By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


Warning:  This is Professor Pilikian’s most radical and innovative, extensive and intensive research yet … and that is saying something!  Zionist historiography has suppressed, oppressed, and crushed to zilch, literally to Zero, hence practical non-existence of Arab History.  Professor Pilikian succeeds miraculously in claiming astonishing glorious firsts of Arab History in the pre-history of mankind – Phaedra Behrent, Poet, and Researcher.


Who invented the Wheel?

We all agree that it was one of the most momentous events in the history of mankind.  A large number of things are impossible without the Wheel – Farming from ploughing, trade from easy transport, hence accumulation of wealth producing the necessary surplus for the creation of culture etc.

Not necessarily who specifically (the pre-historical individual), but which of the ancient cultures invented the Wheel? The question has been left un-researched, un-answered, one of many questions regarded ‘impossible’ to resolve.

Another significant question; Why the Armenians (historically the very first practisers of State-Christianity, in 301 AD) are known to the world by the name the Arabs (the founders of Islam) gave them – the Armenians call themselves (H)-Ai in Armenian, their own language, while being called throughout history by the Arabic root Arma(e)n evolved to ‘Armenian’?  Armenians throughout history have not even been consciously aware that they carry the Arabic version of their ethnic identity tag.

The land of Syria, in ancient times was mysteriously named Aram (which was the name of one of Noah’s grandchildren), the root for the Aramean language, which … Jesus Christ spoke – Jesus does not speak Hebrew anywhere in the Bible – I cannot understand why he is thought to be a Jew, especially that the Jews rejected him violently and categorically, and still cannot accept him as a child of Israel … In the worst moment of His human tragedy, on the cross, tortured insufferably, Jesus addresses in Aramaic, not Hebrew, his heavenly Father in terrifying grief  – Lama Sabachthani = Why hast thou forsaken me? (in Aramaic).

And why are we, the Christian world, forcing Jesus on the Jews when they have no use for him?  Just to fulfil a doubtful prophecy about the Messiah being from the House of King David? A King who was not worth his calling – he sent his Hittite general Uriah to war to be killed only to snatch the general’s beautiful wife Batsheba for a one-night stand … Batsheba (in Hebrew) = the daughter of Sheba, a Queen of Ethiopia King David had used like a whore … He was thus sleeping with his own daughter!

King David also invented the Nazi crematoria by baking his enemies live in ovens! The cream of the young generation of Israeli archaeologists consider Kings David, Solomon, the Prophets, and Jesus et al., as Canaanite mythopoeia figures, and not historical characters!

Even as a high level metaphor, Jesus spoke Aramean, because he was metaphorically an Aramean!

A historical information recorded solely by the 5th c. AD ‘Father of Armenian History’, Movsess Khorenatsi documents a historical fact still unknown to modern historians, that Aram was the name of an Armenian King (circa 1000 BC) who created an Armenian empire stretching to Judea/Palestine via modern-day Syria, commemorating his name as the land of Aram, hence Arameans – and here is the gem of pure historical gold recorded nowhere else – Khorenatsi confirms that King Aram was famous in antiquity for taking along with his troops (embedded within their full protection) groups of teachers King Aram would always leave behind in the conquered countries of his empire to teach them the Armenian language, which thus makes Aramean a dialect of Armenian Grabar.

I have devised a Darwinian conceptual inductive mechanism that enables the resolution of the mysteries with scientific certainty.

Elsewhere, I have defined a fundamental lingo-archaeological premise of what I call Linguistic Fossils – Aramean (for example) is such a fossil.

What do I mean by it?

That an ancient language especially preserves within its very ancient roots, precisely like natural history fossils, semantic layers and layers of frequently textually unrecorded history (‘recorded’ of course within the preservation of the linguistic-fossil samples).

What a group of people (thought of as ‘race’ and /or ‘tribe’) call themselves, and what other neighbouring  groups call them – the same or by any other name – are vital scientific evolutionary Darwinian hard-core evidence of ethnic origins, their ‘racial’/tribal identity tag, which are actually preserved in an ancient language as (linguistic) fossils.

An unbiased examination of ancient ethnic origins proves unequivocally the following historical facts, still not accepted (unfortunately) by institutionally racist foolish scholars.  There are thus

(1) No pure races; some Semitic religious fanatics insist, for example, that their modern priesthood dates back to the founders of their religions.

(2) All ancient cultures are intensely multi-ethnic amalgams – take for example the simplest case of the so-said British; it fossilizes within, the Anglo-Saxons, the French (for several hundred years the French and the English battled bloodily for sovereignty of ruling both countries by the same Royalty) … The Vikings and incredibly the ancient … Armenians.  The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles (9th c. AD) states very clearly, in an Introduction, that the oldest inhabitants of these [British] Isles, “coman of Armenia”.  Racist British experts rush to note that the use of the word ‘Armenia’ is not intended; rather it is a corruption of the French place name Armorica.  This is one of the most stupid arguments I have ever encountered, as the manuscripts are crystal clear, displaying no emendations or scribe-corruption.   Furthermore, there is no orthographic potential of Armorica being ‘naturally’ converted to … Armenia!

(3) The concept of the mono-ethnic pure race is a grotesque modern 19th c. tomfoolery, propagated by the mentally ill idiots of the supremacist British Eugenic Society (of which Winston Churchill was a ‘distinguished’ member, Churchill firmly believed that those with … ‘migraine’ can be easily ‘eliminated’ amongst other ‘mental defectives’!  Remembering that most women suffer from migraine sometime, that means half the population of mankind need to be genocided to please Churchill’s drunken misogynist fancies!), later copied by the Nazis, and escalating into the abject horrors of the Holocaust of the Jews.

(4) The identity tags of almost most ancient peoples are still buried in the dusts of history, opaque and mysterious, in desperate need of revelation.  Nobody knows for certain the derivation of (for example) the name ‘Jew’, which merely meant people who lived in Judea, which was a melting pot of Canaanites, Jebusites, Philistines, the Ai, Amalekites, Greeks, Armenians, Hittites, Egyptians, you name it! None of the identity tag in turn of these ethnics is yet deciphered.   What is the derivation of the classical Greek appellation of Aithiopoi = the Ethiopians, the Aiguptoi = the Egyptians?

One of the greatest such verbal fossils totally undiscovered yet, and recorded here in these very lines for the very first time, is the record of the Ai-people, in the Old Testament, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs as the name of Tutankhamen’s uncle, who is suspected of having murdered the ‘Boy King’ to rule Egypt himself.  There was a terrible genocidal conflict between the ‘Jews’ (no one yet clearly knows the derivation of the identity tag ‘Hebrew’ – their linguistic fossil has not been hitherto discovered) and the clearly identified Ai-people, who had become by the Biblical times, already the very powerful natives of Judea – Prophet Moses’ brother, Aaron could defeat them finally only by summoning the help of their own God Yahweh, to steal their land as the “Promised land” of Israel.

Ai as a word itself has become a linguistic fossil in the… Chinese (from the Chinese, entered into the Japanese language) memorializing forever the Ai-people, defining the most fundamental concept of any language = LOVE, without which no child can be born heterosexually naturally (modern Reproductive technologies are used by homosexuals to break down Nature’s ‘unassailable’ barriers).  Ai-ren in Chinese means ‘husband’ (literally = a love-man; ren=person).

And who were the biblical Ai-people?

The same (h)Ai still exist today, known globally by the Arabic appellation of Armenians, but who themselves call themselves in their own language (h)Ai (= Armenian, in the Armenian language).  No Armenian I know is aware that their ethnic nomenclature is from the Arabic appellation.

The Armenians were practically the first people the Arabs came in contact with, due to the geographical proximity of the vast Arabian Peninsula with Anatolian Armenia.  They tried to convert the Armenians to Islam.  Armenians would not, having been converted to Christianity already in 301 AD, as the first nation in History that did so with King and country, over three centuries before even Islam had surfaced in History.

Wars apart, the indelible cultural product that emerged from the Armenian /Islam encounter was the hitherto totally unacknowledged influence of the Armenian folk-music and culture on the sacred Koranic Islam – the a capella singing of the Holy Koran is entirely based upon the Armenian agricultural folklore, the a capella peasant-songs accompanied ploughing and seeding, and harvesting their produce.

The etymology of the word ‘Armenian’ – the ethnic identity tag of the Armenian people fossilized in Arabic – is controversial, until one grasps that it is indeed a linguistic fossil preserved in the ancient Arabic language; Armenians thus owe their ethnic identification and definition to the Arab peoples calling them Al-Arman.

The most famous Italian House of high fashion, Armani is such a modern anthropological survival.  Thirty years ago, I found an American University friend of mine in the London … embassy of the UAE = United Arab Emirates, positioned very highly on an ambassadorial level.  Everybody called him, “His Excellency Mr. Ghayth Al-manazi”.

I discovered only by the beginning of this year, participating in a vital Peace-Conference on Syria, initiated and structured by the most distinguished Cambridge Arab intellectual Dr. Makram Khoury-Machool , that my College-friend Ghayth was actually surnamed all along as Ar-man-azi (= an Armenian Prince!), imprinted on the title page of his excellent recent book, The Story of Syria, Gilgamesh Publishing.

Let us return and slice further semantically the linguistic fossil to the identity tag of the Arab peoples themselves calling themselves ArabsThey were actually already an Ai-people, with a very powerful, raw guttural sound of the anchor-phoneme (the first letter) of the root word that identifies ethnic origin.  The r is interchangeable with i, thus delivering the variation of Ai-ab (Ay-oub is a ‘musical’ variation, a common name among historical Arab-aristocracy) as an ethnic identity tag.

The main layer of the fossil however, immortalizes massive historical facts lost to History itself, resolving one of the greatest questions of pre-history experts do not even dare ask lest they are embarrassed by the total absence of an answer – let’s repeat our first question; who invented the wheel, one of the greatest inventions of ancient mankind?

I suggest that the ethnic identity-tag of the Arabs is wrapped up directly within the linguistic fossil of the Arabic word Arab-a(t) = oxen-drawn cart, for ploughing and primitive transport.

Now this linguistic fact preserves multiple layers of well-preserved fossilized structures;

(1)  that the Arabs invented the Wheel

(2)  They were the first to pioneer the agricultural Revolution around 7 thousand years ago; The Arabian Peninsula is thought to have been all green then, unlike the climate-changed desertification, which is also the best possible explanation of the mysterious phenomena of Oasis-formation (as a survival of those very ancient green lands).

(3)  The domestication of animals began with the … wild bulls.  There are many hitherto unnoticed hard core historical facts proving this; (a) The Minoan/Cretan Bull-cult – the Cretan athletic games with Bulls was evidence of their controle, hence domestication (come down to Spanish Matador and Torero practices) undoubtedly linked with (b) the cult of the Cow totally sacred and ‘untouchable’ in India; there is an Armenian linguistic fossil unique in the world – govabanoutioun (= singing generous ‘ritual’ praises), the root of which is gov=cow (in Armenian); in antiquity, sacred-cows were praised in ritual song-and-dance!


It is quite foolish of some experts to think in terms of the domestication of… Dogs as the first instance of it, based merely on the post-modern anthropomorphic US attitude sentimentalizing cats-and-dogs; The domesticated Oxen first and foremost were vital agricultural implements used for Ploughing.

(4)  Its primitive mechanization of the ploughing of the fields with Oxen, opening trenches for seeding etc., then using the carts to transport the harvest to the community, created the necessary and sufficient condition for the evolution of surplus food, gifting the tribe with leisure time, to create culture.


The Arabic word araba(t), while being a linguistic fossil even in its own original Arabic language, is more than so in the Armenian and Turkish languages, where it has lost its most ancient fossilized layers, meaning simply a cart which  can also be horse-drawn (having lost its firm original link with the Oxen upon further time-contingent corruption of the fossil).

As a further source of intellectual inspiration, my discoveries led to a mind-blowing linguistic fossil-discovery by the crew-leader of a medical ambulance team I had needed this year, and when out of boredom of an ECG study on the way to Barnet General Hospital, I had told them about my theories for a bit of intellectual fun … the paramedic gentleman came up with the most unique and magnificent hidden fossil in the English language, proving further my above discoveries; “arab-le” land, which contains of course the unexpected fossil of the identity–tag of the Arab-people, linked with the cultivation of the land – (the pity of it is that  the perceptive ambulance gentleman would not give me his name to credit, obeying ridiculous British bureaucratic rules which render the British National Health Service soul-less).

And finally, the spokes of the Wheel portray the image (as metaphor) of … the Sun, and the worship of it, which was the very first religion of mankind all over the ancient globe – in archaeological discourse, if an unknown  ancient culture is dug up, any evidence of sun-worship will make it ancient.

Monotheism has nothing whatsoever to do with the Jewish discovery of Yahveism – in fact its acknowledged monotheism is a direct cultural influence from the Sun-cult of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, whose monotheistic revival of the sun-worship in his own time was a novelty, because the original sun-worship was already forgotten for a thousand years – hard-evidenced by the fact that the ancient Egyptians themselves thought of the Sun-god Ra as the oldest, most ‘decrepit’ first God in their pantheon, honoured as the father of all the subsequent Gods of Egypt.

Gods and Pharaohs were the children of Ra, which appears firmly in the linguistic fossil of A-Ra-(a)b – Upon further electron-microscopic examination, it  delivers the vital historical meaning of Ra = Sun as ab (in Arabic, av in Hebrew) = father; the Arabs naturally as Ra’s children, will worship Sun the Father, manifest in the image ‘inside’ the wheel as the Sun-disk, the spokes radiating like Sun-rays from the centre of the circular disk – such a sun-structure inside the wheel is vital for its sturdiness.

The genius of Dr. Armen Baghdoyan, another University colleague of mine, discovered yet another magnificent linguistic fossil for me in the Armenian language, a very old word in Grabar, ar-or = plough; a simple word, with extreme complexity as fossilized semantics.

To begin with, it is not unlikely that a version of it existed as ar(ab)or = day of the Arabs; Or = day (in Armenian), and passes unchanged into Hebrew with a stronger consonantal ‘r’ (a unique double r) Orr = Light (Sunlight, as the word aror preserves  also the image of the sun-god Ra = the day of the Sun-god Ra, reversed from the Armenian Indo-European Ar, to the Semitic reading habit of Ra; still being the same Armenian root of Ar-ai-gak = Sun).

Thus, a simple word like ar-or (in Armenian) which simply means plough, reveals under an intellectual electronic microscopic grasp a totally unrelated semantic mind-boggling fossil meaning “the day of the Sun-god Ra”… incredibly, inexplicably, unpredictably exactly the case in Hebrew of b-orr נִיר meaning literally ‘being in light/Sunlight’, but metaphorically … furrow, ploughed field/ tilled soil, proving further the extraordinary connection between the creation of the wheel and mankind’s very first religious experience in the Sun-cult.


Although seemingly unusual and extraordinary, but always unique, nevertheless perfectly natural a link in the unadulterated mindset of the first people inspired by natural phenomenal inter-connections – ploughing the fields, and harvesting, according to Sunrise and Sunset, shaping their primitive calendar through standing stones peppered all over significant points of the globe, from Armenia (the Anatolian geophysical cultural world-Centre of pre-history) to Britain in the West (Stonehenge), and to China in the East (the artificially constructed hillock of the first Emperor of China, still archaeologically un-opened).


It remains to confirm that the Armenian fossil-word Arai-gak, the root of which A-r-a-i is preserved in Grabar the ancient Armenian language, means the Sun and surfaces in predictably all ancient languages – the ethnic identity tags (for example) of the ancient Sun-cultists Ethiopians and Egyptians are the same; Ai-thiopoi and Ai-guptoi (in classical Greek), precisely like the name of Tutankhamen’s uncle who called himself Ai, exactly as the Old Testament cities belonging to the Ai (and pinched by the Jews as “the promised land”), and today’s Armenians calling themselves (h)Ai in their own Armenian language.

This kind of historical cultural continuity over millennia is documented here, by this article of mine, for the very first time.

The End




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