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France, Europe, & America.
The French President’s internal speech came out, and therefore the world was shocked! i might strongly recommend that you simply take some time to read through this text because it foretells the longer term events that are likely to require place. The opinions expressed are entirely those of the present French President Emmanuel Macron!

This article is reproduced from the general public account: Guo Rong (ID: xuu5336)

Recently, at an indoor meeting, Macron made a general analysis of the present international situation. He sighed: “Western hegemony is nearing its end!”

How does one view the good power shift within the world today? Macron’s closed-door speech was extremely valuable.


We live together during this world, and therefore the envoys here know this world better than I do.

Yes, the international order is being upended during a whole new way, and i am sure this is often a serious upheaval in our history, and it’s far-reaching consequences in most regions.

It is a change of the international order, a geopolitical integration, and a strategic reorganization.

Yes, i need to admit that Western hegemony could also be coming to an end.

We have become familiar with a world order supported Western hegemony since the 18th century.

This is an Enlightenment-inspired France from the 18th century.

This is a 19th century Britain led by the economic Revolution.

This is an America that emerged from the 20th century rising from two world wars.

France, the uk , and therefore the us have made the West great for 300 years.

France is culture, England is industry and America is war.

We are wont to this greatness that provides us absolute dominance over the worldwide economy and politics.

But things are changing.
Some crises come from our own mistakes within the West, while others come from the challenges of emerging countries.

Within Western countries, the various wrong choices the us has made within the face of crises have deeply shaken our hegemony.

Note that this didn’t just start with the Trump administration, other presidents of the us made other wrong choices long before Trump, Clinton’s China policy, Bush’s war policy, Obama’s world financial crisis, and quantitative easing policy.

The wrong policies of those American leaders are all fundamental mistakes that shake Western hegemony. However, on the opposite hand, we’ve greatly underestimated the increase of emerging powers.

Underestimate the increase of those emerging powers, not just two years ago, but as early as ten or twenty years ago.

We underestimated them from the beginning!

We must admit that China and Russia have achieved great success over the years under different leadership styles.

India is additionally rapidly emerging as an economic power, and at an equivalent time he’s also becoming a political power, China, Russia, India, these countries compare to the us , France and therefore the uk .

Let’s not say anything , just their political imagination is way stronger than today’s Westerners. After they need strong economic power, they begin to seem for his or her own “philosophy and culture”.

They not believe Western politics, but began to pursue their own “national culture”. This has nothing to try to to with democracy or not. India may be a democratic country, and he’s also doing an equivalent , trying to find his own “national culture”.

When these emerging nations find their own national culture and start to believe it, they’re going to gradually get obviate the “philosophical culture” that Western hegemony has instilled within the m in the past.

And this is often the start of the top of Western hegemony!

The end of Western hegemony doesn’t dwell economic decline, not in military decline, but in cultural decline.

When your values can not be exported to emerging countries, that’s the start of your decline.

I think the political imagination of those emerging countries is above ours.

Political imagination is extremely important. it’s strong cohesive connotations and may cause more political inspiration.

Whether we will be more daring in politics, the political imagination of emerging countries far exceeds that of Europeans today, all this deeply shocked me!!!

China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty, and more are going to be lifted out of poverty within the future, but in France, the free enterprise is increasing income inequality at an unprecedented rate.

The anger of the center class within the past year has caused profound changes within the French political order, and since the 19th century, French life has been during a quite balance.

Personal liberty, democracy, a wealthy bourgeoisie , these three are the tripods that balance the politics of France, but the crisis is born when the center class is not any longer the cornerstone of our country, when the center class thinks its interests are being compromised .

They will have fundamental doubts about democracy and therefore the market system. Can such a system still give me a far better life?

They have the proper to be so skeptical and have the proper to hitch a radical movement .

In the UK, the autumn of the form of government is even more pronounced.

The resounding slogan of Brexit, Take back control, says it all.

The people believe that their own destiny is not any longer in their own hands, in order that they want to “take back control”.

And the direct thanks to “take back control” is to go away the EU. They hate the EU, they hate the old-fashioned politics, and that they want something more politically imaginative.

In the end , the form of government of the past did not benefit British , and even made their lives worse and worse, but the political leaders at the highest didn’t realize this.

So, they failed.

As for the us , although Americans belong to the Western camp, they need always had different humanitarian standards (implying religion) from Europe.

Americans’ sensitivity to climate issues, to equality, to social balance, doesn’t exist within the same way as Europe does (implying that the gap between rich and poor within the US is far larger than in Europe).

There is a transparent gap between American civilization and European civilization. albeit the us and Europe are deeply aligned, our differences have always existed.

Trump’s coming to power just magnified the first differences.

I must stress that Europe is different from the us .

Of course, the ecu civilization plan can’t be decided by Hungarian Catholics or Orthodox Christians, but Europe’s long-term follow-up with the us to expel Russia from the ecu continent isn’t necessarily correct.

The us must confront Russia and Europe, but does Europe need it?

Europe cooperates with the us to expel Russia, which can be the most important geopolitical mistake of Europe within the 21st century.

The results of expelling Russia is that Putin has no choice but to embrace China, and this just gives China and Russia an opportunity to warm up.

Let one among our competitors combine with another to make an enormous trouble, which is what the Americans do.

If Europe hadn’t expelled Russia, Russia’s policies would never are so anti-Western. Now, in terms of geopolitics, it’s impossible to offer such a lot help to the good powers of the East.

But Europe’s problem is that the military.

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