The forth session of the “Armenians after the Genocide Centennial Anniversary” three-day research symposium was held in German city of Duisburg organized by Assembly of Armenians in Europe.  As the organization informs in a statement the session was titled “Genocide and the Armenian Claims; clarification the term from the political and legal perspective.”

Co-chairman of the Armenian Bar Association of France, lawyer Mrs. Verzhini Tyushe spoke on the topic of “Armenian cause in the International Law.”

Mrs. Tyushe first reflected on the activities by Coordinating Council of the work of the Armenian organizations of France, she then spoke of the prospects for filing lawsuits at various international courts for reparations and the challenges and obstacles to that.

Ex-Secretary at International Federation for Human Rights (F.I.D.H.) lawyer, an expert in International Law Raffi Kalfayan then presented “Genocide Restitution: legal basis, measures and challenges.” Kalfayan elaborated in detail on the possibilities for reparation mechanisms, means and conditions available in the International Law.

In his speech Kalfayan focused on the necessity of individual and collective lawsuits against the Turkish state for Armenian properties and assets, highlighted, that restitution processes may be pushed irrespective of the Genocide recognition by Turkey.

He noted the process implies caution, prudency and full range cooperation between the Diaspora and Armenia.

At the end of the two reports, discussions were held on property demands, namely issues concerned with legal basis and possibilities for financial reparations.

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