The Assembly of Armenians of Europe strongly condemns the illegally arrests of Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, co-chairs of The HDP ( People’s Democratic Party) and more than 9 other HDP MP’s late Thursday night, as the result of ongoing crackdown against the opposition and civil society in Turkey.

The HDP is the third largest political party in the Turkish Parliament, occupying 59 of the total 550 seats in the Turkish Grand Assembly.

We strongly condemn such acts by the Erdogan Regime that clearly undermine the democratic institutions, values and the inalienable rights of the people.

We call the international community to react against the Erdogan regime’s coup as an attempt to provoke a civil war.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is a coordinator of international terrorism. The crimes of the new Sultan Erdoğan is obvious for the whole world.

The current government of Turkey headed by Erdogan showing its horrible face declare his intends to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, which means once again atrocities and genocide against all non-Turkish ethnic nationalities and peoples especially Armenians and The Kurds.

The present government of Turkey is the Patron of pseudo-Islamic Caliphate of ISIS and its co-conspirators Al-Qaida & Al-Nousra.

HDP as a party for ethnic co-existence and democratic values has been a strong voice against the oppressive and authoritarian tactics of the Erdogan regime.

We call upon the United Nation, European Union and the International Community to Condemn and take effective action against Turkey to free the HDP parliamentarians that were arrested on fabricated charges and baseless accusations.

The civilized world will not stay silent.

Such a silence means acceptance of atrocities and encourages the murderers to become more killing and crime against humanity.

Today’s international public organizations must absolutely remain faithful to their own declared values and aims.

We know very well that in all the countries of the world there are millions of people determined to fight for Human Rights and justice for all, until a final victory.  We demand of the International Public Opinion to finally hear and listen to the scream for Justice by the global millions.

Assembly of Armenians of Europe Sweden,
Uppsala, 6th
November, 2016



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