Three-day research & development forum of

Assembly of Armenians of Europe completes

The three-day research and development (R&D) forum organized by the Assembly of Armenians of Europe (AAE) on “ARMENIANS AT THE END OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE CENTENNIAL” concluded its works. The forum was held in Duisburg, Germany, from March 4 to 6.

The participants of the forum that proceeded in a warm and friendly environment were stronglyconscious that Armenians around the world face grave challenges and acute crisis and need radical solutions.

In the light of the above-mentioned, the forum with its condensed agenda touched upon key topics related to Armenian issues. The topics included:

– The security, hegemony, state-building, recovery of the state system and development prospects of Armenia;

– Well-organized, harmonious and deep relations between Armenia and Diaspora;

– Clarification of Armenians’ claims in political and legal framework, international law, law and the downtrodden rights of the Armenian people;

-The opportunities and challenges emerging from the highly sensitive regional developments;

– Issues related to Artsakh and the fate of Javakhk Armenians;

– The urgency of realizing the professional potential of Armenians of Europe and around the world;

– The need for relationships between the Diaspora communities and exchange of experience;

– The imperative of engaging the youth of Armenian communities of Europe and realizing their potential;

– Organizational issues related to the large-scale and smooth work of the AAE in the future.

The participants of the forum expressed firm belief that the settlement of the issues of the Armenians require full awareness, proper evaluation of conditions, time periods and resources, adjustment of objectives, decent organizing, elimination and exclusion of artificial obstacles wrecking the strength of the Armenian people, will to struggle and love and faith in own nation.

The participants of the forum, taking into account the vast importance and scale of the topics on the agenda, and as a natural outcome and continuity of the forum, stressed the importance to establish broad and direct links as possible and create opportunity for further collaboration between all individuals and institutions that share the concerns and approaches of the forum.

The forum has been a successful start for addressing certain issues, for holding similar and successive meetings in the future and for more organized and effective activities.

The Assembly of Armenians of Europe expresses its deep appreciation for and gratitude to the participants of the forum, all speakers, organizers, coordinators and particularly to the partners of the German branch who value the future of their motherland and the Armenian people as they value their daily bread.


Assembly of Armenians of Europe

March 12, 2016

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