By prof. Khatchatur I. Pilikian

I remember an assuring thought I read in an atlas-book, which had filled my heart with a distilled joy, and a feeling to share it with everyone, Here it is: “Homo sapiens has been around for at least 250,000 years. Yet war and military might have been known only in the last 5,000 – 2% at most of our history. War is neither a part of human nature nor, necessarily of civilized life.” (The Gaia Peace Atlas. Editor: Dr Frank Barnaby. Quoted in Alternative World, by Nares Craig.  p. 160)

Now that the entire world has become a Diaspora, the Middle East too is just another board for Brzezinsky’s Grand Chessboard, where the military industrial potentates play their genocidal games, mystified by the lure of profit-at-any-cost, disregarding the welfare of the world and of humanity at large.

1954 was the first year of the test of the Hydrogen bomb. A dignified scientist, the American zoologist, Curt Stern, felt the need to warn humanity, He declared the following: “By now everyone in the world harbours in his body small amounts of radio-activity from past H-bomb tests; “hot” strontium in bones and teeth, “hot” iodine in thyroid glands.” (Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, pp. 303-4. Quoted in Has Man a Future? By Bertrand Russell. p 33)

Six decades later than the first blast of H-bomb, It will drive us mad to visualise the effect on the human body of the tens of thousands of lethal bombs, not only tested but blasted on humanity at large, on all the boards of the Grand Chessboards, in the East and West, in the North and South of our planet.

In his diligently researched scholarly study-book, titled, The Economics of Killing, the author and peace activist, Vijay Mehta, brings a fresh breeze of positive thought, despite the gruesome details of the economics of war in his main study. He says: “As the diffusion of knowledge devolves power from the elite to the masses, the grip of the military-industrial complex will finally end, not in a bang but in the peaceful murmur of prosperity.” (V. Mehta, op. cit. p. 164)

With all modesty, I do confess that I treasure the benevolent potency of Art and Science for all, and my passion for history is to share the truth of human communality aspiring for a peaceful existence. Mythology is my leisure-time toy, which often gives me the feeling of a spontaneous joy, especially when embracing the Eureka feel.

Here is an example of that feel:

Notwithstanding the escape of all human malice (often claimed as human nature, albeit mostly falsified) from the Box of Pandora, HOPE alone remains securely safe in that Box. While the escaped human malice continue their gruesome acts against humanity at large, yet always caressing the purse of  Mammon and its war-monger lackeys, HOPE alone breaths Faith in the human soul to believe that another world is possible, nay even probable.

And all because Pandora’s Box is the human heart par excellence.



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