaires’… whatever!

May God help you, Bro, in your Herculean task of washing America’s Augeas stables clean before America’s Stink chokes the USA and the world dead!




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