By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


On two days in April (5th & 6th) this year of 2017, a most significant political event happened in the heart of London’s heart, the West End, when a pleiade of political super-stars gathered together, to bang their heads to crack the puzzles of the Syrian State, of President Bashar al Assad (= the Lion-cub, in Arabic), of once the Strong Man of Middle East.  Like father, like Son – President Assad Jr now can never be seen by the Arab multitudes of the region as anything else but the man who defeated the mighty lunatic West, albeit with the help of the Russian Bear, his father the Al-Assad Lion’s natural ally.

I predict that President Assad shall be like his father, there for good (intending a pun!)  I am not a Bashar basher.  It is outrageously arrogant of the imperialist West to fantasize on who should rule Syria.  The Syrian people know best, and in the middle of one of the hottest unjust wars in modern history, they elected Bashar democratically as their President.  There was no international chorus crying wolf = vote rigging, as there was for President Bush and his Californian freak brother Jebb.  And realizing a national election in a war-torn country is a unique historical mythological achievement.

One of the grand lies of British life and culture is the promulgation of the concept that the BBC is politically neutral, and always presents a “balanced view” of a problem … my foot!  The BBC has always been nothing else but the bastion of the British Establishment – its ruling class.

It was worth attending the conference just to behold the movers and Shakers of post-modern Politics in Britain, gathered under the protective aegis of Lord Dr. Rowan Williams, Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, operating nowadays as … a sheer Poet, and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

There was an American contingent – the American Senator Congressman Dennis Kucinich was a honey-sweet small man, most wise and reasonable, better than the British open to others’ viewpoints – a rare American leader indeed, a complete contrast to the blinkered and self-blinded gigantic Trumpet presently deafening the ears of his White House inhabitants.

The atmosphere was that of the usual Establishment figures, there for the Beer (the Australian Castlemaine XXX, LOL – once a TV ad), ready to pat each other on the shoulder and mourn the death of democracy in the Middle East, as if they were not its murderers … two of them are the Turkish fascist State, and its mate, the Zionist State of Israel which still refuses to acknowledge the Genocide of the Armenians as a … genocide, childishly thinking that it would take the primacy away from the Jewish Holocaust, which in actual fact was literally based on the Turkish blueprint  of the Armenian case.  But then, on the first day, in the afternoon, something miraculous happened; a woman journalist, Vanessa Beeley presented her detailed scholarly study of The White Helmets: Fact or Fantasy?

I personally had never heard of the so-called ‘charity’ White Helmets, and gathered through Miss Beeley’s presentation that they are a scam military / criminal scum organization, formally subsidized to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds per year, officially and shamelessly and without conscience, by the British government, to spread global anti-Assad and anti-Putin Black propaganda Nazi style, in the manner of Goebbels, Hitler’s lame duck …They have already used, abused really, dead babies for their purposes, forcing their eyes open to film them as half-alive victims of Syrian gas attacks … How low can evil modern politicians sink, surpassing even the Nazis!

Miss Beeley’s documentary based on her impeccably checked out facts was already rejected by the BBC ‘balanced view’ holders, and the ITV Naked-sex genital-obsessives, in a blatant neo-Nazi-Brit imperialist attempt to silence the truth Miss Beeley had exhumed.  Her presentation rendered the conference instantly redundant – as it was the harsh truth and all the lies burying it.

In a public Q & A, I pointed out that after 2 thousand years of experimentation with the classical Greek ‘discovery’ of political Democracy; we have created governments of Liars, by the Liars, for the Liars… The American Congressman was especially delighted to hear the echo of Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Speech (November 19, 1863) about a government of people, by the people, and for the people, converted to the ugly truths of today.

Lies have become so acceptable, that people are developing pride in being known as great liars … Mrs Thatcher’s Minister, Alan Clark, in our own lifetime, sweated over finding gentle verbal camouflaged ways of charging liars with lying by expressions like ‘being economical with the truth!”… Lying was considered shameful.

I said I personally could not trust even my doctors anymore …I could not be sure if their diagnoses were the epidemiological truth, or a cost-cutting exercise by a government quango abbreviated as NICE, when in fact it is the ugliest thing a Civil Servant could conceive of, trying to deprive seriously ill patients from using expensive medicines paid for by the British NHS (National Health Service).

Having delivered my biting thoughts with humour, the audience exploded in cheerful applause, laughing, smiling, interjecting further jokes, proving that the hunger for the truth was rife, and people were fed up to their back teeth with unrelenting daily life of lies and deception, stinking up even the British Courts up and down the country.

A young woman, who belies all modern feminist junk about women being nurturing, has just appeared in court (in Newcastle) dressed “in a hoodie with a cannabis plant motif emblazoned with the word ‘Addicted’ on the front. Her attitude and appearance complete with piercings in her tongue and eyebrows … epitomized the culture of shamelessness which pervades so much of the country [of Britain] today” (confirms a distinguished journalist Paul Bracchi of the Daily Mail, August 12, 2017, p.12-3).  The accused woman was proven in court to run a prostitution ring for British-born Pakistani and Bangladeshi old men, trafficking “Roma girls” and “asylum-seekers from countries like Syria”.

The girl’s father had contacted the Northumbrian regional police, “told them what was happening, but nothing was done.  … One thing we do know is that there are many [British-born poverty-stricken white-women-traffickers] in towns and cities all over the country.”

The Conference was too posh to face such uncompromising truth about the social facts of capitalist Britain, re-vitalized not by the British Conservatives, but the pseudo-Socialist Labour party; the hysterical PM Gordon Brown, trying to prove to the Conservatives that Capitalism (Business-creation) is safe in his hands, initiated TV advertising of Gambling, + 24/7 alcohol consumption, +  the re-capitalization of the Bankrupt Banks by donating them 250 billion pounds Free Socialist government-printed money. Today, the Consrvative party in government reciprocates by starving the NHS of full funding.

The First Revelation of TWO International Conspiracies against Syria

There was a complete turnaround of the conference atmosphere – the joy of truth is such that people can relax in mirth and delight in discovering further truths – something attendees of political events have not yet experienced anywhere in the world.  This was now a new kind of conference, where the false prophets of the anti- Syrian government felt ridiculous and fell silent, and the truly Christian peace lovers like the Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Miss Caroline Cox could win the day.  I have named her the “Saint of Karabagh”– Miss Cox, with about 70 Humanitarian cargo-flights, single handedly saved literally the people of Karabagh from a well-organized military genocide by the Azerbaijani state.   Her presence transformed the Conference from being the usual one about war and warmongering, into one of uniquely Christian Peace – the respectful result of her recent Christian delegation to the grand Mufti of Syria, a charming personality, impeccably tolerant, logical and reasonable and warmly welcoming.

There are two deliberately unacknowledged, heavily obfuscated and camouflaged Satans in Syria trying to destroy it; The Turkish Fascist State, and Israel’s Zionist state.

I did not wish to spoil the overwhelming beauty and humanitarian warmth of the Conference ambience by spilling all the beans, nevertheless I had to in the name of Truth, and I knew that it would fall on deaf ears anyway.

I reported that several years ago, when the Syrian chaos was being fomented by the Anglo-American governments, merely to fight a proxy-war with Russia, a very prominent Turkish Journalist, whose name I shall not mention – as he is probably already a prisoner of Erdogan, was invited to address a London Turkish nationalist organization gathered in the House of Commons, enjoying cross-party patronage.

The journalist stated simply and clearly that the Syrian civil war incidents were stage-managed by Turkey (and its allies), even the anticipated Refugee tents on the borders were ‘rehearsed’ like in a drama-play.

But, why? – He did not know.

Led by President Assad, the father, an intellectual Lion, Syria had been a powerful peace-keeper in the Lebanon, buffeted between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel, which even had deceived him by promising the return of the Golan Heights, which geopolitically does belong to Syria and was pinched by the Zionist state in one of its early wars.  President Assad trusted the Jewish promise, and died with the Golan dream in his heart.  The truth of the Zionist goal was to make the United Nations (the whole world) forget that the Golan Heights had ever belonged to Syria!  This great Zionist goal of the Syrian civil-war has been achieved totally by Israel, in collusion with Russia’s Putin, as the price the latter paid for the blatant non-involvement of Zionism in the war.

What the Turkish journalist did not know was the causality, the ‘Why’ of his fascist country’s entanglement with the Syrian war, which I myself happened to know having seen a documentary by an Armenian Swedish woman film-producer – in Der-El-Zor Deserts of Syria, where the Armenian survivors of the genocide of the Armenians in 1915 by the Ottoman Turks was perpetrated, three humungous football-sized fields were filled with the bones of the Armenian victims.

An Arabic pamphlet has survived, printed in Berlin (copy in the Bonn National State Archives), inviting the Arab peoples to rise up in Jihad as Muslim co-religionists of the Turks, and participate in the Ottoman genocidal butchery of the Armenians.

But, Sharif Hussein bin Ali (1852 – 1931), the Emir of Mecca, the holiest site of Islam, from 1908-1917, the spiritual Ruler of Mecca and Medina, categorically rejected the German proto-Nazi plan, a blueprint for the later Jewish Holocaust. Furthermore, a public declaration by Hussein (the father of later three Kings, of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan) has also survived (a copy is in my own private papers), ordering Arab peoples to save in god’s infinite compassion the Armenian survivors; this stale, sclerotic, conventional Conference could never accept the shameful difference between the Christian imperialist murderers of the West, and the great Arab compassionate Muslims of the Middle East!

The Arabs of the Syrian Desert carefully and tearfully had collected the countless bones of the Armenian victims of starvation, thirst, and violence perpetrated by the Young Turks (the Masonic darlings of Winston Churchill and his imperialist government), and had buried those bones tenderly in three massive cemeteries.

The modern Turkish state denies the genocide of the Armenians on several layers, which for them only exists in countless books nobody reads anymore in the age of the Internet. The Der el-Zor cemetery bones on the other hand, were the physical skeletal hard-core and undeniable evidence of the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks.

Where Erdogan succeeded, when others had failed, was precisely in this; he could finally eliminate all the physical evidence of the genocide. To achieve this goal, he persuaded the idiotic Western imperialists to commit further crimes against humanity, by genociding this time Syria itself, which in ancient times was called ARAM, in the name of the Armenian King who had built up an Anatolian empire stretching to Palestine.  King Aram had embedded in his army teachers of the classical Armenian language Grabar, to teach the locals Aramaic, a dialect of Armenian.

This explains why the bonds between Syria and the Armenians is so strong, that Aleppo, almost an Armenian city, would never desert President Assad, even when the Republic of Armenia offered them a safe haven – most of them preferred to stay and share the fate of their Aramean brothers and sisters.

Thus, I could never endorse a Conference ignorant of such horrendous truths, as the Turkish collusion with Zionism to wipe Syria off the map. Instead, God’s mysterious ways ensured that President Assad and Syria will emerge as the leading nation of the Middle East, strengthened by the defeat of an unjust Western imperialist dirty-war, helped by new Russia.

Last but not least, it remains to remember that the Conference was the brainchild of Dr Makram Khoury-Machool, the most prominent Palestinian intellectual in the UK.  I think he shall soon be carrying the mantle of Edward Said, the world-renowned Palestinian intellectual supremo!


Post Scriptum

A dear old friend of mine, a leading Armenian American Marxist, Dr. Armen Baghdoyan who is ardently pro-Putin for the same reasons that I am – we consider President Putin to be the best educated cool politician among present world leaders – compare him with the Trumpet in the White House … or a Bushite prick Dick Cheney still sucking off Halliburton petrodollars from the pipelines in Iraq…

Dr. Baghdoyan asked for more clarification about Putin’s consent with the Zionist Israeli State, to keep Israel out of the Syrian war-equation (never picked on by the Zionist ‘experts’ of the Western news media).

What is deliberately obfuscated (and you get no Conference-study on this) the huge historical fact that the civil-war in Syria was an international Conspiracy of three dimensions;

(1)  The tryout of a proxy war with Russia, the first of its kind after the collapse of the Soviet Union, testing the fiery testicles of President Putin – it is for me impossible to refer to wars seriously …

I love the British TV series of Dad’s Army, preceded by the stage-production (later filmed) of What a Lovely War.

I consider all explosions of all war-ordinances (cannon, tanks, machine-guns) to be no more than the farts of repulsive drunkard men.  I find it hilarious when Our Queen’s birthday is officially celebrated by twenty cannon-farts in the Hyde Park.

We all agree to laugh off the North Korean soldiers, marching like the Nazis, but we ignore the hilarity of the tall bearskin fur caps, worn as part of a British ceremonial military uniform.  Its laugh-value is equivalent to the Soviet soldiers doing camp gay guard-duty as ballerinas…

(2) The great Zionist conspiracy for the production of the civil-war in Syria was to resolve the problem of the Golan Heights by dissolving it (in the acid of the civil war!)

Israel  succeeded fully — the new generations (both in Israel and the Arab world) will grow up not even knowing the problem, that the Golan geopolitically belonged to Syria … its return was promised to President Hafez el-Assad for keeping the Lebanese Refugee Palestinian Arabs under controle.  The presidential ‘Lion’ kept his word for a decade, and finally passed away, his dream turned into nightmares by Israel’s Mossad-murder of his eldest son – not a subject of mention, let alone study, in a ‘serious’ Conference, which are no more held to seek Truth(s)  but to condone highly fabricated and organized lies.

Putin knows the game, and agreed not to revive the Golan problem (let Israel have it), as the price for keeping Israel out of the civil war…

Imagine if the deal was not done, and Israel was involved … the Hell-fires would have burnt for-ever like Sodom & Gomorrah.

The occasional military fart from the Israeli Army (aka Israel Defense Force quickly bombarding a town) was merely dust in the international eyes … reminding the international public opinion of the … Holocaust!!

(3) The third Conspiracy (of the Turkish fascist state) also succeeded fully … No scholar will ever again remember the bones of the innocent Armenians in the Der El-Zor mass graves – they are gone for-ever!

The End


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