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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

With Trump Grabbing the Reigns of US Empire, ‘You Don’t End up Elected President of the US without Being a Fast Track Insider’

In a written interview with Muslim Press, I answered questions about what we can expect from a Trump presidency. Below is the full body text of the Q & A session:

In an interview with Muslim Press, former US Army officer Joachim Hagopian said “You don’t wind up with that amount of wealth and power, emerge out of a pack of wannabes as the Republican presidential nominee and end up elected president of the United States of America without being a fast track insider.”
Read the full text of the interview:

Muslim Press: You have said that “Donald Trump has always been an insider regardless of his media portrayal as the longshot Beltway outsider suddenly emerging from the pack of wannabes as the GOP frontrunner.” Could you elaborate more on this?

Joachim Hagopian: What I meant calling Trump “an insider” is the fact that he was born into a wealthy family with a silver spoon in his mouth, receiving an Ivy League education (University of Pennsylvania). When the Donald was a mere lad in his mid-twenties, he met his mentor Roy Cohn who as the quintessential insider essentially owned New York City. Cohn was the high-powered, ruthless attorney who represented Senator McCarthy during the McCarthyism reign of terror in early 1950’s America as well as the consigliore attorney representing all five heads of the infamous NYC mobster families. Trump became a real estate tycoon who for years used Cohn as his personal attorney, mentor and steppingstone ladder to making countless deals with New York mayors, mobsters and top Wall Street banksters.
You don’t rise to the top and become a real estate tycoon, casino kingpin and multibillionaire in prime turf places like Manhattan, Atlantic City and Palm Beach Florida without being an insider. The biggest banks allowed him to declare bankruptcy four times yet he still has managed to amass a fortune with an estimated worth of well over $3 billion today. You don’t wind up with that amount of wealth and power, emerge out of a pack of wannabes as the Republican presidential nominee and end up elected president of the United States of America without being a fast track insider, regardless of the press often referring to him as an “establishment outsider.” In America you simply can’t end up the winner in a presidential election rigged by both political parties without being a longtime insider player.
Also take a look at one of his primary financiers – Israel firster Sheldon Adelson who as the 14th richest man American agreed to commit as much as $100 million to getting him elected. So there is a reason why the Republican candidate who shamelessly pandered to the powerful American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) got elected, and it had nothing to do with his being an establishment outsider. At the March AIPAC conference Trump stated he would be neutral when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian question but then after receiving his first bundle of millions from Adelson, suddenly Trump dropped his “neutrality” position, promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and eliminate the two state solution from the Republican Party platform. Before an AIPAC standing ovation, Trump also pledged on his first day in office to tear up the Iran nuke deal. You cannot receive millions in campaign donations or be elected president or to any national office in American politics without being a Jewish State loyalist, i.e., an elitist insider.
And now that Trump’s been elected, he’s surrounding himself with notorious neocons and longtime shadow government insiders in key administration positions. So this man can hardly be called the longshot maverick outsider that many Americans believe him to be, nor will he be their champion fighting against globalism and courageously “draining the swamp” of Washington corruption and criminality while making his own independent decisions, as the press that hasn’t vilified him tends to paint.

MP: Many senior Republican leaders defied Trump before the election but after he emerged victorious have softened their tone towards the president-elect. What does that tell us?

Joachim Hagopian: From the outset much hay has been made of the Republican establishment being vehemently stacked against him. Again, media distortion. It’s preposterous to actually believe that after butting heads the last year and a half with the chairman of the Republican National Committee that Trump would suddenly select him as his White House Chief of Staff, top ranking official at the White House, if he weren’t already in a cozy relationship with him. Again, you can’t believe the fake news you hear from America’s fake press.
I just finished writing an article exposing that whole hot button subterfuge issue. The truth is the internet in the form of independent alternative news sites is the last place a truth-starved world can get an honest and accurate accounting of what is actually happening in our world. But now because the corrupt fascist totalitarian government in Washington and its complicit mainstream media lies have been thoroughly exposed by internet news sites during this political election debacle, now the elite establishment has launched an aggressive post-election campaign to totally censor and eliminate people’s access to the truth found on the internet. It’s a totalitarian war against free speech, free press, freedom of choice and the truth. Visionary George Orwell once said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” It’s never been truer than in today’s Western world.
Getting back to your question about Republican leaders now softening their anti-Trump stance, that’s how the corrupt, sleazy game of politics is played in America. “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” is simply their way of doing business. Plus, if those same Republicans continued railing against their president within the same political party that controls both chambers of Congress plus the executive branch, one would have to be foolish to want to become Trump’s bitter enemy since he is known to be a rather petty, pugnacious, vengeful wheeler-dealer.
His recent decision to “pardon” Hillary by not seeking a special prosecutor against her, the threat that he promised during his campaign, has more to do with her potential blackmail against him for his alleged connection to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express, Epstein’s sex slave island and his child sex slavery/trafficking ring. Both Trump and the Clintons along with disgraced former NY congressman and pervert Anthony Weiner married to Hillary’s 20-year right hand woman, Saudi Arabian raised in radical Islam Huma Abedin, all have Epstein ties. Many already compromised politicians don’t wish to make Trump their enemy for obvious reasons. Those in power in America get the personal dirt on others in power as an insurance policy to staying alive.
Plus right after the election, that’s also what you’re supposed to do, in the spirit of unity play like you’ll let bygones be bygones, promising to work closely together on behalf of the interests of the electorate, despite the blatant fact that the oligarchic federal government works on behalf of special interests, both domestic and foreign, treasonously operating against the interests of the American people.
That said, Trump still has many enemies in Washington and no one should expect a Republican controlled government to be any less dysfunctional and conflicted than it already has been. The divide and conquer strategy that’s historically worked remarkably well for the elite for centuries will only continue to polarize America along Republican versus Democrat, conservative versus liberal, right versus left brainwashing lines, in conjunction with pitting races, religions, classes, citizens versus immigrants and pro-government versus anti-government forces against each other. Obama and Hillary have done a masterful job with promoting conflict and division as thus far Trump has as well. That’s because they are all the created stooges of the same power elite that controls them.

MP: Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead over Donald Trump now exceeds 1.5 million votes. Does that mean that the electoral system in the U.S. is rigged?

Joachim Hagopian: It’s probably over 2 million now. But then Hillary’s side is alleged to have recruited up to 2 million illegal immigrants to illegally vote for Clinton. We’ve also heard that they’ve found ways where voters illegally vote more than once as well as thousands of votes allegedly cast by dead people. The list of ways this election was rigged is rather lengthy.
And anyone who has been paying attention to those many months of daily released WikiLeaks emails belonging to Clinton, Abedin, Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta and the DNC have already concluded that the corrosively broken US political system is thoroughly rigged and has been so for quite some time. Look at this century’s first 2 presidential elections – both stolen by the Bush-Cheney gang. We’ve learned that Senator Bernie Sanders actually won all those Democratic primaries but the corrupt pro-Hillary Democratic Party stole the nomination from him. Had he been allowed to run against Trump, Sanders would most definitely be our next president. But he opted to cash in his chips for a plush $600,000 lakeside home and dutifully support pure evil Hillary.
We’ve also learned that the electronic, no paper trail voting machines contracted in 16 major states were partly owned by globalist troublemaker George Soros, who is among the top financiers of crime boss Hillary. We also know that blackbox voting software used in about 25% of all electronic voting machines across America denies millions of voters by demographically not counting their vote as a whole number but are preprogrammed to fractionalize votes into a one/one thousandth of a single vote. Countless votes belonging to traditional Democratic voters who happen to be African American and Latino were erased by the heavy use of this software employed by Republican secretaries of state. Another method heavily deployed in 26 Republican controlled states use a method called crosschecking that also effectively targets minorities known to be Democratic voters. Over a million Hillary votes are estimated to have not been counted by this method. So there is evidence with 100% certainty that cheaters from both parties have rigged this recent election, making a complete mockery of the United States as a so called democratic republic when we all should now know by now that America has degenerated into a totalitarian police state oligarchy. We also should realize that the last time a US president dared to try draining the swamp, he was assassinated. And the same rogue government crime cabal that silenced JFK over half a century ago is still fully in charge today. So don’t expect the Donald to be the people’s crusader against the crime cabal government. He only used that platform to get himself elected… just like Obama preyed on Americans’ “hopes” for change when all he did was execute the same globalist neocon policies of his predecessor war criminals Bush and Cheney. Except Obama usurped even more dictatorial power and implemented treasonous policies to fulfill his globalist masters’ orders to destroy America. Recall that Obama promised to be “the most open and transparent president in US history” when in fact he has turned out to be the most secretive, least transparent Manchurian puppet president in US history.

MP: How do you predict Trump’s foreign policy, especially regarding the Middle East? Do you think US-Russia relations would thaw when he begins his job as the president of the United States? And is Trump likely to wage more wars compared to previous U.S. presidents?

Joachim Hagopian: If we are to believe Trump will do his best to tear up the Iran nuke deal his first day as president as he promised AIPAC, we’re only in for more international imperialistic conflict, more arrogant aggression in the form of more American exceptionalism and more war around the world. That said, Trump actually made campaign promises to not be an international interventionist, unlike the last three dozen years of the Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty. But instead he has pledged to work in partnership with Putin to destroy ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists that the previous dynasty created and continues supporting. So if he follows through on that promise alone, I applaud Trump for making the world a much safer place. Hillary and Obama and their mainstream Western press have wrongfully demonized Assad and Putin, and have brought the planet to the brink of World War III with nuclear powered designated enemies Russia and China in a sinister aggressive agenda to encircle, isolate and weaken Russia, China and Iran. If Trump as a non-interventionist moves away from war as the Empire of Chaos and Destruction’s answer to everything, his foreign policy will save the world from self-destruction.
But again, we have to realize the real power base that owns and runs this planet, including every US president since JFK. The central bankers and the US military security industrial complex thrives on wars and international conflict. And since they will only continue running the planet after Trump becomes president, don’t expect the century plus old policy of US imperialism and war-making to suddenly stop its dirty business. I believe Trump was only allowed to become president by the elite because he will be their chosen fall guy when the dominos in its house of cards economy begin falling as Deutsche Bank and the rest of the “too big to fail banks” begin falling, only instead of a bail-out at taxpayer expense, expect a bail-in, waking up to find your life savings stolen by your bank.
Too many bubbles are dangerously ready to pop. Over 550 trillion in derivative contracts, nearing 20 trillion in national debt, a US dollar ready to be dropped as international currency, a global slowdown in GDP, a long stagnant, faltering US economy under 2% growth, all the signs of an imminent crash are now here. And since global war and a global economic collapse are central to the elite’s agenda to create such massive slaughter and dire conditions of human misery on earth, such cataclysmic global destruction will facilitate and enable the globalists’ long plotted one world government tyranny. Trump is simply their means by which to accomplish their diabolical endgame.
As far as guessing what Trump’s foreign policy will be like based on the leading contenders in his key cabinet posts of secretary of state, defense department, national security advisor and CIA director, so far the interviewees and the favorites don’t look all that assuring, in fact they’re downright depressing. It would be sheer disaster if Israeli-American dual citizen neocon John Bolton, former Bush Ambassador to the UN, is chosen as secretary of state. That warmonger has yet to find a Third World nation he wouldn’t like to bomb. Also much the same if Mitt Romney and his dirty politics also long supporting the Greater Israel Project gets in. Same for ex-New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani who was among the 9/11 co-conspirators and since leaving public office has made his living in national security/false flag ties that also placed him at UK’s 9/11 crime scene in London on 7/7/05. He’s strongly in the running as Homeland Security chief as well.
Trump’s current leading candidate for Secretary of Defense, retired four star Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is among the hundreds of flag officers involuntarily demoted into forced retirement by the all-time worst US commander-in-chief Barrack Obama. That in itself is probably a good sign. General Mattis was respected and loved by his fellow Marines, is a seasoned combat commander, an alleged no-nonsense straight-shooter, a military scholar and described by his admirers as an honest, dedicated America first warrior. He is not an isolationist though but advocates American involvement throughout the world. Speaking before a group of fellow Marines headed to Iraq in 2005, he made a very sick remark that made him infamous, commenting how “it’s fun to shoot some people,” calling it “a hoot.”
Trump’s selection to be his national security advisor is retired three star Army General Michael Flynn, former Defense Intelligence Agency director who back in 2012 warned Obama that backing the jihadist ISIS terrorists bent on creating an Islamic caliphate was a very bad idea. But pigheaded Obama disregarded his advisor and ISIS went on to wreak the present havoc in both Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and spreading terrorism around the world. However, Trump’s choice for CIA director Congressman Mike Pompeo has said he would like to kill whistleblower Edward Snowden. To me that indicates the CIA will only continue as a lawless black ops rogue outfit with no oversight and funded by laundered US international drug money bent on supporting state sponsored terrorism and wars around the world.
So since Trump has never had experience in foreign policy, he will likely rely heavily on his closest national advisors and based on the above list, I’d say expect the same old, same old – more conflict, violence and war. The only person Trump interviewed recently who is a breath of fresh air is Hawaii’s Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who as a former Army officer has been outspokenly critical of Obama’s regime change proxy war policy in Syria. Her reasonable, honest presence in US foreign policy would be one positive sign amidst foreboding darkness. Trump has a very temperamental, hot-temped personality and disposition and tends toward aggressive confrontation rather than tactful diplomacy, patience and reasonable understanding. So trusting his finger on the button that might potentially destroy all life on this planet? That thought doesn’t make me sleep at all better at night.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com


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