Jan 2, 2021, By Christine Douglass-Williams

Rather than Islamic supremacist Turkey getting booted out of NATO, it is taking over from Poland to lead NATO’s military Very High Readiness Joint Task Force for 2021.

The move is highly questionable, given Turkey’s overt ambition of rebuilding the Ottoman Empire, its constant bullying and threats of war with Greece, its alliance with Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, and its interference in Libya to establish the Muslim Brotherhood there.

The NATO news comes at the same time as news of Turkey’s arms deal with Russia.

In mid-December, the Trump administration slapped sanctions on Turkey over its purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system. And now the Turkey-Russian pact has gone farther.

Merely a day before Turkey took charge of the VJTF, it was announced that “Turkey and Russia have pledged to go further on military cooperation despite US sanctions, in a move that risks destabilising Nato.”

“The reason that the VJTF was created makes the NATO news even more bizarre:”NATO heads of state and government decided to create the VJTF at the Wales Summit in 2014 in response to a changed security environment, including Russia’s destabilisation of Ukraine and turmoil in the Middle East.

In early December, Jihad Watch reported that Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, France and the UAE were conducting joint military exercises amid the rising Turkish threat.


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