by Edwina Charles


I was rushing to Trafalgar Square to a rally on a Saturday morning (14th November 2015) caught in a Noah’s flood … as if the sky was crying its eyes out, shedding tears for the innocent victims of the previous night’s horrifying, barbaric, disgusting act of terrorist hyenas in Paris … Whether CIA or ISIS, those criminals lack any human conscience.  I suppose soon we shall experience a version of it in London, I am praying silently that it won’t happen when I or my children are around.  In the emotional chaos of my mind, I was also concerned that I would be the only audience rallying in the flood-waters of Trafalgar…

But Oh, how wrong could I be in my irrational thinking … In Noah’s flood, under Nelson’s Column and roaring metallic lions, we were at least a hundred, quietly, sweetly, compassionately, under pathetic umbrellas, hearing a distinguished lot of speakers protected by Mr. Chad Manian’s umbrella, eating their hearts out preaching universal peace, efficiently manoeuvred through puddles by Miss Nerea Rosa, Chief Steward of the event.

What an incredible sight, almost a miraculous coincidence, which this event organized six months ago should suddenly turn into mourning, an Irish wake for the haphazardly murdered Parisian dead, by who knows who…

HUFUD, short for Humanity United For Universal Demilitarization, is a brand new organization in London; , the brain-child of an internationally concertizing distinguished Pianist Alberto Portugheis, a Nobel Peace-Prize Nominee, among other achievements of his (like being the Chairman of the Beethoven Society of Europe … for the rest, please Google him!)

Maestro Portugheis has discovered a magnificent young man in Chad Manian, a theoretical scientist and a Lecturer in Economics, to deputize him and steer very skilfully (with Ms Rosa as Secretary) his Noah’s Ark of Universal Peace among the tempestuous waters of our increasingly dangerous world, engulfing (in the words of Professor H. I. Pilikian, a Consultant to HUFUD)

the poverty-stricken masses of this planet, choked by the gangs of the wealthy, continuously sucking the poor man’s blood, and feeding on their rotting flesh as an exotic taste!  Poor rich fools of the world, idiotic bankers all, the days are bound to come when they themselves shall finally rot in hell of their cocaine snorting, Satan and Dollar worshipping, lies-manufacturing governmental whoredom!


Police sirens sounding and fading in pelting rain, would not budge that rallying audience thirsting for the sane speeches denouncing the terrible evils of our militarized world.  The speakers were passionate, committed to a Socialist utopia, desperately longing for it. After a while, and especially in bad weather, unfortunately the speakers in similar contexts become repetitious, and rhetorical, obsessive and cliché-ridden, insensitive to the audience’s physical needs.

But those who know Professor Pilikian’s work on the Internet ;

Know that they can count on him to produce a most original view of a problem; he is probably as yet the 21st century’s greatest outside-the-box thinker – See his very practical plan for global peace via Israel/Arab Palestine;

It seems the Professor’s destiny is to be nothing else but… original.  In no more than five minutes he spoke of… Lies – re-defined memorably US President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (1864) concept of the democratic government for our post-modern times, as “government of liars, by the liars, for the liars”, so help us God!

We in Britain brag that our country is led by an independent judiciary, which is the greatest lie – there is no grander liar in the world than a British Judge.

Lies can kill, and often do.  Governmental lie-factories manufacture their high class goods for the sole benefit of the ruling elites, that use Lies as tools to oppress, confuse, cover-up, and genocide the masses of the poor, to perpetuate their blood-soaked domination globally, protected by the military industrial complexes.

Maestro Portugheis spoke of his HUFUD, based on his simple theory that the only path to global peace is through the total global elimination of the armament manufacturing industry.

“Spot on” I thought to myself, and felt honoured to be one of the first witnesses of an original movement that may build up one day into a tsunami of good sense.   I was therefore very puzzled that not even the Professor (a Founding Father of HUFUD) had picked up on this unique point distinctive of the Maestro’s compassionate concept, which was lost in the clichés of the other speakers.

I noticed that the Professor was not travelling in a Rolls-Royce, but on public transport.  I caught up with him on an underground train, and sought some clarification.  I was taken aback by his gentle, kindly and humourful manner compared with the extraordinary power of his words and concepts.

“Professor, I found your definition of modern Western democracies to have become no more than governments of Liars, by the Liars, for the Liars, compelling, and very powerful indeed,” I said.

Unfortunately”, he said, “I experienced firsthand the corruption of the British judiciary into lethal lying, when a semi High Court Judge (surnamed, Goldstone) shamelessly lied to my face about the facts of my very own life in a divorce court; he had Pope-like immunity, and I was not permitted to catch his mistakes – I could laugh it off, if his lunatic judgments would not cause directly the death of my own mother, father, and my American ex-wife, 3 deaths by a single terrorist Judge, 3 decades ago, as fresh as yesterday, and without even a machine-gun!

“My mother fainted in Judge Goldstone’s court, before his very eyes, and His rotten Honour would not permit me to accompany her in the ambulance to the A&E (Accident  & Emergency) of the local hospital (Watford), unforgivably muttering under his breath that my 85 years old mother was playacting – in fact, in the hospital, she was discovered to have had developed … stomach cancer, as a direct result of his judgments, attempting to render us homeless from a mortgage-free Victorian 8 bedroom house my wealthy parents owned, forced into a corrupt sale with back-handers for tuppence (costed today by Estate Agents at 3.5 million pounds!)

“I am so sorry, Professor” – I babbled, on the verge of tears, when the sensitive Professor swiftly changed tack;

I appreciate immensely the Maestro’s sweet naivety… his uniquely simple theory, I am afraid is a tad simplistic, nobly Utopian, not to say outright Romantic …”

“How so?” I ventured to ask.

It lacks deep research and historical grasp.  Last night’s sad events in Paris unfortunately came to illustrate the point.  As the first generation of the American feminists put it intelligently, all is political, hence power-obsessed and mere games of Domination, in which trap, alas, a faction calling themselves “Radical (aka Lesbian) Feminists” fell – Feminism began and should have stayed as a movement for gender-equality and social justice – it was converted by estranged East Coast US women into an unnatural hatred of men, and a ‘conspiracy’ to topple them, understanding little that the vast majority of men, like their women, are tragically totally powerless, socio-politically impotent, the castrated victims of their lie-fabricating societies.

The rulers titillate the men with the lie that they have power, which sadly the American Lesbian feminists swallowed whole, creating to-day’s post-modern gender wars (as if the real wars were not enough), not-empowering the women, the latter merely licking the hands that feed the macho-male idiots of the military-industrial complexes, a term diagnosed and defined in a public speech by the American President Eisenhower, back in 1953, as a warning to his people not to be controlled by them.  Little could Eisenhower guess that one day, one George Bush (rather two, Senior and Junior, disgraceful father and son) would invent wars on blatant lies (downloaded by Prime Minister Tony Blair from an Internet idiot), devastating the whole region of the Middle East, cradle of the first civilizations.

“It is porno-obscene par excellence that in our own days women are fully integrated in genocidal armies in the name of gender-equality … I can never forget the dumpy, plumpy whore of a woman in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, pornographically torturing the Arab male soldiers in the nude, piled up anally homosexually on top of each other … she grinning stupidly to the cameras!!

“Forever shame on the US army – Initially their commanders had lied about having used extensive torture, worse than the Japanese Emperor’s mentally ill samurai-soldiers during the Second World War!”

Although the Professor apologized for his strong language, the historical sweep of his knowledge was formidable.

President Obama promised to the world and not only the American nation, during electioneering, that his presidency shall recognize the genocide of the Armenians by the Young Turk regime in 1915, and shall close down the Guantanamo torture-prison absolutely – both proved to be yet more … what?; Lies, grand lies, damned lies, as Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli would say!

Thinking back, I could now appreciate even better the Professor’s genius in the five minute speech he had delivered.  Stunned by the wealth of the Professor’s original ideas logically intertwined, I enquired more about the Maestro’s need for better theoretical research;

Although I disagree with the Freudian ideas of warmongering being a basic aspect of human behaviour”, said the Prof., “I would put it in another way; you take the hardware arms away,

people will fight with their own bare-arms and knuckles … One should make a vital distinction between the need of a social order defining civil society, and the pure pornographic obscenity of arms manufacturing.  While I am fully behind the Maestro’s noble scheme, I appreciate the need of self-defence, especially against unprovoked aggression. If your self and family is threatened, the only answer is self-defence, by hook or a crook, both of which (hooks and crooks) have to be manufactured!

“On the greater societal scale, how do you enable the Police to protect social order and innocent lives, as it happened last night in Paris?  And what about vicious kitchen knives – should they not be manufactured at all?

“Hence the need of Education – one must teach people not to use kitchen knives for (say) gang warfare! People must be taught not to fight at all. Nothing illustrates better the ludicrous human stupidity of piling up nuclear bombs, any single one of which could vaporize whole regions of the planet.  The wastefulness of Britain’s Trident garbage bomb is staggering.

“In other words, the elimination of the armaments industry will not automatically produce the utopian society of global peace, which seems to be the Maestro’s naive assumption – one needs to

couple it with a huge project of Education, which brings us back to the essential need of politicizing the masses, a need understood for the first time in modern times by the founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, against the imperialist de-politicization project, already in huge progress through drugs, sex and violence, Hollywood, X-Factor, BBC Come Dancing, you name it

“I think the Maestro should go into a serious Buddhist contemplation (I am told he is a practising Buddhist indeed!)  to come up with more substantial and persuasive answers, next time around, for I think HUFUD-deserves to be developed and evolve into a humanitarian mass-movement, with real solutions to real political problems, in the absence of which I deliberately avoided expanding on the Maestro’s project, which is actually quite an original concept – HUFUD is not really a generalized peace movement among many other anti-war organizations – it targets uniquely armament manufacturing, and trading in death!

Having reached the end of the tube-line, and missed my own underground station, I bid farewell and left the Professor with a heavy… mind!  Half an hour with him, and you feel you learnt so much – his ideas activate your mind into thinking deep thoughts!



Governments of Liars

In view of the fact that Professor H. I. Pilikian’s work is entirely original, greatly innovative and prophetic, I was not surprised (to say the least) coming across the headline news (the first page) of Daily Mail November 21 (2015), a week after I had written my piece;

“Party at War as sex, drugs and blackmail claims spiral, Police Probe Tory Scandal … a senior election aide … accused of bullying a Conservative activist who later took his own life … blackmailing MPs and snorting cocaine at party events.”  A scumbag (referred to by the Upper-class Tatler Magazine as a ‘future Conservative Government minister’) brags about his technique of getting Conservative young ladies into filthy beds of fornication, following his disgusting semi-criminal motto of “Isolate, Inebriate, Penetrate”.

In another 2-page spread of the same issue of the Daily Mail (titled “Sex, Suicide and chilling threats … the scandal engulfing the PM’s chum” pp.12-3) it is reported that Lord Feldman, Conservative Party Chairman, close “chum” of the Prime Minister, “Astonishingly … refused to set up an inquiry that would be seen to be entirely independent, even though a bright young Tory Party volunteer with no history of mental illness had taken his own life.  Instead, [Lord Feldman] sent for High Court judge Edward Legard, an Old Etonian contemporary of Mr. Cameron.  … Mr Legard is a failed parliamentary candidate with ambitions to become a Tory MP, how critical is he willing to be of the party and its chairman?   Even more worryingly… the Legard inquiry has become a total sham. … A senior Tory source said: But still we carried on with the charade of the inquiry.  It was a device to buy time.  It was a classic Feldman bury-your-head-in-the-sand technique. …Lord Feldman owes his exalted position at the top of the Tory Party to his friendship with the Prime Minister. … Yesterday, the party chairman was not even willing to say whether the results of the farcical Legard inquiry he set up will be made public.”

“That is British Justice for you” said the Professor when I showed him the Daily Mail in a Cafe Nero at Russell Square.  He said;

There is a very long ‘respectable’ tradition stretching back centuries of the British rulers lying, and lying through their teeth, spitting at the face of their citizenry … Everybody knew, all over Europe then, that King Henry the VIII was lying like an open sewer about his wives, merely to cut their heads off for the next paramour… King Henry’s whole court was geared towards producing false confessions, extracted under the most horrifying medieval tortures; on to Queen Elizabeth I’s spy-master, Sir Francis Walsingham, the legendary Jesuit liar!

“If there is a single qualification for the job of a modern Prime Minister, it is the skill of lying carefully… Tony Blair was the perfect example of the craft.

“The ancient Greeks, 2,600 years ago were puzzled by the shrewd observation of the Cretan philosopher Epimenides of Knossos (circa 600 BC) – he was outraged by the notoriety of his fellow citizens as the great liars of Greece, and he did not hesitate to bravely declare that “All Cretans are liars!” The conundrum arose whether as a Cretan, Epimenides himself by his own diagnosis would ever be able to speak the truth, and whether (therefore) his statement could be true uttered by a Cretan as he was … his reference being that all (not some) Cretans were liars.   It is now precisely the trouble with Western so-said Democracies where post-modern governance is based routinely on Lies, and continuous non-stop lying … especially in the US and Britain.

“Incredibly, there was a formal organization abbreviated as PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) affiliated to the old Labour Party – its unforgivable historical shame – patronized by no less than Harriet Harman and her ilk, advocating sex with children, demanding criminally the abolition of the age-of-consent altogether, claiming outrageously that sex is good for babies, not mentioning that it is even better for the child-rapists – enough to put you off Socialism for-ever!!!

“Neither the old Labourites (like Harman) nor the new leader Jeremy Corbyn, have yet apologized for their most disgusting advocacy of PIE”.

With my mind blown, I thanked the Emeritus Professor for sharing with me his original research.



The portrait Sketches of Professor H. I. Pilikian are drawn at different times during several public events by the prominent English designer Ronald Stein, a master of portraits-in-action.


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