Many Azerbaijani observers (stalkers) ask me privately what my mood is…… the mood is simple. It’s cloudy with a chance of fuck you. I came to US with my parents at 13 years old after surviving ethnic cleansing you

orchestrated, with $180 and no contacts or family after living as a refugee for 2.5 years in the blockade of the first Artsakh war. I walk in heels after paralysis at 25 years old after a spinal cord injury. I birthed two babies naturally when they told me those things were impossible. And here I am, able to thrive after all that, with a successful career, husband , children, and in my spare time I move hundreds of thousands into action against your hatred. Do you really think ANY set back will stop my work? Do you really think any set back stops my Arstakhtsis who lived under the threat of your war for 30 years and were able to create art in our Shushi after you gutted it in the 90s? Think again, love. We rise, again and again for millennia, from the ashes of your destruction. All over the world, we are everywhere, every God forsaken place, every metropolitan area, every continent, you will find our church, you will find our flag, you will find our songs, our school and our language. You will find us marching, protesting, fundraising and lobbying. You will find us making money everywhere around the globe and most importantly making art and making babies in our ancestral lands. You will find us making life long connections that bond us to each other and to our friends. We are many and we are dedicated. But the most important thing is that we are unshaken despite our own internal strife caused by sin of corruption and greed. Like the motto of my life, the story goes – We ARE our Mountains and we are here to stay.

Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte

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