A respected historian has questioned Sir Winston Churchill's sexuality  A Note by Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian

Winston Churchill, Britain’s national hero promoted heavily this year by the British imperialist Right-Wing news media (spearheaded by the Daily Mail), was the creator of the greatest most stupid disaster in any nation’s military history – the Gallipoli Campaignover 250.000 casualties within a few weeks of a ridiculous attack up hills defended by Turkish cannons looking down on the poor Australian and New Zealand soldiers fighting for … Britain.

For his gross military stupidity, Churchill was nicknamed in the British Parliament (the House of Commons) “the Butcher of Gallipoli” – that was the beginning of the First World War and closely linked with it, the genocide of the Armenians (the Gallipoli War had started one day after our 24th April, 1915).

Nancy Astor, the wife of an ex-Prime Minister shouted in Parliament, “Oh Winston, if you were my husband, I’d poison your coffee!”

During the Second World War, Churchill committed an equally great war crime  nobody wishes to remember nowadays – In 1940, after the fall of France to Hitler’s Nazis, today’s great national Hero of the British Empire, Sir Winston Churchill decided  totally madly, to sink the French Navy, so that the Nazis won’t get it …

It wasn’t as if Churchill had any secret information that Hitler was planning to do so … it was not as if the French Navy was stationed on the seashores of France, in the European theatre where Hitler was having a field-day…

The French Navy was stationed in distant … Africa, at the port of Meirs El Kabir in Algeria!

The French were Britain’s ally.  Without any consultation with the French or even informing them, Churchill had the sheer inhumanity and indecency of sinking their navy, knowingly and deliberately drowning 1,300 sailors

All right Mr. Churchill, do drown the hardware by British warships bombarding them, but why murder the poor sailors?

Nothing, but nothing can justify such a … Nazi crime Hitler loved!

Churchill’s 3rd major crime was the creation of the Cold War, by reversing the image he had invented during the War of an avuncular Uncle Joe Stalin – Churchill thought he was displaying his genius by getting Stalin to destroy Hitler, and himself getting the credit for it …

Churchill then turned Stalin into a hate figure, inspiring one of the greatest idiots of American history – Joseph McCarthy to persecute the greatest stupidity of modern history – Reds-under-the-carpet … devastating the lives of many American creative artists and scientists.

Churchill’s notorious Iron Curtain speech-metaphor was a shameless plagiarism from one of Hitler’s own cancerous pests – from a Nazi public speech delivered by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Nazi propaganda …

A compulsive mentally-ill hater of Communism (just like Goebbels and his boss Hitler), Churchill tried to persuade America’s President Truman to nuke the Soviet Union, before Stalin acquired the Bomb himself and stopped Churchill’s lunacy.

That Sir Winston was also a homosexual and lacked the courage to come out (just like Hitler) preferring to stay a Closet Queen — see the Link below, in no less than … Daily Mail itself;

It’s a suggestion many will consider an outrageous – and utterly implausible – slur on Britain’s great hero. But in an intriguing new book a respected historian asks… Was Winston Churchill secretly GAY?







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