A portrait of William Shakespeare (Courtesy Getty Images)

Professor Pilikian’s Monumental Discovery

Revealed for the First Time Ever

Shakespeare’s Secret Language

By Rony Lolano, Novelist


A search in the private archives of Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian delivered this sensational find, and miraculously, just before the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth – a lecture, over 15 years ago about the secret language Shakespeare has used to camouflage his true socio-political views – an overall grand vision of a society, to be totally free, totally liberated of all religious-moral prohibitions of any kind, an extremely dangerous view even today when so many socio-sexual freedoms have already been achieved after two thousand years of struggles (often bloody) from Biblical enchainment, but with a heavy red line drawn at paedophilia (and rightly so!)  “Shakespeare is always ahead of his interpreters”, confirms the Professor.

Fortunately, a pioneer of documentary film-makers from the London Armenian Community, Mr. Khetcho Arakelyan (and his wife), by invitation from the Professor, had the foresight to record the event, of immense historical importance.  Although the original Video tapes have deteriorated, fortunately extracts have survived (albeit not in perfect sound-quality – better than nothing at all)…

I gathered from the host, Mr. Robert Stephenson, that the exact date of the lecture was 14th March, 2000, at the London Earth Mysteries Circle (LEMC), based in Diorama Centre (Osnaburgh Street, central London, Euston area).  The Founder/Director of LMC for 25 years, and the Chairman for 6 years of the most famous RILKOResearch into Lost Knowledge Org – a Folklorist, Mr. Stephenson has emerged today as Britain’s most distinguished Historian/expert on esoteric London.

After a lifetime of research, the Professor claims to have discovered the secret language in Shakespeare’s plays couched invisibly just below the surface, “in the depths as it were of his surface meanings, where metaphoric clusters explode into a shower of multiple-meanings, radiating spinning puns derived from (1) verbal dictionary semantics, and (2) homonymic sounds – English spelling in Elizabethan times was not fixed yet, hence unusually fluid, it allowed Shakespeare incredible feats of linguistic manipulation and pyrotechnics”, sums up the Professor.

Pilikian has defined the “ports of entry” (to use a modern computer-term) and the neural nodes of Shakespeare’s software.  The simple English words – Soul, Thing, Nothing – are such ports among many others), to be forged into immense semantic complexity in Shakespeare’s pun-neryto quote a word the Professor has coined, to characterize Shakespeare’s unique and absolutely extraordinary passion for puns, already noted by Dr. Johnson, in the 18th c.

“The souls of Shakespeare’s secret ‘dictionary’ are his puns, which are simply untranslatable.  In translation, people hitherto all over the world have only been given Shakespeare’s prose, not his poetry! 90% of Shakespeare’s true meanings (impossible to translate) are unknown to the world…

“Incidentally, it delights me to note that one of the greats of Shakespeare scholarship, Dr. Samuel Johnson’s most famous A Dictionary of the English Language was published in 1755 – and on my own… birthday 15th of April – those ports, like all the seaports of the ancient world are no more than stew-houses (brothels) for the sex-starved sailors”.

Professor Pilikian has opened a window directly onto Shakespeare’s mind, enabling future scholars to find answers to the many mysteries of the Shakespearean puzzles and cruces.  For the first time ever, Shakespeare scholars will be able to mind-read Shakespeare by grasping his intentions.

“True Shakespeare must not be available to children, frankly not even to Adults under 22 years of age …  Those who insist throwing Shakespeare foolishly at children, prove huge ignorance of his meanings, evidence that experts have not yet really understood his true meanings after 400 years. The secret language invented by Shakespeare contains coded dispatches, predicting the shape of socio-sexual developments of mankind’s technological future, based on the frightening corruption of Children”.

Professor Pilikian alone in his profession of a legendary theatre- director exclusively of classical drama – Britain’s first ever Director trained as theatre-director professionally at the world-famous RADA Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – had developed a dramatic social theory of what he called “Mother-and-Child Paradigm of ideal Society”, where Children’s interests were to be placed first – a concept that undoubtedly shaped the English Family Law Reform of 2014, although regrettably, the crime of paedophilia was nourished by despicable Labour Party politically in-correct policies producing turds like Jimmy Saville, who bought his way by so-said Charity fund-raising into the abuse of even disabled and…  Dead children!

“Never mind the New Labour idiots, who have not yet apologized for the promotion of PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) that advocated disgustingly even baby-sex, the Conservative elite of Mrs. Thatcher’s reign lionized Jimmy Saville the pimp, and showered him with national honours only because he (pardon the expression) shat Charity-money for them!” states the Professor with unmitigated disgust.

As to my final question, why the Professor even on film seems edgy about his important, landmark, path-breaking and great Shakespearean discovery, which still remains fully un-published for five decades, he replies with a twinge and a tinge of gladness mixed with sadness;

“In the English theatre of gay Capitalism, ultra-narcissism and corrupt self-interest, I practiced what I preached, even to the detriment of my theatre-director’s career, by putting the interests of my wife and children first – I did not want them to be bullied in schools, a terrible pest of British Education which could be easily eradicated if genuinely purposed.

“Unfortunately bullying and name-calling is woven into the thick fabric of British Education from the very top to the very bottom – the ilk of Eton and Harrow have perversely dogmatically convinced themselves that children must not be nannied but bullied, to toughen them up in preparation for a hard socio-economic capitalist graft, which is of course total hot air – poof!  Now that my children are adults, I shall indeed hope to publish soon”.

I know the Professor to be a Speaker of great charisma – an intellectual storehouse of vast knowledge and an absolute master of it, through many layers of scholarly disciplines – Social Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, a dozen Languages (old and new, and their cultures), English Literature, Music, Art history, you name it … I knew about his sense of humour, but I did not know it was, like his knowledge… boundless, shining brilliantly throughout this lecture.

London, 23rd April, 2016.

The title page of the First Folio of William Shakespeare’s plays. (Image: William Shakespeare [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


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