By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


One of my great friends is a Scientific Officer at the world-famous ‘Darwin’s’ Natural History Museum in London – of Polish parentage, a palaeontologist, a Biological Anthropologist, with immense knowledge and interest in… Islam.

We argue frequently, as I disapprove of Islam-phobia totally, and have the edge over him being fluent in classical Arabic, and read the Koran in its original language.  I dislike immensely some of my scientist friend’s ridiculous Islamophobe acquaintances, ranting and raving on the Net. But I keep my own democratic friendship with him unshakable and forever.

Another point of our intellectual disagreement is my anger against the un-Christian corruption of the official Christian Churches, the Borgia murderousness in the Vatican tradition, its inhuman proto-Nazi genocidal Spanish Inquisition, the burning of exclusively 2 million women-witches throughout Europe as an act of the greatest misogyny, and last but not least, the unacceptable, despicable, unforgivable sin of condoning Imperialism and neo-mafia-Capitalism participating in the robbery of enslaved nations to enrich their landed aristocracy, topped by European Royalty and/or modern Oligarchy…

The first great genocider of the 20th century, was phoney King Leopold of Belgium, an incestuous lunatic (Queen Victoria was his niece, her husband Albert was his nephew, and he was the matchmaker!), murdered 10 million Africans in Congo (a practically unknown fact, never mentioned in Student History books), working the Africans to death knowingly (by whips and guns, in the Congolese forests) to collect gum/rubber from trees, to manufacture the rubber-tyres for the car-industry invented then in America and Europe.  He made billions and built his pretty palaces, the mortar mixed with African blood!

It was left to the great American… comic writer Mark Twain, to uncover the genocidal tragedy (in 1905) and broadcast it to the civilized world, whose political leaders were in the same capitalist-game of serving market forces … did not care enough to stop the next genocide, this time of the Anatolian Armenians by the Young Turks (in 1915), under the very filthy noses of the imperialist powers of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Tsarist Russia.

My Polish British life-long friend e-mailed me this most astounding YouTube link of the most amazing Mr. Donald Trump … morphing before your very eyes into an almost Christ-like figure, at  least let’s say God’s gift to America, speaking powerful unshakable truths!

I am overwhelmed … Trump is saying everything David Icke (and Alex Jones) have been shouting, and Alex Jones even screaming, about for decades now … They can be brushed aside as hysterics … but not Mr Trump – coming from Trump, what he says is uncontroversial, unambiguous, immensely brave, and documents the humongous frightening facts of modern history.

I wanted to go out myself and scream in the streets, like Alex Jones, tell everyone to watch it immediately and be filled with some hope for America!

In my deep desire to help Trump win, I suddenly thought of the great power of the American Armenians –They do possess the clout to crown Trump as the next American President.

American Armenians are patriotic like most Americans.  And I think they would be performing their greatest act of patriotism by voting for him, every one of them, irrespective of their political party affiliation.  Compare the following YouTube video clips to discover the criminality of Trump’s opponent, the Clintons, and their sordid stinking life-style.

There simply is no hope for America except what Donald Trump can bring to the table of the Last SupperThese elections are indeed America’s Last Supper, and let there not be a Judas among them.

Do not believe me – just see above with your own eyes and hear with your own ears what Trump’s Covenant is with you the ordinary citizens of the world.

Hope for America is a hope for the world, and the survival of Trump’s humble people crushed by the inhuman elites, the left-overs of the Nazi scum, deliberately sprinkled around the world, by the Chruchillian power-men of Britain & America!

Fellow American Armenians, save Trump, save mankind, save the world from Satan’s American globalized devils !!!!!


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