By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


An unobtrusive day (9th February, 2018) at Cambridge University’s Magdalene College, pronounced eccentrically… Maudlin – the Brits are funny that way…   The earliest recorded meaning of maudlin is ‘drunk’, an apt metaphor for today’s University students from Scotland to Wales to London … alcoholics’ culture chartered by no less than Britain’s … pseudo-Socialist Labour Party in 2005 introducing 24/7 drinking .., merely to promote the Alcoholic Drinks Industry, proving that the Labour Party is as good as the Conservative Party drunks at generating new Capitalist Businesses.

Also spelt as Magdalen, it means a “reformed prostitute” (See Oxford University Press Blog at the_sole_of_the/), again, an apt metaphor for the young English women students suffering the obscenity of privatized Uni Education, stuffing the pockets of the University Rectors by annual salaries in hundreds of thousands … one woman rector is well-known for swallowing shamelessly half a million a year!

An ordinary day of an ordinary book-launch, a debate of its content … in the world-famous university town;

But O what a Book, and what a debate – chaired by the Palestinian intellectual Supremo, the  most famous in the United Kingdom Dr. Makram Al-Khoury-Machool ;  with a remarkable scholarly speech (and without the use of any jargon!), he introduced the arch debater, the Most Reverend Lord Dr. Rowan Williams, the Master himself of the College, discussing the contents of a landmark book The Enemy Within, A Tale of Muslim Britain, by Sayeeda Warsi, with a Seat in the House of Lords, UK’s First Muslim Cabinet minister, past Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lawyer, etc. etc.

Lady Warsi’s bravest act of Heroism – unconditional dedication to Truth, Compassion and total ethical decency, was when she resigned from corrupt Prime Minister David Cameron’s government in 2014, to protest against the British Government’s “morally indefensible” policy on Arab Palestine, and Gaza.

In the very distant future, mankind might wake up to the possibility that there could begin (if at all) an ecumenical dialogue between Christianity and … Islam, after all, both religions are the offshoots of the same Old Testament, the world’s most famous text ever written down.

And this Maudlin College dialogue shall be evaluated by the historians of the future as the first of its kind, sui generis, and the historical trigger, spearheaded by a Holy Man like Lord Williams – in view of the fact that the present head of the Anglican Church as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is an ex-Banker, a member of by now the totally disgraced, unholy heartless community of the City of London, who care only about their Clowns’ large pockets (never the Homeless, for example) …  Archbishop Welby’s immediate predecessor is emerging as a modern-day Sage, not because his Grace Lord Williams carries a halo around … but because the Archbishop-poet, a very distinguished Welshman, and a theologian, is dedicated to what I call Emetocracy (my coinage for the Power of Truth-speaking), following Jesus Christ himself, still crucified every day in the dark halls of the City of London money-markets.

And Jesus declared that he was the Truth – the pathway to reaching his Father’s Kingdom, by which I myself define Dr. Williams’ Christian theologian’s holiness –  Holiness, in other words, in my books is Truth-speaking, the sole road to the true  discipleship of Jesus Christ.

And by God, we had the joy of witnessing three powerful truth-speakers that day in a College of Cambridge University.

The Welsh are probably the … Palestinian Arabs of the British Establishment – much oppressed by the British imperialists dating back to Henry the VIII, who first robbed them of their independence.  The Times (referred to as the … Thunderer, all ancient Pagan gods were first and foremost Weather-gods … farting their ways through the skies!) shamelessly in 1865 … thundered, “[…] the Welsh language is the curse of Wales” … and the Welsh were prevented from speaking it until very recently … in Bala, a Reverend Michael D. Jones, like a … Yasser Arafat of his day, thundered back, “the Welsh are a conquered people in their own country” … and he planned for a New Wales, somewhere else in the world, as far away as possible from the imperialists of perfidious Albion”.

On the 28th May in 1865, 153 Welsh men, women and children went on board a ship named Mimosa, which sailed away to … Patagonia in Southern Argentina, a desert unsuitable for farming, hence an ‘empty land’ – they did not genocide natives as the North American Euro Whites had done, and the Zionists in Arab Palestine (Imogen Rhia Herrad, Beyond the Pampas, in Search of Patagonia, Seren Books, an imprint of Poetry Wales Press Ltd., 2012).

I remember the days when I had arrived in Britain forty years ago, my first lady-friend was Welsh (toiling for the British Council in London), explaining to me why the Welsh freedom-fighters were burning down the holiday second homes of the British rich, who would not even let them speak their own language, Welsh!

The Brainless Cons

Britain’s Conservative Party, of government, once had a Minister, David Willetts (now seated safely in the House of Lords), who was constantly advertised on Fake News (the single expression that shall immortalize Donald Duck Trump), as “a man of two brains”, having done nothing that could justify even the possession of a quarter brain … The universal abbreviation of the Party’s name to Cons is a more precise, almost a scholarly epithet defining its political nature, a party of no-brains and Lies … Lord Willett’s boss, was Mrs Thatcher, another of the quarter-brained ones, who practically destroyed Britain, rabidly genociding industrial workers, miners, snatching the school-milk of children (her first great act of … Education was to cancel the free-milk children were given in schools, which endowed her with the sobriquet “Thatcher-milk-snatcher!” Any wonder that Mrs T’s daughter, now an old woman herself, made headlines for being the first to urinate in public on Television in one of the most stupid shows ever invented – I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Her mother had defined a repulsive term referring to the unemployed masses and the physically disabled of her own people, as ‘scroungers’ … which was true truly of her MPs and their City-Bankers … skinning alive the employed through taxes and permanent inflation of the cost of living … privatizing the gems of Britain’s socialist public institutions, like Transport, Mining, Steel etc., shocking out of his wits even the venerable old Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, the 1st Earl of Stockton, who bitterly denounced Mrs T for “selling the Family silver!”

My own grown up children are all in good work, but most of their low-paid exploitative salaries (taxed even before they see a penny) go on … London Transport.  They live at home; as they cannot afford to rent, let alone buy … there is no doubt in my own mind that the Civil Servants (of the ruling classes) have secretly conspired to manipulate the housing market (“Free markets” is the grandest lie of Capitalism!) whereby an average house shall cost on average a million pounds … priming the city for the Russian, Chinese, Indian oligarchs, on top of the Arab Saudi Sheiks who already half live in Kensington, and Knightsbridge, to practice all the vices Islam preaches against, alcoholism and fornication, flooded with well-paid (thank God) prostitutes, often £25 thousand pounds a go … that is the Britain quarter-brained Con Mrs Thatcher created.

As for the Labour Party – hypocrites, entirely knowingly manipulated by the Cons, and they will not call the Bluff, as they are wheeled out through electoral fraud they call in Britain Boundary-changes, whenever the live mass-skinning of the masses goes too far, to the dried out skin-and bones … the rulers bring out their pseudo-teats, the baby-dummies of the Labour party to calm down the masses through false promises.  And thus Britain, sleep-walks daily into “Lies and Damned Lies” (Disraeli), its own eventual destruction, peacefully, without bloody revolutions, as a tax-avoiding haven, and heaven for the world mafia-capitalist oligarchs and pornographers, and worse, the paedophiles – child-prostitution was official in High Victorian times, permitting moustachioed Capitalist imperialist rapists to buy the children directly from poor starving mothers …

Now Lady Warsi seems to be the only intelligent British politician with deep experiential knowledge of all this… for which reason she has not wasted her life-time being a Labour Party dummy, while cleverly joining the Establishment, the rulers of the United Kingdom in perpetuity …

I would not know how many brains Lady Warsi has; at a rough guesstimate I would say at least a …dozen! – Her handsome princely food-scientist husband must be the luckiest man in Britain … And may Allah bless them more!

The External Western imperialist factor

As the discussion was organized formally by the Cambridge based European Centre for the Study of Extremism, (Founder/Director; Dr Makram Khoury-Machool), it was predictable that the discussion would turn around Islamic extremism.

Both the saintly Lord Williams and Lady Warsi performed excellently well answering questions, frequently the soul of a debate; these brave souls however curiously avoided the vital diagnostic fact of what I called the external factor, the insertion by Anglo-American imperialists of the extremist-virus, in this case deliberately perverted, and sickly mis-interpreted ideology of Jihad-ism, the Saudi Arabian Petro-dollar version of it.

Jihad in Islam is a noble word signifying the inner spiritual struggle of the individual to keep to Allah’s message of healthy living both physically and morally, the rules of which the Saudi pseudo-princes-and-kings artificially constituted by the British imperialist Civil Servants during the First World War break daily… Jihad is a major philosophical concept dragged into the gutter by present-day Anglo-American imperialists into the custom and culture of throat-cutting!

A New Paradigm of History Needed

The traditional Historian’s theoretical framework regards History as a collection of separate, individual, self-contained events.  We have gone totally wrong – we need a new concept of History, more complex and complicated, but certainly more true to … History, as a continuum, the continuous evolutionary changes of the same basic ideas, evolving into their dialectical opposites… better still, the ancient Chinese concept of the Yin and Yang is the paradigm to follow, according to which human processes contiguously transform into yin, and yang, and yin again, and yang again in perpetuity

I gave as an example the case of that Polish un-brained American bureaucrat, “Zbig” Brzezinski, the Churchillean MacCarthyist blinded by anti-Communism,  who injected a huge dose of political AIDS into Afghanistan, creating the Taliban (the CIA trained them in techniques of torture and murder), who over time were let loose to evolve into today’s Islamic State (IS) throat-cutting lunatics, genociding right-left-and centre in the Middle East … which was divided up on May 19, 1916 on a map with red and blue pencils, by the notorious Brit Sykes (Red) and French Picot (Blue) civil servants, into the volcanic mess Iraq, and Syria were plunged in, and soon Iran wishfully desired by the Anglo-American paedophile imperialists to suffer the same fate.

It is only the defence of Syria by Russia’s world-Grandmaster of political Chess, President Putin, and the wisdom of Iran’s leaders like Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and President Hassan Rouhani that is saving the world from a global conflagration.

But of course the brainless British Establishment Cons flood the international news-media with fake news to the opposite.  The un-brained British Conservative government officially concocted (and subsidized to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds scrounged from the British workers) from ex Brit Army soldiers the despicable White Helmets perverts, with a single Brit Establishment brief, to stage-manage genocidal events in Syria to solely denigrate President Bashar al-Assad internationally. The White Helmet neo-Nazi death squads almost succeeded, until a single truth-dedicated woman journalist, Vanessa Beeley, with impeccable research, exposed the swine-filth of the British parliamentary swamp… and now the brainless swine are busy trying to denigrate … Miss Beeley!

Zbig, on his way up the greasy pole of politics in the US Washington swamp, thought everything is a Monopoly-game, and he defined his Ace as ‘The religious Card’ playing against the Red Army in Afghanistan, encouraging its Communist President Dr. Najibullah to be dragged (on 27 September 1996), in the streets naked, with his genitals placed in his mouth (a disgusting Middle Eastern ‘Muslim’ practice, imitating the death on April 28, 1945 of the Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini).

The leaders of the Soviet Union had the wisdom of immediately withdrawing from the game, leaving it to the Zbig / President Carter jerks to play with their Taliban’s, proving that the Soviet Union was not imperialist, and since when nevertheless the Anglo-American imperialists have been playing the Zbig-card to death … murdering millions of innocents in the Middle East.

I have spent my teen-age years in Beirut, Lebanon.  I remember the peaceful co-existence of the three religions (Christian Arab, Jewish and Muslim) places of worship … all practically empty of congregations in atheist times, an exemplary civil society of social cohesion, though with still the Saudi Sheikhs gambling, drinking, and whoring in the fresh air of the mountains of Lebanon … before they discovered the filthy stinky polluted air of London – swine love stink!

Sometimes it feels that the Muslim Fundamentalism was a concoction by the Texan American Christian fundamentalists to fill up Churches and Mosques with scare-tactics, not to worship Christ, but the bloodthirsty genocidal god Mammon (= Money, money, money!)

Any wonder that the brainless British Establishment imperialist Cons call the multiple-brained Baroness Sayeeda Warsi “the Enemy Within”, (a “fifth-columnist”

in the old-fashioned discourse of two World Wars) – a most disgusting, despicable, treasonous charge, totally untrue, a massive grand lie, and the title of her priceless book ; “it was a phrase used to describe me in government” … bravely confirms Baroness Warsi on the last page of her Introduction, p. xxvi.

I would never speak again with anyone who would call me such perfidious names.

I cannot help but admire Baroness Warsi for the power and strength of her character, that she, like a Muslim … Jesus Christ, can suffer such a Crucifixion from her own political party of government, and can smile through it all shaming them !!

Shame on any government that can call her valiant citizen such filthy names!

Blessed be the hands of the most Reverent Lord Dr. Rowan Williams stretching over her Muslim intellectual partner in total Christly defence.

The End


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