Dear Compatriots,

Young Diaspora Armenians – All who are interested in the future of our homeland – Brothers and Sisters,

On April the 2nd, 2017, Parliamentary Elections will be held in Armenia. These elections are of a vital importance to the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people as a whole.

It is well-known that all the elections held so far in Armenia, have been, with few exceptions, accompanied by numerous violations, and fraud. The calamitous and disastrous situation in the country, the consequent poverty, the migration, the social insecurity, the ubiquitous injustice, the impunity of the criminal oligarchy, the corruption and the people’s insecurity concerning their future have their origins in the formation of a government resulting from falsifications, led by a group of people intentionally depriving the nation of the right to express its Will and command its own destiny.

The Armenian Diaspora unfortunately has willy-nilly distanced itself from the responsibilities and obligations, which supposedly it should have in this matter, probably due to underrating its role and its own importance in the past.

Meanwhile, given the external threats and the internal challenges facing the country and the nation as a whole, the indifference of the Diaspora towards the April elections might prove to be fatal.

In our Press-release regarding the four-day war in April 2016, and the events of July 2016, we underlined the importance of the upcoming elections, and the significance of the positive role the Armenian Diaspora can play in them, stating particularly that,

“Given that the majority of Diaspora Armenians have no personal or group-related interests, the Diaspora can produce an effective contribution, within the boundaries of the local and international law, in the fight against electoral frauds, by thus promoting Democracy and economic progress in our country.”

Bearing in mind that the violations of the electoral procedures that deprive the people of their right to express their Will freely are not restricted to the election-day alone, we must emphasize the need for the creation of mechanisms of control covering the entire election period.  Furthermore, the full consciousness of the people and their decisiveness to protect their own rights is of capital importance.

It is thus incumbent on the Diaspora to participate fully in the elections, backed by a legal procedure of Armenian and International Law, to take practical steps assisting the process of the formation of a legitimate government by means of fair elections.

We acknowledge with great joy the offers of co-operation we have received from the entire Diaspora concerning this matter.

The Assembly of Armenians of Europe (AAE) welcomes the initiative called “Justice within Armenia”.  We express our unambiguous support for its aims, and wish to encourage the admirable intellectuals, and all our compatriots to join this worthwhile campaign.

On these fateful days, we of the AAE once more wish to confirm that ignoring our nation’s own destiny may lead to irrevocable fatal consequences; at the present moment in particular, the duty-bound stance of the Armenian Diaspora, and its unconditional solidarity with our people, on the issues of its sovereignty, security, and the territorial integrity of our motherland remains our sole choice.

AAE, being a Pan-European Armenian NGO that acts on the democratic principle of an independent and unaided initiative, does not pursue any personal or group benefits. The prosperity of our nation is our only interest in the realization of the age-old dream of our people.


We have about six months left until the elections. Let us make full use of this time, to carry out the «No to electoral fraud» program.

We can definitely reach our goal together.

We are prepared to consider all practical and reasonable offers concerning fair and free elections.

Please, contact us at the following phone numbers and/or E-mail addresses:

Karo Hakopian

President (AAE)

Email:,     tel. +46 (0) 707 25 85 93

Raffi Bedikian

Branch Secretary (AAE, Germany)

​Email:,           ​tel. +49 (0) 1714579813



October 16, 2016


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